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Happy Saturday!
New podcast episode is out featuring my awesome friend, Brandon Cole. @superblindman An accessibility advocate, gaming guru , and has spoken at countless events that have helped push for access for the blind for the Last of Us, Forza, and other great titles.
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This is what racing on the line gets you!

Alan Hartman is taking a turn as the head of Xbox Game Studios - Desk Chair Analysts

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I wanted to love #forza. I know a lot of #blind folks are having success with it. So I grabbed gamepass to try it out. However, after setting my #accessibility settings, I was dumped into a tutorial requiring me to complete a lap. The controls were not explained, and I have absolutely no idea what they are. None of the audio queues were explained, and I have absolutely no idea what they mean. None of the voice prompts were explained, and I have absolutely no idea what "right 4" means or what to do about it. I have no idea what rewind does, or exactly how it changes the game state. I spent over three hours trying to complete that lap, and gave up. I tried every button on the xbox controller, every button on the keyboard, and all possible combinations of xbox controller inputs, to try and exit the tutorial or bring up a help menu. I had no success. I googled for a forza manual, and found nothing useful. I watched blind streamers, who explained nothing. I have no idea how to continue.

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I’m playing the new #Forza and while I hate to gripe about games, the fact I can’t put wet tires on my car in the rain because THE CAR hasn’t earned enough experience yet is a weird choice.

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Okay everyone, it's time to rise up! If you like what turn-10 did with accessibility Let's show that we care by giving them 5 star raidings! I'm about to do that right now. Anyone, who cares the slightest, show your support, 2.4 out of 5 stars is completly unacceptable! #Forza #Accessibility #Turn-10 #appreciation

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VROOM! In today's Wallop Wednesday, less fists of fury and more fast and furious, as we check out the myriad #accessibility features for the new #Forza Motorsports #game. I'll have thoughts to share, and no doubt we'll crash our car at least a few times. New sound alerts galore means new ways to distract me and cause said crashes, as well :) Come join the fun in an hour over at #stream #twitch #GoingLive #ShareYourgames

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When 99% of your GPU is used running #Forza on Ultra with DLSS. Think I could still stream or record it?

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so my views on forza? wow! just wow! I'm having fun. I know this will take a lot of practice. Luckelly though wyu will not get to see me crash a lot on stream. Hehahaha

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I couldn't mark Verdi's day properly without Zinka Milanov in my favourite of his operas.

So here she is singing La Vergine degli Angeli from La Forza del Destino in 1955.

@classicalmusc #Verdi #Forza #Milanov

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I also believe a large part of the reason for Forza’s 5 years absence was the struggle with getting the ray tracing to work at all. In the end I do believe the developer had to make more concessions than they realized they would have to.

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For any of the detracters out there, here is the official feature list directly from the studeo. If that isn't proof enough this thing will be , I don't know what is. Have fun reading.

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Il bunker è stato spolverato e riordinato, pronto per la stagione autunno/inverno 23/24.

Addio vita sociale, ci si rivede a maggio.

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@Sampei Purtroppo molti neanche sanno quale inarrivabile figata sia diventata per il #desktop #KDEPlasma, e rimangono col #latooscuro della #Forza :darthvader: #Gnome 🤣

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So, after months on Mastodon, through two different public servers and my own self-hosted instance (which lasted all of 3 months), I'm finally writing an post.

Born, raised, and still residing in the DC metro area, I'm an Support technician full-time, and sales associate part-time ( / / TVs / etc.). Also a fan, specifically and . Always interested in and news, along with general and news. And somehow I have some time to spend , with current favorites of (Zero Build of course) and (any of them!).

I don't tend to post a lot, but may boost content related to the above interests and more from time to time.

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