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While we're still working on an in-game tutorial for Matrix hacking, here's a quick YouTube guide we put together:

Learn to hack to drop the alarm level, control security devices, get valuable paydata, and complete CPU spike missions.

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🚨, , , , ...

"Given that Microsoft has not been able to prevent massive hacks of its servers, this product — which will record everything you do on a Windows PC — qualifies as criminally insane."
-R McNamee

"Satya Nadella says Windows PCs will have a photographic memory feature called Recall that will remember and understand everything you do on your computer by taking constant screenshots."

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Hack Mas Castle Trailer zum österreichischen Hackerevent in Ottenschlag @hackmas

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Please RT for reach: I’m trying to records on computer intrusions into DOD systems during first Gulf War (1990), I have a GAO report which gives a high level summary but am looking for more.

Does anyone know what DOD department might have investigated back then?

jsrailton, to infosec avatar

FINALLY: a 🇺🇸US official speaks the truth security researchers keep warning about...

Americans' movements being tracked with well-known weaknesses that US telcos aren't fixing.

It's remarkable how bad the problem with & is.

Must-read story by @josephcox

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BreachForums seized! One of the world's largest hacking forums is taken down by the FBI... again.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire blog:

realhackhistory, to hacking avatar

US government GAO report on Dutch accessing US defense systems during the first gulf war (Desert Storm).

thejapantimes, to worldnews avatar

An increasing number of foreign actors beyond Russia and China are seeking to influence U.S. elections, officials told a Senate committee.

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Hacked: The Secrets Behind Cyber Attacks by Jessica Barker, 2024

In this book, cybersecurity expert Jessica Barker uncovers how hackers are weaponizing cutting-edge tactics and technologies to target individuals and organizations, before showing how you can safeguard yourself against any potential attacks and how to react if you do become a target.


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Hello All -- This robot is now handling Healthcare privacy and security matters not related to infosec and IT. Mainly HIPAA for now.

Sending this message to all and groups covered by @rsstosecurity so you can decide it you want to subscribe here ( @HIPAABot ).

In the future, this robot won't use infosec- and IT-related tags.



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Will I buy the magazine full back issue plus the lifetime subscription?


[ 12 / 31 ]

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The 1976 Kawasaki KZ400 "Reloaded" lives again! Lithium powered this time! No more "lead sled."

paul_denton, to Sports French avatar

Le retour en beauté d'Amélie Oudéa-Castéra: la ministre victime de piratage sur X, des hackers ont détourné son compte. A quelques semaines des JO, on voit que la sécurité est assurée!

maehw, to ReverseEngineering German avatar

Do I have any followers who know a little bit of Chinese? I am curious if the characters give any hint about this mystery PCB or its little IC on the other side. It uses inductive(?) and or capacitive touch sensing of three buttons and controls RGBW brightness.

The other side of the PCB with some resistors, capacitors, a transistor(?) and a mystery IC (might be a low cost uC or an ASIC).

mattotcha, to China avatar

Cyberthreat landscape permanently altered by Chinese operations, US officials say

gtbarry, to microsoft avatar

Windows vulnerability reported by the NSA exploited to install Russian malware

Kremlin-backed hackers have been exploiting a critical Microsoft vulnerability for four years in attacks that targeted a vast array of organizations with a previously undocumented tool, the software maker disclosed

paul, to infosec avatar

North Korean hackers crack DMARC to spoof emails from trusted sources

North Korean state-sponsored threat actors are abusing misconfigurations in DMARC to send convincing phishing emails and gather vital intelligence from Western targets~impersonating journalists, officials have warned.

Naich, to hacking avatar

I've knocked up a quick hack for those in the UK who want to know if it's worth going outside to try and see the aurora.

Just bung in your postcode and leave it running to keep updated with the probability of it being visible.

dcz, to hacking avatar

Hey Fediversians, is anyone going to ? I'm looking for roommates today.

gtbarry, to security avatar

Boeing confirms attempted $200 million ransomware extortion attempt

The cybercriminals who targeted Boeing using the LockBit ransomware platform in October 2023 demanded a $200 million extortion payment.

Boeing reportedly did not pay any ransom to LockBit after roughly 43 gigabytes of company data was posted to LockBit’s website in early November.

gtbarry, to security avatar

Ascension healthcare takes systems offline after cyberattack

​Ascension, one of the largest private healthcare systems in the United States, has taken some of its systems offline to investigate what it describes as a "cyber security event."

realhackhistory, to hacking avatar

Just submitted a to the to try and see if they did have any investigation into potential retaliation for the sentencing of the "Atlanta 3" hackers who were linked to Legion of Doom.

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