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The Onion's new CEO on his plan to bring back ‘the good internet’

Ben Collins, a former political disinformation reporter at NBC News, is working to make #satire great again

#TheOnion🧅 #humor🤣 #news🗞️

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The liberal case for #harrisonbutker speech.

By Walker Bragman

#uspol #satire

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Oh that dirty icky perverted thing... if Steve Christou hears about this, there'll be hell to pay. Stop sexualising our oceans!

#satire #cumberlandcitycouncil
Starfish cousin caught in the act of cloning itself

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The #Biden campaign's real problem... it's chakras

By Jonah Goldberg

#uspol #satire

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Opinion: I was a lifelong Democrat until was punched in the face. Now I have no choice but to vote for Trump.

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Sure had a brain worm but his running mate doesn't. We think you should focus on that

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ROFL The Onion saves the day with hilarious satire, as the news is fucking grim with a mix of hope.

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I've finished: House of Open Wounds by Adrian Tchaikovsky

House of Open Wounds wasn't what I expected.

It's not a middle book in a trilogy, it has an ending. It's not about the mysterious Woods at the edge of Ilmar that were so promenant at the end of City of Last Chances.

It's about my favorite characters from that novel, Yasnic and his God. It's about the healers that are allowed to work their miracles at the periphery of the Pall war camp because they are useful. It dangles the promise of healing in return for pacifism at a humanity that can't stop fighting.

Like City of Last Chances, it's about the people stuck in the gears of the Palleseen Empire's ambitions. Not about kings and emperors.

Tchaikovsky has grown allot at a writer since the Shadow of the Apt series and has written a very compelling story that concentrates on engaging characters.

I couldn't put it down, I listened at every opportunity. It did sometimes feel repetitive and perhaps could have been shorter. But the ending clinched it all and most of it payed off brilliantly.

A friend of mine told me that the characters in this series remind him of Pratchett characters and that House of Open Wounds reminds him of Monstrous Regiment. Now that he has brought my attention to it, I can't unsee it.

Tchaikovsky isn't Pratchett and isn't trying to be Pratchett. He is not trying to be funny, but the social commentary, humanism and satire are reminiscent of Pratchett.


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We can't discredit what Stormy Daniels said, so we'll be a fashion critic of her clothing.

By the NYT 🙃
#uspol #satire #nytisbroken

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Aus Gesprächen mit Freunden und Bekannten weiß ich, dass ich nicht alleine damit bin, und kaum noch unterscheiden zu können.

Passend dazu sagt der Wahl-O-Mat, dass ich die größte Übereinstimmung mit und den habe. Wobei die Fragen (und fehlenden Erklärungen) des Wahl-O-Maten mir seltsam oberflächlich erschienen. Das Parlament behalten? Ja? Nennt sich Demokratie?

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The Russian government warned Ukraine that Ukraine’s new fleet of F-16 fighter jets will be treated as a "nuclear-capable threat" by Russia, and “nuclear-capable threat” is also the nickname Putin has given his tallywacker.

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The dark satire of The Onion is so refreshing, I feel slapped awake whenever I read one of their articles.

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William Tenn (1920-2010) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Boris Vallejo, 1975; R, Richard Powers, 1955


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Our panel of physicians agree that #rfkjr dead #brainworm doesn't preclude him from running for president.

#uspol #satire

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Today we assembled a panel of listeners to discuss

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We have a fetish for anti-democracy and are absolutely soaking out pants at the thought of another Trump term.

By Joe Kahn & the NYT Editorial Board


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Watched "Laapataa Ladies" on Netflix tonight. Really funny, gentle Bollywood satire with great acting and writing. Highly recommended!

#Film #Netflix #Bollywood #Satire #WatchingTonight #WatchingNow #India #MastIndia @mastindia

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Today's : Faustine by Emma Tennant (1992, 140p.)
A retelling of the Faust legend, set in 1990s London with a female cast. Doormat Muriel becomes rich, sexy, envied Lisa through the machinations of a Satanic Gran. "An entertaining tract for the times," said the TLS.

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@neglectedbooks I thoroughly enjoyed Tennant's The Time of the Crack (variant title: The Crack) (1973). I should read more of her speculative fiction... I read but never reviewed Hotel de Dream as well.

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