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Too late to learn another colonial language, say Indigenous students opposing Quebec's Bill 96

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Arctic wind turbine project aims to bring more green energy to Nunavut (

To reduce Nunavut’s dependency on diesel fuel, researchers are trying to use the territory’s gusty weather to develop a wind turbine specifically to generate power for Arctic buildings. “I think it is a really viable [energy] option,” said Jill Hass, an engineer and clean energy manager with Polar Knowledge Canada, the...

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Inuk artist Elisapie to be celebrated with postage stamp

“The other two people featured in the upcoming stamp set are #Métis artist Christi Belcourt and the late pioneering First Nations water protector Josephine Mandamin.

Those stamp designs will be unveiled later this month.

The set is the third in #Canada Post's #Indigenous Leaders stamp series, which was launched in 2022.”


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Space for Algonquin Peoples to open near Parliament after Chief underwent a water and food hunger strike #ottawa #indigenous

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The Isanti nation (colonizer name Santee Sioux) along the border of so-called Nebraska and South Dakota has been depending on bottled water for five years. The groundwater is contaminated with manganese - which means boiling it only makes it worse. More bad news: grant funds for pallets of water for their 1,000+ relatives has run out, so the tribe is now bleeding funds - AND their supplier has been coming up both late and short on their deliveries. And it's 45 minutes to the nearest hyvee or walmart.

Here's an article on the situation with background info:

While the tribe fights to get funding for a pipeline to connect to clean water in south dakota, supporters have launched an emergency water drive. Collection is at the Indian Center in Lincoln, NE at 1100 Miitary Rd. Monetary donations are requested via venmo @IndianCenter or @ThreeCrows, or via paypal @BlueHeronTiospaye - label donations as "water". #indigenous #water #mutualAid

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"Get a warm inner glow by donating to the 3CR Radiothon."

Back the , and many more diverse, indigenous, queer, marginalised teams to keep all these important Australian voices on the air.

Keep the sound on to keep the dream alive.

cc: @slackbastard @sexenheimer @dgar

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A reminder that could have preferred in to die, with no consideration for the lives of those - , , activists, , communities, and others - who would suffer under majoritarian rule, especially if they got a 400+ seat mandate.

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languages "often hold secrets to the inner workings of the planet, from the best times to plant certain crops to the healing properties of critical medicinal plants. However, a growing body of research shows that is driving the loss of native languages worldwide—in big ways and small."

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RCMP Takes Cultural Appropriation to New Low
[Editor's Note: We at The Typescript are excited to have formalized an agreement with Iori:wase, the community newspaper of the Kahnawà:ke Haudenosaunee Territory, southwest of Montréal, edited by our friend and colleague Greg Horn. This agreement will see us co-publish opinion pieces].

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A few scenes from the 3rd Annual 2-Spirit Pow-Wow (Toronto, Ontario)


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June is Indigenous History Month, a good opportunity to discover some new favourite authors...

#indigenous #books #reading #BooksWorthReading #knowledge #entertainment #library

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Featured: “This is all we have. This is our only window that’s left into this part of our history that’s not well understood. It’s our only chance to find out about ancestors.”

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I just discovered that my home is right near the site of the ancient Native American ‘capitol’ of the Chemakum people named Tsetsibus, meaning ‘place where the sun rises.’

I took advantage of the sunny weather to walk through the pathless forest above the shore that once hosted hundreds of people. The protected cove now hosts an oyster farm and a few other modern developments.

The Chemakum inhabited this spot for ~12,000 years, but no visible traces remain.

#PNW #photography #indigenous

Looking south from the rock outcrop. The head of the little cove. You can see one of the mansions that have been built on the hillside. The road wraps around the bay, just inside the trees there.
Swords ferns, maple and fir trees, everything is green, it’s been raining for days. This is the hillside above the shore, the forest become too thick to really move through save on deer trails.
Strange round rock formation I stumbled on in the woods. There’s a name for these stones, but I can’t remember what it is.

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