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danie10, to random
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LilyGo T-Echo license-free radio arrived today. Love that it has a screen to see range and direction to nearby radios, as well as incoming text messages. Can't wait to go walk in the forest and test out whether I can connect to any other radios across and surrounds.

Black palm size radio with an e-ink screen showing a text message that says "Got your message. This is direct reply".
Palm size black radio with an e-ink screen showing the distance and direction to a connected node.

danie10, to linux
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StreamController is a brand-new open-source app for enabling and managing the Elgato Stream Deck on Linux

Many of us were using Stream Deck UI, which was a fork from a previous such app which was no longer being maintained. The devs decided to restart the initiative using a different coding language (Python), which would allow them to do a lot more.


See https://gadgeteer.co.za/streamcontroller-is-a-brand-new-open-source-app-for-enabling-and-managing-the-elgato-stream-deck-on-linux/

moftasa, to random
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I am a little confused can Diaspora communicate with Mastodon/ActivityPub-based services directly??

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No they have their own protocol and chose not to add ActivityPub. However Hubzilla for example has the Diaspora protocol so I have lots of Diaspora users following my Hubzilla profile.

danie10, to Cats
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Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor System: Uses Existing Pet Litter Box

It takes about a week or so for it to learn your cats’ habits accurately. During that time, the app alerts you when an event is detected and, based on the weight recorded, you select which cat it was (or if it was a non-cat event, like you scooping) ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/petivity-smart-litterbox-monitor-system-uses-existing-pet-litter-box/

danie10, to Podcasts
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The Best Podcasts for Your Smart, Bored Kid

Some excellent kid safe and also informative podcasts in the list at the linked article. I’d say though they are not just for long trips in the car, as it is actually a good habit to listen to focussed and informative topics at any time. Much of my ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/the-best-podcasts-for-your-smart-bored-kid/

danie10, to southafrica
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Why after nearly 20 years I moved away from Vodacom – Loyalty often does not Pay

I’ve been with Vodacom since just after number porting went live in South Africa, and I’ve been on a contract with them for most of that time until after I retired from work, and no longer had a work cellphone allowance. It was just cheaper to move ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/why-after-nearly-20-years-i-moved-away-from-vodacom-loyalty-often-does-not-pay/

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@saahbs yes it is really the best way to get the message across, and retain your own sanity. Arguing, pleading, etc rarely works.

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@pee yes they piggy back on top of a full operator but they leverage more value through flexible data and options.

As far as Rica goes we have zero choice if we wish to have a SIM service. My data is still safer with a private operator versus with a government department 😂

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@pee yes so far this particular one has never been in the news for being hacked or selling data. They were already my ISP for fibre so in a way I lesson my exposure a bit.

snikket_im, to android
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Just a heads-up that has been pulled by from the store. We'll work on restoring it once we figure out their (as usual) nonsensical complaints. Apologies to everyone affected. Please look at and free yourself.

Today's excuse for delisting yet another app?

"Your app is uploading users' Image information without posting a privacy policy link or text within the Play Distributed App."

Funny. What's this then?? 👀

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@snikket_im or also the app for Android draws the APK directly from Github and installs it as it is released, for those who like living on the sharper edge ;-)

danie10, to iOS
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Free app Actions adds nearly 150 features to Apple Shortcuts

Highlights include many tools for converting units, a bunch of system integrations for checking things like whether a particular Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi device is connected, and a bunch of features for working with images and lists. The applicatio ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/free-app-actions-adds-nearly-150-features-to-apple-shortcuts/

#ios #shortcuts #technology

danie10, to technology
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Kobo announces its first colour e-readers

Rakuten Kobo is launching its first colour e-readers, the Kobo Libra Colour and the Kobo Clara Colour. Both use E Ink’s latest Kaleido colour screen technology, which has subtle, pastel-like hues and drops from a 300ppi grayscale resolution to 150pp ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/kobo-announces-its-first-colour-e-readers/

danie10, to environment
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The Fairbuds noise-canceling earbuds have an easily swappable battery

Fairphone, the makers of the ultra-repairable Fairphone 5, have launched a new pair of easy-to-repair wireless earbuds. Instead of tossing away your earbuds when the batteries eventually die, Fairphone’s new Fairbuds let you replace the batteries in ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/the-fairbuds-noise-canceling-earbuds-have-an-easily-swappable-battery/

protonprivacy, to random
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TL;DR There is no safe way to use TikTok, and our strong recommendation is to delete the app from all your devices.

Learn more here: https://protonvpn.com/blog/is-tiktok-safe/

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@protonprivacy I know you mention it almost as a footnote, but the heading should have included Facebook and others as well especially where they fall under the US CLOUD Act. We've actually seen real evidence of Facebook abuse being exposed and data being sold to data brokers. I still don't see why TikTok is being singled out separately from Facebook.

Being outside of the US I have more real worries about Facebook than I worry about TikTok.

danie10, to technology
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Modder made an IRC client that runs entirely inside the motherboard’s BIOS chip

Phillip Tennen, developer of the open-source axleOS, has recently decided to use what he learned from that project to create an IRC client that runs entirely within the UEFI pre-boot environment, with no operating system required. This “UEFIRC” is n ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/modder-made-an-irc-client-that-runs-entirely-inside-the-motherboards-bios-chip/

glynmoody, to random
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After I was assaulted, I posted a photo of my injuries. The reaction I craved was not pity, but anger - https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2024/apr/09/after-assaulted-photo-of-my-injuries-craved-not-pity-but-anger "Going public after I was attacked was hard, but it helped me overcome the shame that so many victims feel"

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@glynmoody this is horrific: "When she reached home and told her husband about the rape, he got angry and took off, abandoning her and their three children". Not her fault in any way. His anger should be at the perpetrators. Suggests there is something wrong in society too.

danie10, to opensource
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Solved e-mail not working in luckyBackup app with smtp-cli app

I love the free and open source luckyBackup app for doing rsync backups of my user data, as rsync is fast and reliable, and you can easily verify seeing your files that are backed up. I’ve been using luckyBackup for many years now, despite it no lon ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/solved-e-mail-not-working-in-luckybackup-app-with-smtp-cli-app/

soapdog, to blogging
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I wrote this piece about the challenges of in 2020:


Everything I mentioned there is still true and worse than before.

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@soapdog yep still a challenge and decentralization has not made it better. One thing that has changed on the positive side is, we no longer ditch what we're using to adopt Google's latest idea. We've mostly realised now those projects will be shut down within 2 years or so.

danie10, to keyboards
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Magnets are switching up the keyboard game with an additional keystroke setting

These keyboards rely on magnets and springs and activate by sensing changes in the magnetic field. Popularized by Dutch keyboard startup Wooting, these switches rely on the Hall Effect and have actually been around since the 1960s.

You can change ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/magnets-are-switching-up-the-keyboard-game-with-an-additional-keystroke-setting/

danie10, to RaspberryPi
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How to update the firmware on Raspberry Pi

Essentially, firmware is a form of low-level software that instructs hardware on how to operate and interact with other devices and components. For instance, firmware tells a computer to turn on when you press the power button, and it also tells a R ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/how-to-update-the-firmware-on-raspberry-pi/

CliffShiko, to random
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Ekurhuleni Metro Police have rescued a man (32) from an angry mob in Putfontein, he was caught red-handed with stolen valuables following a house breaking. He has been arrested, authorities said.

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@CliffShiko wow he is super lucky as this looked very close! A horrible way to die. Hope he has really learnt his lesson that people have so little they;'re taking no shit at all any more.

danie10, to worldwithoutus
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Starlink in Zimbabwe: Techies Find Ways to Disguise Kits, Evading Authorities

In a country choked by high internet costs and limited options, Zimbabweans are turning to remarkable ingenuity. Facing arrest and equipment seizure for using Starlink, tech-savvy individuals have devised a way to disguise the kits.

One such indi ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/starlink-in-zimbabwe-techies-find-ways-to-disguise-kits-evading-authorities/

danie10, to technology
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This Asus PC case monitors your dust filter so you don’t have to

Traditionally, one would have to periodically check the status of the dust filtering on a PC case, but that’s not the case (pun intended!) with the Asus ProArt PA602. This chassis has a fancy infrared (IR) sensor behind the front-facing dust filter. ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/this-asus-pc-case-monitors-your-dust-filter-so-you-dont-have-to/

mario, to fediversenews

Release banner for Hubzilla 9.0
Hubzilla 9.0 is here and delivers many improvements under the hood and at the UI level. Two of the most asked features have been implemented: repeats a.k.a. boosts and adjustable theme colors at the channel and site level. Hubmins can also customize other components via the bootstrap sass variables.

Under the hood we implemented a short term object cash which will improve performance when fetching objects. The internal use of ActivityStreams1 has been deprecated in favor of ActivityStreams2. Object integrity proofs (EddsaSignatures) according to fep-8b32 have been implemented. Interesting for developers: CI and the test environment have been vastly improved.

Other notable changes are: refactored browser to browser encryption using the modern sodium crypto library and support for custom emojis with configurable emoji sets.

For a complete list of changes in Hubzilla 9.0 please refer to the changelog.

A big THANK YOU! to all contributors and everybody who supports Hubzilla and its development.

Breaking changes

  • The .htaccess file has been updated to fix an issue with recent Apache versions
  • Require sodium PHP extension
  • Require bcmath or gmp PHP extension
  • Require intl PHP extension
  • Versions < 9.0 will not be able to decrypt encrypted messages composed in version 9.0 in the UI
  • Poke and Mood apps removed
  • Removed smiley button addon
  • Removed smiley_pack addon
  • Removed emojione addon (use the emoji addon instead)
  • Removed fediwordle addon (use the fediquest addon instead)
  • Individual connection filters need manual intervention (e.g. replace http://activitystrea.ms/schema/1.0/share with Announce when filtering repeats)


  1. Backup your data
  2. Make sure that the sodium PHP extension is installed and enabled
  3. Make sure that either the bcmath or gmp PHP extension is installed and enabled
  4. Make sure that the intl PHP extension is installed and enabled
  5. Execute util/udall


Please refer to the install instructions.

#Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.


CC: @Fediverse News

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@PlasticParagraph you can look at my video overview I did on Hubzilla at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9nCAOM5V1g. It is most similar to Friendica, and has quite a bit of what Facebook has. It is full length blogs and also connects to Diaspora and other networks. Right now the full nomadic ID is only on Hubzilla, until maybe ActivityPub and Mastodon expand later to include that. Mastodon is 500 chars max microblogging without all the bells and whistles Hubzilla and Friendica have. All post to Fediverse tho.

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@PlasticParagraph Mastodon is fine to use if you just want to do short microblogging. You need to decide if you want to use any of the extra Hubzilla and Friendica apps and functions. ANY of them will be visible across the whole Fediverse so you only need to have an account in one place - unless you're me ;-)

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