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Update time: #LibreOffice 24.2.4 is now available. This is the fourth minor update to the 24.2 branch, which we originally released in February this year (with a new "year.month" version scheme): #foss #OpenSource #news

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In May, 's QA (Quality Assurance) community resolved 484 bug reports, keeping the software solid and stable 💪 Learn more, and join them:

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Another feature you might not know about! Starting from version 7.6, you can add page numbers quickly and easily thanks to a new Wizard (Insert > Page Number...)

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A small glimpse of the amazing atmosphere at the @libreoffice Hackfest in Budapest yesterday!

Did you have a chance to join? 🤟

#LibreOffice #hackfest #opensource

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PDF-Formulare mit LibreOffice erstellen

Im Gegensatz zu MS-Word, kann man mit LibreOffice ausfüllbare PDF-Formulare ganz einfach erstellen. Ob das gut geht, lest ihr hier.

#PDF #Formular #LibreOffice #Linux

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Looking to expand your open source toolbox? Check out our special issues library and dive into maker projects, advanced Linux hacks, Shell, @libreoffice and more!

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Do you use the "phonetic reading" sorting feature for indices in #LibreOffice? It's available when Asian languages support is turned on, and is separate to the rubi annotation feature.
Maybe you have an opinion on the wording used:
#CJK #Japanese #QualityAssurance #linguistics

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Did you know that has hundreds of extra templates and extensions? They're made by community members around the world, like Isabelle Dutailly:

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Question re #LibreOffice impress. This project is the first time I've used libreoffice, so potentially explain like I'm 5.

I'm trying to get it to reveal each element on a slide in series. The program seems to have capability to do this in the animation tab.
I set up an entrance on click or on delay for each element, then no matter how I configure it, the first element appears on its own, then all others appear at once together.

I cannot figure out a way to make the elements each appear on their own separate click.

Help please

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As May comes to an end, check out what happened in the #LibreOffice project and community this month! New releases of the software, GSoC updates, announcement of our conference and more: #foss #OpenSource

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Thank you for #Draw it has allowed me to fill out #pdf documents and forms that normally do not allow editing! Great for my horrible hand writing!

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Looking for recommendations on beginner-friendly #Linux distributions.

I don't need any novice help, this is for a friend who wants to move away from Windows.

They need the usual productivity software, web browser, mail, Word, Excel, etc. which will probably be easy to replace. I advised them to start working with #LibreOffice now, to see if they feel comfortable with it. They also need some more exotic software, but I'm confident it will work fine with Wine. We'll test that out soon.
They're also very privacy-sensitive, so I'm currently discounting #Ubuntu.

What would you suggest and why?

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Why oh why #libreoffice are you all the sudden installing stupid help files in dozens of languages that I do not even speak. Can't you tell what language is default and only install that one? This latest update is HUGE and unnecessary!

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May is almost over, but this month is 'Month of LibreOffice' (see

I recently went back to using @libreoffice again (I used to use OpenOffice) instead of Microsoft Office, because now Microsoft wants to start charging monthly for Word, Excel, etc.

I don't know why I ever stopped using it (Having Microsoft Office already installed on a new laptop?) but LibreOffice is SO great, I never should have stopped. I love the ease of it, .odt files that work wherever -- the whole thing is superior to Microsoft products.

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@jake4480 @libreoffice
I've been using it for a couple of years now, and I love it.

I, too, was using OpenOffice prior. I also appreciate that is here on Mastodon, where I get tips on use. Viva LibreOffice!

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In 2023 we had an election for a new Board of Directors, plus new team members, Advisory Board calls, and support for many other projects and activities:

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Want free LibreOffice stickers? Just tell us how much you love the software, with the hashtag, and you can claim a sticker pack at the end of the month! 😊 More info here:

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LibreOffice has some really excellent getting-started Guides for their open-source Office Suite

There are some good reasons why Microsoft Office gets used widely, and that is often because it comes pre-installed as trialware on Windows PC’s, it is pushed into schools and universities with educational discounts, it has massive funding for lobby ...continues


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Our community is working hard on our next major update – #LibreOffice 24.8, due in August! And you can help them to test the new features, and fix issues before the final release 😊 #foss #OpenSource

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After resigning from the TDF board of directors (for @libreoffice ) over the weekend, I am hoping to again spend some zen time on legacy code and maybe even write some articles again about that.

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I'm planning to remove Windows from the rest of my machines soon.
There is a small (big) obstacle though and I'd like to hear your experience.
I'm using for the majority of my and the team's workflow. I'm mostly concerned about the sync functionality.
Which client offers the best, most stable and most similar sync experience to the official Win app?
The second issue is Office365 (offline apps). Can it run reliably in yet?

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@po3mah I haven’t tried Office 365 via Wine, but for maximum compatibility—especially with larger or more complex documents—your best bet is O365 in the browser. (I spent quite a bit of time trying to use and in a corporate work environment & ran into countless compatibility issues.)

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Give a talk at the upcoming Conference 2024 in Luxembourg! The Call for Papers is open until mid-August:

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