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Die Frau da rechts auf dem Plakat, hat die einen schlimmen Unfall gehabt?

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I don't like this…

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All Adobe products and services, including Adobe PhotoShop will be using AI.

I suggest Krita or Gimp as a free alternative.

thomasweibel, to photoshop German avatar

Wirklich verblüffend, wie gut sich mit Falten wegretuschieren lassen.

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I’ve been increasingly getting the feeling that #Adobe really doesn’t care about improving it’s products for professionals, and this pop-up when I launched Photoshop for the first time in a while feels like the most blatant demonstration of that.

Adobe wants their tools to be everything for everyone, but increasingly they feel like the worst solution for any given user. They’re just coasting on being the industry default.

RobotFanClub, avatar

clearly isn’t a great choice for someone who just wants to spruce up a profile picture - and that’s the point. shouldn’t be the tool for that either! The current model is pushing serves all of us more poorly.

Who’s the priority? (Hint: Adobe is publicly traded, so it’s not the users)

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This Adobe Creative Cloud Course Is on Sale for $30 Right Now

Noriko, to photoshop

Speaking of failures in the last post, I decided so share one of those with you.
As you can see, this image appears to be pretty fine, right? And that's true, expect the sword the knight is holding. It is a bit bent, something the blade of a longsword should not be.

So, is here someone working with , or something else? How could this blade be straightened again without destroying the picture itself?

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I've been using cmd+ to zoom in for decades but latest versions don't allow me to go over 100%. To do that, I have to use wheel or some other way. How can I make Photoshop to let me zoom past 100% with keyboard? I looked, and didn't find it.

davidbisset, to AdobePhotoshop avatar is an online image editor with some advanced stuff and apparently ability to open , AI, and XD files.

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Ich behaupte das zu 90% absolut in Ordnung ist als Ersatz wenn die Anwenderinnen nicht Gamen. Ach wenn ich den innen am liebsten installieren möchte geht dies aus Gründen nicht immer. Wie ist eure Erfahrung damit, ich nutze es nie?


jedie, avatar

@kubikpixel ich hab zum Glück keine only Software, auf die ich nicht verzichten kann...
Wobei: ich hab noch Lizenzen für alte , , und ... Nutzte ich aber eigentlich nicht mehr. Wird vermutlich mit auch nicht laufen oder?

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Photoshop makes it easy to use generative fill when resizing (where 9 News Melbourne placed blame) but you have to 1. click "generative expand" 2. resize your photo 3. click "generate." Here are screenshots showing how PS resizes a photo of me, adding new brick.


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Hamsta180, to art avatar
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I've been experimenting with and since the 1990s, since QuickTime VR was a thing, trying desperately to capture the beauty of the world.

This is one of my first attempts from 1997 or so. I was on a / trip in National Park and had gotten out of the kayak to scramble to the top of Bowknot Bend. Once at the top, I took out my trusty digital camera that recorded 640x480 images onto 2.5" floppy disks and snapped a whole bunch of photos as I pretended to be a human tripod.

Weeks later, at home, I hand stitched the photos in 3, or whatever version was current at the time. This was the beginning of a long journey.

A zoomable and pannable version is here:

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was able to generate fake $15 IDs at a website called “OnlyFake” in minutes--then used a fake ID to successfully bypass the identity verification check on a exchange.

Is it time to RIP ?

_______Quote from article

The era of rendering documents using Photoshop is coming to an end,” an announcement posted to OnlyFake’s Telegram account reads. As well as “neural networks,” the service claims to use “generators” which create up to 20,000 documents a day. The service’s owner, who goes by the moniker John Wick, told 404 Media that hundreds of documents can be generated at once using data from an Excel table.

This is a truly fascinating read written by investigative journalist, Joseph Cox. If you have additional knowledge of other ID-generating services contact Joseph at

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Kentucky Religion Teacher Used Student Yearbook Photos to Create Fake Sexual Images, Police Say

gverdun, to random French avatar

S'pas gagné l'I.A. dans Photoshop ! 🤔
Je lui demande juste de m'ajouter un drapeau français, vous savez : bleu-blanc-rouge, c'est connu ça , non ?

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Adobe Photoshop's AI tools put women politicians in bikini bottoms and their male colleagues in suits

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Does anyone have any info on how Photoshop stores the animation timeline in a PSD? I cant seem to find that anywhere in the documentation minus some small occurrences lacking useful detail.

br00t4c, to photoshop avatar

Georgie Purcell: Adobe casts doubt that Photoshop automation was to blame for Nine News editing of her image

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Morning Mastodon, and a fine Burns Night to you all 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

"Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o the puddin'-race!"

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