msquebanh, to random avatar

My cat is an invasive colonizer.
He is contained because he is a domesticated cat & is pretty darn cute.
It is the only domestic colonizer I am OK with(animals not humans).

msquebanh, avatar

Today, I'm cute.

Next month, I'm taking over the entire house. You pay rent to kitty.

etcetera, to animals French avatar

Quel est le chat le plus choupinou et pourquoi c'est incontestablement Cusco, mon petit frère ?😻

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stux, to Cat avatar
cmconseils, to random avatar

"Cats are independent animals".
My cats when I'm on the computer:

17Christiana, to Cat
KissAnne, to Cats avatar

My Sanni and Siiri are having 's Day dinner.

KBaileyBooks, to Cats avatar

Happy Caturday everyone! Let’s play “Where’s Cricket?” v 29 Can you find my little cat? Please include a CW for spoiler guesses so everyone can have fun.

mrmrnelson, to Cats avatar

Our tuxedo burrito cat, Zoë made a nest of packing paper.

mjfuhlhage, to Cats avatar

And now your moment of Mila.
It's !

17Christiana, to Cat
EllieK, to animals avatar

Zaz on Her Tree Bed
Zaz has always been more of a cliff cat than a cave one. So she was really happy when I took her heated pad out of the box and put it on the shelf. She surveys her kingdom from here, with her trusty puppy friend by her side.
Happy Caturday to all who celebrate. Which must surely be everyone. See the post here:

stevenkennard, to Cats avatar

Looking into You
Rupert, our first Cornish Rex cat had a way of looking deep into your eyes, as if he could see into your soul. He’s been gone for over 4 years now but I still love him. Have a great Caturday, everyone, whenever you see this! My animal photos are all on this gallery. …,

elomenelomina, to Cats German avatar
TywyllSeren, to animals avatar


Yes. I know you just folded these sheets.

However, I am playing the Cute Cat Card and sitting where I please, preferably a warm spot.

Cupid, probably.

mjfuhlhage, to Cats avatar

And now your moment of Mila. Happy to all who celebrate!

hankg, to random
KBaileyBooks, to Cats avatar
claralistensprechen3rd, to Orange
KBaileyBooks, to Cats avatar

Time for Where’s Cricket v28 With special help from Ramen. Can guess which lump is Cricket? Please include a CW for spoiler guesses so everyone can have fun.

msquebanh, to animals avatar

A moment of cat DAWWWW😻❤️❤️

msquebanh, avatar

@podkaynelives He heard you say that & is being sultry now 😻

KBaileyBooks, to Cats avatar

I call this composition “Two Loaves in Opposition”

etcetera, to animals French avatar

Pause de quelques jours, loin de Mastodon ...
Le temps que me rende vers ma nouvelle et très lointaine destination de vie et de travail ...

Je vous laisse avec ce magnifique chat de Fibonacci ...

A bientôt !

Chat de Fibonacci

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