PhillGreen, to battletech avatar

Finished with the Urbanmechs just in time for tomorrow’s Urbie Derby. I got to try a bunch of new things with these. Used both on the brush and through the airbrush, and the fanatic paints on a couple. First time I ever used the zenithal to guide where to go darker and lighter. Used Newsh after clear coating to bring out some panel lines. Really happy with how things turned out.

Urban Mech LAM Salvage pack painted like an experimental vehicle it’s a bit of St. Ives colors

PhillGreen, to miniaturepainting avatar

I’ve been messing around with my airbrush for a bit now, and finally had the chance to put through it. Had an interesting AB situation. I had done the one on the left using a regular brush and the one on the right through the airbrush. I probably went heavier than necessary (yay inexperience), but they look pretty comparable, particularly in the panel lines. I will airbrush base coat with speedpaints again.

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varikvalefor, to Furry avatar

ni'o .urli le jai filri'a be tu'a le sma'ara co'e poi ke'a skina ko'a goi le pu'u la .varik. cu terxra fi la'oi .JUDASTRAINWRECK... fe le ckemono co'e .i la .varik. cu bacru skicu zo'e pe ko'a fo le lojbo
.i la .varik. cu djica curmi lo nu cusku lo se du'u ma kau nabmi le skina be ko'a

The URLs are URLs for the speedpaint (for "JUDASTRAINWRECK") which is ASMR-ish. VARIK vocally and Lojbanically describes parts of the process of drawing "JUDASTRAINWRECK".
VARIK welcomes describing the flaws of the video.

Hamsta180, to art avatar
Hamsta180, to art avatar
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Hamsta180, to art avatar
Thorne, to miniaturepainting avatar

It's Friday, and the Studio's open! I'm doing a limited palette speedpaint of Reaper's Temple Dragon, and y'all are welcome to come and hang out while I do it!

HipsterDM, to minipainting avatar

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...
From the new Wildspire set I just got. A true monster.
Ruddy fur for fur, Grim black highlights. Poppy red in mouths. Sharks are battleship Grey underneath and runic Grey on top.
Teeth are acrylic white with palid bone. Base is gravelord Grey.
Should have a lot of fun with this one, he can do some crazy stuff. I'll include the stats in comments.


Wisesnail, to Tolkien avatar

Yep, I'm not over yet, please bear with me 🙃

PS: is Celegorm supposed to have gold hair, or silver hair? I'm not sure, but since I already painted a golden version, it was time to try my hand at silver <;

Wisesnail, to Tolkien avatar

And finally here I come with a aka the guy who thought it was a good idea to work with a giant spider...🙈

HipsterDM, to minipainting avatar

Yesterday's project 2.
Human male barbarian 2.
Same as the last guy, without the extra figure and an axe instead of a blade.
Same paint scheme though.


Wisesnail, to Tolkien avatar

Mastodon doesn't let me add the whole spiel here, so the short version is "Fingon finally finds Maedhros"...

(somewhere) art

Echoisa, to DigitalArt avatar

Made a little time-lapse of my inking process for the art in Cats Vs Aliens

Link to YT for ghost that would prefer watching there: (and for those that want to follow along with the rest of the process):


Wisesnail, to Tolkien avatar

Something super quick today - Maglor being all sad because something I love is to make myself cry while thinking of stranded modern elves (but fear not because the happiness is around the corner, says Clo, the Queen of the Fix-It)

I hope you like it! 💙

cropped version of the previous image, focusing on the person walking

Hamsta180, to art avatar
Hamsta180, to art avatar
Wisesnail, to Tolkien avatar

Baby isn't always angry! <3

(Will my gum pain stop before I finish sketching all the sons of Fëanor? I honestly don't know...)

1414codeforge, to fediverse Italian

Finalmente pubblichiamo un altro video sul nostro canale

Questa volta, @unuseti ci mostra in uno come realizzare un ritratto!
Il soggetto è un personaggio originale, una creatura simil-vampiro 😮

Le musiche son gentilmente offerte da @alinanorakari 💜


[messaggio promozionale]
Se voleste commissionarci un ritratto... potete 😉
[/messaggio promozionale]

Wisesnail, to Tolkien avatar

Life is (gum) pain, and I tried to distract myself with a super quick

Ciao ciao ciao I'm going to do some mouthwashes 🦷

Hamsta180, to art avatar
Hamsta180, to art avatar
Hamsta180, to art avatar
jeighto, to random
A quick speed paint I did for Christmas today!
Happy holidays everyone!

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