Suits. Started out as a fluffy case-of-the-week show, devolved into a melodrama with characters that completely lost their original charms.

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I'm going to say one piece, not that it ever got bad, I just couldn't keep watching after episode 1,000 or so there's just so much of it.


Canada’s Worst Driver.

It’s an interesting concept but it wears out fast when you realize most of the people on the show would either need help with their mental health, or should simply not drive at all.

It just shows that we have a bad health care system when it comes to mental health, and that we are dependent on cars on top of that.

Like, they had multiple people with severe anxiety issues that thought they should absoluuuuuutely drive a car no matter how dangerous they were. And unfortunately it’s not like we could encourage those people to use the inexistant transit system where they lived.

So most of the seasons are the same with different people, eventually all returning to driving a car, even if some should definitely not.

And they called it ‘rehab’. Ugh. They should have realized how cringe and immoral it all is after the first few seasons, not 14!



Seasons 1 - 4 were amazing. Season 5 jumped the shark.


Battlestar Galactica from the 00’s. It was written as a 3 season show but was padded out by another season to exploit its popularity. As a consequence, season 3 is not good.


Futurama. It ended a long time ago. Leave it be

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I actually like the last season of Scrubs. I just think they introduced it wrong. They could have done it like Star Trek: The Next Generation and put a hard line between the old and new series. Or they could have done like Legends of Tomorrow and gradually replaced characters over time. Instead it was somewhere in the middle. It didn’t have a clean break so people justifiably expected more of what they already knew, and they didn’t change things gradually enough to acclimate fans.

Even so, I still got some good laughs out of it and liked the new characters.


Not my favorite, but Greys Anatomy. I think season 11 should have been the end. Once Derek died and Christina was gone it was not the same show.


Heroes, First season was great. Writers strike hit and season 2 and beyond was.... bad.

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The Simpsons.

By like 20 years now.

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Oddly enough, it's good again


Not first-eight-seasons good.


The Mandalorian. They really should’ve stopped after season 2.

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The Walking Dead. I dropped off around Season 3 and am shocked every time I see stories about the crazy things they've added.


I watched until 4, I think. Then it turned into torture porn and I bailed.


Just getting closer to the comics. The disgusting over-the-top comics.

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What’s worse is that now I end up having it binged every now and then because my wife still likes even the later seasons. When you watch it like that, all the little issues show up more.


The US version of The Office.


This one's tough, because I like James Spader's ridiculous character in season 8 a lot, but think the rest of the story had long since run its course.

The whole retail store story arc was quite a damp squib, and it feels like the show never really recovered.


James Spader'

He was in it? I never made it that far.


Sons of Anarchy, although I may just not have liked the ending

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