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Just saw few people defending the decision by International Chess Federation () to ban women from participating in Women's . I honestly don't have any idea about why they made the decision, but how can anyone defend it?

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The English Chess Federation (and others) have fought back against the FIDE's stupid and hateful ban of trans people from chess competitions.

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We hope that will reconsider their new rules about transgender players, which in our view seem discriminatory and potentially harmful. Several national federations have publicly expressed similar concerns. We urge FIDE to review the situation, consult with players who would be affected by the rules, and work towards a more inclusive solution.

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are the !

Someone should make a board in colours!

Just to piss off and their shit...

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Who will win the ? Who are you rooting for?

skua, avatar

? Hmmmmm. Smelly.

I'll support only players who withdraw.

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Based German Chess Association

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@Emily I'm pretty shure they also talked to some lawyers and found out that complying with such as pushed forward by |n-led would literally be a in and other juristictions.

I really hope @antidiskriminierung will literally go after [not just sports] associations that do or general not just anti-[] discrimination!

and thus precondition to any ""!!!


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Hurray for the German Chess Federation!

added the english alt-text

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2023 right? 🤨 🏳️‍⚧️

Chess official calls for more research as decision to block transgender women draws fire

  • top global chess official (Dana Reizniece-Ozola, FIDE) called for more research into whether factors such as hormone levels & physical endurance impact players' abilities at male-dominated game

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The first question that comes into my mind is, why does gender even matter when it comes to a game like chess?

runarcn, to chess avatar

So apparently as provided a reason for why trans women are banned from playing in womens tournaments, citing factors such as "physical endurance"...

You literally sit on a chair for some hours while moving a light wooden piece every minute or so. I- What?

Beeks, to chess avatar

Imagine sitting down to play and you don't have a 2 year report on your opponent's genetalia. What if I go to mate a woman but then she jumps up, whips out a giant cock and says "Not so fast buster, it is I who will mate you!" and now according to the rules of the game I have to bottom for her. I didn't sign up for that. Like, do I still call her afterwards or do I wait for her to call me? Is it all texts these days? I just wanted to play a boardgame and now I'm all stressed out.

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"Statement by the Deutsche SchachBund (German Federation) on the Policy on Transgender Chess Players Registration":

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The international federation is trying hard to extend their -based policies to trans* persons, too.

Their obsession to declare some kinds of as inferior dates back decades.

They're like papal astronomers postulating more and more curly trajectories for planets that obviously don't move according to their twisted ideology.

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Why are chess competitions divided by gender?!?! IT’S CHESS!!!!
Use small words. Pretend I’m a child.

runarcn, avatar

@accretionist @OrionKidder @BigEatie @beatnikprof
No; there is no international "mens league". There is only the Open section (open for everyone) and the Womens section.

It's a common misunderstanding that because there's womens only chess, there has to be mens only chess (one that I'm seeing a lot on fedi from non-chess players right now). There's no rule that states this. It's just that it's such a mens dominated sport that it often looks like it on the highest level.

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@slashdot "Gens una sumus"

acousticmirror, to chess avatar

This should be downright illegal, anywhere in the world.

(Okay, except maybe Florida, because Florida.)

iuculano, to chess avatar

The world's top federation has ruled that cannot compete in its official events for females until an assessment of change is made by its officials.

The decision by -based federation , which was published on Monday, has drawn criticism from advocacy groups and supporters of .

pontulo, to trans Esperanto avatar

The ban on women in women's tournaments gets worse the more you read it. Not only are trans women banned from the women's game, but they've also told trans men that any titles won in the women's game from pre-transition will be rescinded, unless they detransition. They can't pretend it's about protecting the integrity of the game or whatever nonsense, when the only internally consistent thing about the ruling is that it's anti-trans in every way, and is deliberately cruel

noctuaminervae, to chess avatar

The policy of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) strikes me as triply offensive: (a) transphobic, (b) sexist to female chess players, and (c) simply an insult to everybody's intelligence.

Gustodon, to random avatar

When I hear that trans women have been banned from chess I wonder if conservatives understand how they can no longer be perceived as anything but fragile lunatics.

acousticmirror, to chess avatar


I have over 50 feeds from -related news sources in my RSS Reader, but maybe I've chosen some very mainstream or very conservative ones: not one mention this morning of the fact that is implementing very transphobic regulations.

Like, anyone who's been following the chess world in the past century knows that FIDE is far from an institution to be proud of, but come on...

/Please excuse the QT, @AnarchoNinaWrites

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International chess federation FIDE: a trans woman "has no right to participate in official FIDE events for women" (

The international chess federation known as FIDE has published new rules that state that a person whose "gender was changed from a male to a female the player has no right to participate in official FIDE events for women until further FIDE’s decision is made"....

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X-Decor-libre version “libre5” is out! ♟️🎉♟️🎉♟️🎉♟️🎉

The Chess game that used to exist in the original xdecor has returned and works again and is actually a MUCH improved version, adding support for many of the missing Chess rules (using the Laws of Chess) and fixing a ton of bugs everywhere. This was badly needed because not even en passant was supported before.

Full release announcement here:

NBCactus, to random

Congratulations Ding Liren on your amazing achievement! You are now the new World Chess Champion! That last tie-breaker had my heart pumping! Extremely well-played!

acousticmirror, to random avatar

, the World Chess Federation, needs to face some urgent challenges:

  1. Get a proper audit on corruption and suspicious "gray area" sponsorships by sanctioned (= Russian) companies.

  2. Establish the same standards for all FIDE events, particularly the women's chess championships. This year's Women's Grand Prix in New Delhi is something that mustn't happen again.



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