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AI Subs vs Human Subs: Sailor Moon Edition!

If you want to know what Crunchyroll may be promising with its AI subtitles in the future, this is what it could look like:


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Ma se i siti pirata sono più veloci a pubblicare puntate anime sottotitolate meglio senza IA, perché diavolo pensate che una buona soluzione sia far sottotitolare (forse) più velocemente ma (quasi) sicuramente peggio da una IA?

Investire in più esseri umani per fare un lavoro migliore e più rapido, no? Le IA vi hanno dato alla testa.


#anime #crunchyroll

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La par l’IA du jour concerne !

Leur brillante idée de génie ? Utiliser l’IA générative pour sous-titrer leurs séries… 😩


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Sony claims to offer subs “appropriate value” for deleting digital libraries - Enlarge / A scene from One Piece, one of the animes that Funimation has... - https://arstechnica.com/?p=2005876

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has cranked up the DRM to the point it stopped working with my ESR Firefox, and 100% not working with Librewolf.

This is the moment where I start cancelling subs.

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Sony is erasing digital libraries that were supposed to be accessible “forever” | Ars Technica

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Fan of Funimation/Crunchyroll?

Here's the details on the official end-of-life for the Funimation app and website.

Final move to Crunchyroll happens on April 2nd.


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"You will own nothing and we will be happy". Kiss your digital library goodbye.

I'm worried about how this nightmare is going to affect . I'm paying 5€ per month and I'm not a fan of a price hike, or even worse, ads in the lowest tier (which is a pretty good deal).


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Physical media, my friends. Accept no substitute...


is automatically moving everyone over to , however, "Crunchyroll won’t support the digital copies redeemed through Funimation."

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verrà chiuso il 2 aprile 2024. Il servizio di streaming di anime inizierà a migrare gli abbonati esistenti a , una mossa che non influenzerà solo i prezzi degli abbonamenti, ma cancellerà anche le librerie digitali.


Una pagina di supporto sul sito Web di Funimation afferma che il servizio trasferirà automaticamente gli abbonati esistenti a Crunchyroll, sottolineando che il trasferimento "può variare a seconda della piattaforma di pagamento specifica, del tipo di abbonamento e della regione". Ma la pagina – inutilmente – non dice quanto gli abbonati dovranno pagare dopo la transizione, solo che gli abbonati legacy vedranno un aumento di prezzo. Dovrai controllare la tua email per vedere quanto dovrai pagare.

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"Sony just raised the price of anime and left American otakus with few other options. The company’s anime streamer, Funimation, is officially shutting down on April 2, according to a press release on Wednesday. Crunchyroll, Sony’s other anime service it acquired in 2021, sent an email to subscribers that prices will soon be raised from $55 a year to $100 a year."


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> Crunchyroll will not support Funimation's digital copy content. Funimation provided digital copies as part of some home video DVD or Blu-ray Disc purchases.

RIP digital copies. If you want them, don’t buy digital unless you can download anything without DRM attached. Always get physical copies of what you want to own.

or sail the seven seas.


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I only just noticed, and you can’t put this into a hashtag, but the torture in the title of is in Scare Quotes on , i.e it presents as “‘Tis Time For “Torture,” Princess”. Which is a) hilarious and b) so apt for this show. :)

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They sold out of the Gojo drink but the guy was so nice to me he let me have the Gojo sleeve and sticker. Also my blind coaster purchase was Gojo. The drinks were actually really good!! Better than the Honkai Star Rail Sunright collab. That one required you to buy the set to get any goods.

The Alley Tea collab drinks, 2 Geto tropical mango smoothie and 2 Riko milk tea

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4 year ago I had never read a manga or watched an anime.

Now I'm debating a Crunchyroll premium subscription and just bought my second manga series off kobo.

The "fanservice" aspects of anime/manga kept me a way for a long time. I'm deeply uncomfortable with how femme characters are handled. BUT I have found some truly lovely stories that are so much more sweet and slice of life than anything in live action.

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Ok, back and forth are still relatively rare - ment with the charmingly ruthless Mitsuha is about the only other one I can remember. But has already amused me somewhat.

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Which leads to a scene of in a tavern somewhere where Peeps is eating meat. With the onscreen disclaimer (which subtitled, because of course they would) to: “*Do not feed meat to Java sparrows that aren’t reincarnations of starsages!”

I’m presuming that to be good advice for bird keeping. 😂🤣😂🤣

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Not long after my first toot, they came back online because I checked due to being curious! I'm immediately barraged with free 14-day trial offers, even though this is my first time on free in years.

Since they were aggressive offering a long trial period for a service I already knew I loved...I took their offer. ROFL After that I now pay $7.99 a month

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Since Crunchyroll doesn't have a sane system for downgrading the cost of one's plan; I had to unsubscribe and wait for the current premium subscription to lapse.

Today their having server issues on the day I wanted to resubscribe. Never change, Crunchyroll. ROFL

At least I can now focus on getting ready for my few errands this morning, instead of getting lost in anime!

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There was a recent question on reddit asking what everyone's favourite #anime was. Several people said "#SerialExperimentsLain" which is something I've never heard of before. So having a #Crunchyroll sub, which is where I had assumed every single manga resided, I checked for it and discovered it isn't there. I mean WHAT? Come on. The one show on CR that I'm interested in watching and it's not in their catalog. Pfft. https://www.crunchyroll.com/series/G649DWXJY/serial-experiments-lain

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Our Naughty and Nice in anime is up on @damagecontrolblog. I spent most my time writing about Crunchyroll, but there's Discotek stuff in there as well. @Dio_Senrab as the most varied list, and The Drew covered what he did and didn't enjoy.


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