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Connect your enchanted picture box to your scribing device, if you dare.

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I can for sure live with that power usage. 😎

Currently running:

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What I use:

  • A generic i5 PC (i5-8400) with 32GB of RAM and 2 x 4TB SSD ( mirror), vanilla 14.0 with Samba and NFS

  • A small i5 (i5-6500T) with 16GB of RAM for running containers and little bits and pieces here and there, vanilla 12

Both are used - got them for cheap from eBay 😎

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@jhx Thanks. I have some older stuff here also which I use for also. Jails to the rescue. Only Bhyve bites me every time booting so a separate debian box would be better.

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I love it when computers Just Work™


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Learn how to fix this error: "SSH Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys" on your , or box 👇

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[Michał Sapka's website] Why I run a BSD on a PC

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if someone is interested in contributing to but do not have ideas, here is one: "fix API compatibility between our libusb and linux's one without breaking ABI", don't hesitate to ask me for more detail

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#Userfriendly guest star - #freebsd

(it's an arc, not one pic.)

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A warrior must be most cautious when venturing out from a fortress on the next stage of a journey.

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Alas, I have to consider some other hardware that is more BSD friendly than what I currently have for my main laptop. Wifi worked great on NetBSD, whereas it was flaky on FreeBSD, but the audio input was the flaky one.

A ThinkPad, maybe? I'll gladly accept hardware recommendations for BSD-friendly models from at least a decade ago (read: cheap).

Current status: Deciding between Void and Alpine for the next episode of The Main Machine Trials®

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Do you live in Guernsey?
Do you use FreeBSD?
Do you want to financially support its continued development?

If you answered 'yes' to all of these questions, then I have good news for you - the FreeBSD Foundation's payment provider have made some fixes so you can now donate from Guernsey!

You should also get in touch with me so that we can start a user group :-)

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When you see me holding a Macbook at BSDCan, you need to understand, it's running FreeBSD


Any wifi people have some time? I'm using an ancient bwn card and this threahd (last post) is making me think there's a reversion to something because it's the only mention I can find using 14.0…

I've already built a kernel accepting the GPL so I'm not super afraid of getting my hands dirty

(I can provide better info in a bit, but the linked forum thread is my exact steps, which, once it was crashing the same way, lead me to that thread)

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Seems that to this day a package for is still not built for the raspberrypi in 14-RELEASE. Without it, Office365 isn't 100% usable in it, and I'm forced to choose Debian at work despite the huge performance gap.

Cuh-mon, :(

(N.B.: 100% would ditch it to use only Firefox if the support was the same, but alas, it's MS after all)

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BSDCan - North America's Largest BSD Conference - is in less than two weeks!

Go to, check out the schedule and register at

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New No Starch Press Humble Bundle "Dive into DevOps" has several books in it, including "The Book of PF", "Absolute OpenBSD" and "Absolute FreeBSD" - runs until June 10, 2024

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Here lies a chronicle of all that passed while building a great realm.

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The bazaar hosts a babble of languages. Learn to speak to all the merchants so you can haggle for the packages you desire. Perhaps even antiquities from the shop, from a time before the oceans drowned Atlantis.

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Ancient scriptures oft-times bear startling messages. #Linux #FreeBSD #OpenSource

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Wizards enslave some devices to serve other machines. What foul sorcery is this?

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