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The film Skinamarink is one of the most divisive horror releases of all time. If it clicks for you it really hits. No other film has invoked that disconnected nostalgic feeling of thinking back to your childhood as an adult. It's an incredible experimental piece that landed for me.

-this image isn't from the film

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Tonight's the second class in this indie filmmaking course I'm taking at my alma mater - I loved my first experience last week and I'm looking forward to tonight's follow-up: sets, props, costumes, and locations.

It's both refreshing and alien to actually be around film people locally (though one really excellent indie film was made around here a few years ago).

I do get the vibe that I'm probably the only one there really into "art" films - the instructor asked for everyone's favorite director and desperate to think of someone I liked that the class might've heard of, I said David Lynch, and he seemed sort of confused - the other students said Nolan and Tarantino. Most people there seem to be after commercial success, and I'm just there to have a chance at getting things made - though I do want to be sustainable, and that means making some money somehow. Still, it's a very supportive atmosphere and I'm very glad to be there, and I hope it leads to some good experiences.

It's a really nice follow-up to reading "Community Media: A Handbook for DIY TV" by @ajroach42 (! That zine said some things I really, really needed to hear - including some things I had already thought myself but hadn't embraced until I saw them in print. (Thanks, Andrew!) I highly recommend it to anyone doing any kind of indie art, not just TV, but it's definitely recommended reading for anyone making .

I also just got "Make Your Own Damn Movie!" by Lloyd Kaufman from the library, that's next on the reading list.

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What keeps us going on Kamikaze, 10 years in? Stuff like these comments on our animated short:

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Want to see what the fuss is about? Here's the YouTube link to Kamikaze: Trial by Fire, our award-winning 13 minute long 2d animated short:

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Elevate your indie film game with The Ultimate Short Film Production Checklist! From development to distribution, this roadmap has 400+ checklist items to ensure a seamless filmmaking journey. The best part? It's 100% free. Comment below and we'll send you the link!

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New video! Using leftover sting lights for your micro budget films and music videos - while avoiding cliche looks!

Watch Here:

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On December 21, 2000, But I’m a Cheerleader debuted in Germany. Here’s some new Natasha Lyonne art!

SchlocklusterVideo, to scifi

On December 17, 2016, Eegah! was screened on the Creature Features revamp. Here’s an original drawing of Richard Kiel!

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Indie Filmmakers, do you know what the specs are for posting video on different social media platforms?

Because if people aren't sharing your teasers and trailers, it might be because you haven't made it possible.

*Note I am not asking for specs, I"m asking if you have the information you need to succeed.

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On December 9, 1973, Don’t Look Now debuted in New York City. Here’s a new portrait of Donald Sutherland!

SchlocklusterVideo, to movies

On December 4, 1992, Slacker debuted in the United Kingdom. Here’s some new Teresa Taylor art!

SchlocklusterVideo, to SouthPark

On November 30, 1998, Orgazmo was released on DVD in Australia. Here’s a new portrait of Trey Parker to mark the occasion!
#Orgazmo #MattStoneAndTreyParker #MattStone #BlackComedy #Satire #ReligiousComedy #CultMovies #SuperheroFilm #IndieFilm #ComedyFilm #Art #BookArt #MovieArt #MovieHistory

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On November 29, 1996, I Shot Andy Warhol debuted in the United Kingdom. Here’s a portrait of Lili Taylor as Valerie Solanas!

SchlocklusterVideo, to Horror

On November 29, 2014, Deathdream was screened on TCM Underground. Here’s some new Richard Backus art!

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Catching the soundtrack to The Untimely Revenge of Waffle @hightailentertainment live tonight. Florence and the Bare Souls at The Old Duke in Bristol!

Live performance of "Beyond Free Will" by The Bare Souls

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Just finished cleaning up the indie film budget template I use, and I want to hear your feedback! It includes 15 budget sections, split across five categories to support phased funding. Plus, an executive summary, 1-point funding outline, and 16-point revenue outline. Grab a copy if it sounds useful, and let me know what you think!

#Filmmaking #Filmmaker #IndieFilm #IndieFilms #Director #FilmDirector #MovieDirector #Producer #FilmProducer #MovieProducer

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On November 10, 2008, I Was a Teenage Serial Killer was screened at CHP: DOX. Here’s some art inspired by the underground classic!

SchlocklusterVideo, to art

On November 8, 1984, Ghoulies debuted in the United Kingdom. Here’s some original Peter Liapis art!

SchlocklusterVideo, to art

On October 29, 2010, Carnival Magic was screened as a single feature on TCM Underground. Here’s an original punk patch design to mark the occasion!

SchlocklusterVideo, to Cinema

Wishing a happy birthday to indie and cult film icon Winona Ryder! Here's some art inspired by Beetlejuice and Heathers to celebrate!

Pen drawing of Winona Ryder with a goth haircut smiling slightly drawn on a black background.

SchlocklusterVideo, to fanfiction

On October 28, 2003, Lost in Translation premiered in London, England. Here’s some Bill Murray art to celebrate!

SchlocklusterVideo, to art

On October 27, 1995, The Doom Generation debuted in the United States. Here’s some original Rose McGowan art to celebrate!

SchlocklusterVideo, to art

On October 27, 2007, Carnival of Souls was screened as a single feature on TCM Underground. Here’s some original Herk Harvey art!

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Flmmakers, if you are interested in making social impact films paired with social impact campaigns, Third Stage Consulting has some fantastic free resources for you:

(Don't miss the menu options in the left sidebar, there's much more than you see on the first page.)

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On September 26, 1972, Moon of the Wolf was screened as the ABC Movie of the Week. Here’s some David Janssen fan art!

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