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Today in Dwarf Fortress: The Sinister Start in the Plane of Myth, were gonna stream the setting up of some tree and obsidian farms.

My next goal is to get a cheap and easy supply of wood going for my fort. Wandering outside is too risky due to the smelly goo threatening to send my fortress into a tantrum spiral. So we're heading underground to set up a tree farm. It's a real pain to set this up but it will be worth it.

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Fixed Pixelfed federation with Friendica*, and will be working on PeerTube next!

#pixelfed #friendica #peertube

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any fellow instance runners who want to federate ?

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Today on Dwarf Fortress: The Sinister Start in the Plane of Myth, my citizens has a sad! 😢

I keep sending them outside to build the outside fort and they are getting fed up. But not to worry, I finished the roof so now they con complete their work in a smelly goo-free environment. Or, at least until I decide to build the fishing hut.

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Shit... seems to be superior to as far as adding video to my site if what I'm seeing is what everyone else sees

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I think anarchist Reddit permanently left me in bitch mode anyway - if this video uploads here's a rant against the machine if not... It's on the Demon, which might be viewable on my website l, sorry thems, gals and guys

record scratch wait lemme just post it there brb!

Meanwhile we will need to earn $800 more to keep this room in very little time

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Thank you to @SrRochardBunson and for hosting the video on

By the way I've been looking for an instance of PeerTube that houses vids to share my art (among other endeavors like music) someday if you know of one that's accepting new registrations please let me know - ideally also allowing for streaming

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Today on Dwarf Fortress: The Sinister Start in the Plane of Myth, we hit magma! We're producing green glass and are working towards kicking off our steel industry. Just in time, too, because we're now a County and the Count wants fancy rooms! I hope he likes steel walls.

We're upgrading our fortress defenses and will be building an above-ground fort pretty soon, provided the smelly goo doesn't drive everyone mad!

#PeerTube #DwarfFortress #Stream #Streaming

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Mi sono divertito a caricare su delle pellicole di pubblico dominio, sperando di rendere un servizio utile a tutti i cinefili del o semplicemente ai curiosi che non hanno mai visto dei vecchissimi capolavori ( io li definirei antichi) in ogni caso eccoli qui..... ah ovviamente ne caricherò altri 😉

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Molly White is one of the most thoughtful writers and thinkers on the web today. In addition to being a high functioning crypto critic, @molly0xfff is a believer and practitioner in crafting the next era of the web.

Molly believes that human connections are an inextricable part of the web and sees a bright future ahead as those connections move from walled gardens to the open web.

Check out this fantastic conversation with her on the latest episode of on our instance or wherever you get your .

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Going through some old drives, found an unreleased Morcheeba remix we did as The Soundmakers, also The Crown Jewels parts 1 and 2, The Wreckshop plus some very
y old Assembly Worker beats (my old alias).

All going on #PeerTube :)

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Today on Dwarf Fortress: the Sinister Start in the Plane of Myth: we found magma! And also we have a Hillocks? Our Baron is nice and settled in and I'm making room for the eventual monarch and the unceasing waves of migrants. Lots going on in this world of smelly goo!

We're kind of ignoring petitions for now so no guild halls or specialized temples until we get our furnaces up and running.

Let's play!

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Miło nam poinformować o aktualizacji oprogramowania na instancji do wersji 6.0.1

W przypadku problemów prosimy napisać do @pomoc

W przypadku braku problemów, polepszenia jakości odtwarzania materiałów, prosimy o tym napisać w ❤️

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Mondoweiss is now on , the federated video publishing platform!

Visit our video server to see all of our materials and follow us there for updated video content.

You can watch, comment on, and share all of our video content right here in the fediverse!


@palestine @israel

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Les copaines de @wiquaya aimeraient faire un petit live pour présenter leur jeu de cartes.

Est-ce que quelqu'un aurait un bout de à leur prêter ? 🙏


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esiste una guida di legalese per ? mi spiego meglio, sappiamo che possiamo coricare contenuti coperti da e ci siamo, ma spezzoni di contenuti? magari presi dalle trasmissioni televisive, e posso mettere qualche intervento politico? preso da fonte ufficiale, quindi dal canale streaming tv del parlamento, e per quanto riguarda i trailer di film? qualcuno ha le risposte?

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Hey adventurers!!
After much thought and a ludicrous amount of coffee/tea/hot beverages, we decided to allow more users on #TheGamersTavern #Peertube instance! It's cozier when more people can join and make part of this great community that YOU, and only YOU, make so great.

#Gaming #Videogames #Fediverse


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Today on Dwarf Fortress: The Sinister Start in the Plan of Myth, we captured our first goblin invasion force of child snatchers. We'll be sure to melt their armor before tossing them into the magma pits. But fist, we need to build the magma pits.

A Dwarven caravan is on its way and the migrants are arriving en mass. We need to get our magma industry going soon and let the steel flow!

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Je suis de retour, pour vous jouer un mauvais tour ! Et relier tous les peuples à notre nation euh non c'est pas ça

Enfin retrouvé un peu de motivation pour sortir une vidéo #peertube et #podcast #jdr

C'est tourné, monté , la miniature et faite et ça devrait sortir ce mercredi 14/05/2024 entre 12h et 14h

J'y parle de quelques trucs que la #WWE peut nous apprendre pour nos parties de jeu de rôle en présentiel ou à distance

jeu2role, avatar

Erf problème réseau
Pas possible de mettre en ligne #peertube et #podcast, faut pas que j'oublie en rentrant ce soir

jeu2role, avatar

EDIT J'ai oublié !
Le #peertube est sorti à l'instant , le podcast va suivre

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Appel à la communauté :

Connaissez-vous des chaînes éducatives, de dessins-animés, de documentaires animaliers, de chansons pour des enfants de moins de 6 ans sur ou sur ?

Merci d'avance aux personnes qui repartagerons ma question pour lui permettre de collecter davantage de réponses. :)


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Today, in our sinister start of Dwarf Fortress, the search for more iron ore continues. We found it, but it's locked away in a light aquifer! But no worries, we just need to provide some adequate drainage and we should be fine. What's the worst that could happen?

wHaT's ThE wOrSt ThAt CaN hApPeN?

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