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The clouds do add an air of mystery, but I would have loved to clear sky for this


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After failing to see a total eclipse that swept right over my area, and missing out on the most spectacular auroral display of the decade, I’ve come to the realization that I am a minor cloud/rain deity.

My services are available, and for the good of all. All I ask is travel and accommodation.


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📢 Hey, folks! We are accepting presentations for .NET Days 2024. This is always a fun event, and you can submit talks of 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

As a presenter, you're not alone. We're here to support you every step of the way. You'll receive assistance from our team (including me and other advocates) to prep your talk, do dry runs, and receive feedback before the big day.

🙏 Boosts appreciated.

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@khalidabuhakmeh next year I want to talk about how I transition from to in 1 week and start writing in , thanks to you guys whoever put that intellij shortcut chooser option at the begining I felt like I did not change 😎

Here is the intro: I was happy with VS.NET(2004-C#-2 or something) at the begining then I needed to write java and used around 10 years then everyone moved to and I used it 7 years after that I moved to Rider....(I just need to spend more time and write more code)

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Non riesco a configurare il server integrato di eclipse PHP su ubuntu based. Quando aggiungo un modulo e ne faccio il publish non viene copiato tutto il contenuto nella tmp del plugin, non permettendomi di testare gli script. Viene copiata solo la cartella di root del modulo, ma resta vuota. Non capisco dove sbaglio.

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Solar eclipse eye damage: More than 160 cases reported in Ontario, Quebec

> Dozens of cases of eye damage related to the April 8 total solar eclipse have been reported in Canada. The conditions include inflammation of the cornea and solar retinopathy.

#eclipse #Science #astronomy #health

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Satellite images capture striking differences between the 2017 and 2024 total solar eclipses that crisscrossed North America. Live Science has more.
#Science #Eclipse #Earth #Sun #Moon

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Il y a 3 semaines aujourd'hui débutait notre voyage au Texas pour l'observation de l'éclipse de soleil. Je vais faire un pouet par jour et sélectionner 4 photos pour chaque jour (ça va être difficile !)

Jour 1 Vendredi 5 Avril : Paris - Houston. Nous sommes arrivés à Houston en début d'après-midi, ce qui nous a permis de faire un tour de ville, principalement avec notre bus. Le voyage était organisé, nous étions un groupe de 33 personnes, tous très sympa ! Nous n'avons pas trouvé d'intérêt particulier à la ville.

Un camion de pompier rouge dans sa place de parking dans une caserne. On l'apperçoit abrité sous le bâtiment grand ouvert.
Des gratte-ciels sous un ciel bleu avec quelques arbres verts au premier plan
Un gratte-ciel de forme arrondie en verre reflète le gratte-ciel qui se trouve en face qui est de forme rectangulaire. Des arbres verts composent le premier plan, le ciel est très bleu.

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5 minutes avant le début de la totalité un gros nuage recouvrait encore le soleil. Mais ça s'est suffisamment découvert pour que nous puissions observer l'intégralité de la totalité, et même voir une protubérance à l'oeil nu ! (sous forme d'un point lumineux rosé). La vue de la couronne solaire est toujours un grand moment d'émotion. Un trou dans les nuages nous a permis de faire de chouettes photo à peu près au maximum de l'éclipse.
3 photos unitaires prises à différents moment de l'éclipse (Juste avant le début, pendant et juste après la fin). Cf description pour la 4ème. (2/2)

Au moment du centre de l'éclipse, photo avec exposition courte pour mieux voir les protubérances.
Juste avant la fin de la totalité, les protubérances à droite sont très visibles. Celle en bas à droite était visible à l'oeil nu.
Photo HDR, composition de 12 photos prises à différentes expositions (de 1/1000ème de seconde à 2 secondes). La couronne est très chouette.

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when you see the #eclipse, and the eclipse reflected in the windshield of your Mitsubishi Eclipse

the wolves howling nearby was just icing

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"It's really upsetting that we're investing so much time and energy, money, resources into this when we know that if we have a highly vaccinated public, we won't be seeing these cases," McMasters said. "Yes, I've been in public health for 25 years, and it kind of feels like going backwards."

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Time to start saving up for next time.

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These pictures are really awesome 😳

#photography #eclipse

From: @PetaPixel

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Here's a brief write-up of our trip to northern Mexico for the April 8 eclipse. More videos and photos on the blog:

#eclipse #tse2024 #eclipse2024

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How much did the solar eclipse whack our solar power generation over in California, three time zones away from totality? A significant amount, it turns out. Monday was the eclipse, Tuesday was a regular sunny day.

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Le 8 avril 2024, vers 13h35 heure locale, on a vu une éclipse totale du soleil. Voici à quoi ça ressemblait :)

Filmé avec un camescope de 2010 qui dormait dans nos placards. Malheureusement l'enregistrement s'est coupé lorsqu'on a voulu redresser le cadre. On fera mieux la prochaine fois :) Ca donne déjà une idée de l'excitation et de l'ambiance lors de la totalité.

#SolarEclipse2024 #eclipse

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Is This the World’s Oldest Eclipse Art?

There’s something shady about the idea that an ancient rock carving on a Neolithic tomb in Ireland depicts the Moon blotting out the Sun. by Indi Bains April 4, 2024

"...The Loughcrew tomb complex is scattered across rolling, patchwork hills. Constructed around 3200-2900 B.C., there are a total of 32 megalithic structures. Elizabeth Shee Twohig, an archaeologist and retired senior lecturer from University College, Cork, says the monuments were likely the burial places of individuals of high status. Several stones within the tombs feature abstract carvings, but it’s the one designated C16, within the tomb known as Cairn L, that has, ahem, eclipsed all others in notoriety..."

#Eclipse #Archaeology #AncientArt #Ireland

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Can you handle one more eclipse photo? Because this one is quite amazing. It shows the April 8 solar seen from the Moon!

Taken by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, gazing back at the Moon's shadow as it swept across the Earth.

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A bit late with this but last week I travelled with @erin and @ashley to Amherst, Ohio to try to shoot the Solar Eclipse! The entire endeavor was pretty poorly planned, but I think we got some pretty great shots out of it.


A photo of totality of the solar eclipse. There are prominences in red at the 11-oclock, 7-o-clock and 1-o-clock positions.
A photo where just a tiny sliver of the sun at the top left is visible.

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Listening to this episode on the and I can’t help but think I will hear blurt out:

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