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If you thought the idiots and enforcement on roads were bad, you should see the ones on the water.

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The old well by the pond. It still works. #Photography #Ontario

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Students are making history. All of us should join them

May 17, 2024

Statement from Ontario Federation of Labour President Laura Walton on the one month anniversary of the start of the university protests in solidarity with Palestine.

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The towering cities of Venus.

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Ontario's first measles death in decades offers grim reminder that unvaccinated kids are at risk

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Engineering regulators stand firm as 'software engineer' spat shows signs of spilling into Ontario

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Latest issue of the Batshit Gazette. Commies everywhere! Even under your bed! ESPECIALLY under your bed!

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A child has died from measles in Hamilton, Ontario.

It's the first measles death in the province since 1989.

The child was not immunized against measles.


#canada #cdnpoli #ontario #hamilton #onpoli #measles #vaccines #publichealth

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Anyone who works in HR know how shit like this could ever be posted in “error” ?? #onpoli #ontario

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Sadly a child has died of measles in Ontario. Wow. Get your children vaccinated.

#Ontario #Canada

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Hmmm democracy, with “voting every 4 years as accountability huh #onpoli #ontario

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Ontario child's death from measles is 1st in province since 1989, public health says

#ontario #publichealth

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Del Monte exploits temporary workers and subverts Ontario employment law

#ontario #post

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😲 🤦 Canadian Renters Now Required To Collect Foreign Landlord’s Taxes, Withhold Rent

" In a bizarre decision, the nation’s tax authority is telling tenants who pay rent to non-resident landlords to withhold a portion and remit it on their behalf, or they may be liable for the amount with penalties. To complicate things further, one Ontario policymaker warns tenants that have inquired about withholding have been threatened with eviction. "

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From Ripley's Aquarium to the Ontario Science Centre, here's where you can go for free with a Toronto Public Library card

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A child under five years old has died of measles in Ontario, according to the provincial public health agency — the first such death in the province since 1989, when tracking began.

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I don’t know if we’re prepared for how many people do not and will not give a fuck about serious transmissible infectious disease outbreaks and future pandemics. Considering is already over according to every government and no one is seriously grappling with what happened over the past four years, I’m not hopeful on a large scale

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New sexual harassment claims revealed in takeover of suspended Ottawa lawyer's practice

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Wild to be able to watch individual storms move along the river. Definite benefit of living high up

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Be ready: Ontario set to get an emergency alert test

Millions of Ontarians will get an emergency alert on their devices Wednesday as part of test of the country’s Alert Ready system.

Wednesday’s test is scheduled to happen at 12:55 p.m. Eastern; the next test in Ontario is scheduled for Nov. 20 at the same time.

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The solution is to raise speed limits on highways, because data is stupid and definitely should NOT be used to help inform policy ever

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