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fandom staying strong I see. Wish I had more to contribute. I do plan to re-stream the console version some time since I've only played on PC. Probably 99.99% the same but still, good excuse

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A fire broke out at a building near East Japan Railway's Omori Station in Tokyo's Ota Ward on Sunday, causing JR trains to suspend operations for about three hours and injuring one person.

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excellent if you wish to cry every meal

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Time to play some .

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The "OMORI 3rd Anniversary Concert," which took place last November, will be presented as a free YouTube stream on Friday, March 1, 2024, at 6:00 PM PT, on the official OMOCAT YouTube channel.

Following the stream, it will be archived and available to watch for free at any time! 🎹


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Good morning! series is on sale on and is super cheap now, so I'm re-buying it. All is on sale but within reason, of course. Can't spoil the fans that much 😋 Every under the sun has a price drop. titles, too. Are you going to buy some this season or wait for 2024?

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Ohhh, I think the 'red hand' stuff in Omori is symbolic of rope burns from setting up the noose? Thick rope is pretty rough. Could be a more generic "blood on your hands" thing but I think that's more interesting and meaningful

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I didn't know you could also post your toots down here on kbin-space!
But anyway... Last night, I posted my S3M cover of the tune "My Time" from the psych-horror RPG , and I meant it to sound a bit like a vintage/modern aural crossover.

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la musique est vraiment très cool à priori
mais en fait....pas vraiment

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ok so toot even tho i've been here since march !!!
i'm hoisa or ren, i'm 27, transmasc nb (he/they pronouns) and from spain
i normally toot in english but use spanish in other social media
i'm looking for moots interested in:

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(Not so) New intro since I moved instances! (from @dopey_kun)

Other hashtags:

I sometimes talk about NSFW stuff (always with a CW) or reblog NSFW posts. Don't follow if you're a minor.

Drawing of my OC Sam playing a bass.

Pixel art recreation of Maya Fey's animated sprites from Ace Attorney.
Pixel art character with animated facial expressions.

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It's with I need to make 2 choices, which both are really emotinal and both popped into my head nearly intantly. The 1st is Travelers from Outer Wilds:

The 2nd One Final Duet from Omori:

If you know you know. I won't provide context, as those songs really mean a lot, but I encourage everyone to discover these games on their own in their own way.

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New short!
Here's all the new omori s

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The lack of awareness some people have is stunning, I got a comment on my backer demo let's play I did...the day after the backer demo came out in like 2016. Long before the game was done of course.

He said he was quite stunned this was the only playthrough he found of the demo, and he was amazed I played it without playing the main game


Speaking of, hey, go watch my full Omori playthrough! Even has the dev rooms

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New babies are here. Video soon.

Are there figure/etc hashtags here? I have a decent collection

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