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I'm still here, I have photos to prove it. (All photos I post are mine unless specifically stated otherwise.)

My non-pinned posts are set to delete after 2 months.

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hotdogsladies, to random
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Isn't this relaxing?


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@hotdogsladies Wow. Kind of mesmerizing.

CStamp, to random
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It was snowing the day I first saw Avatar. 🙂

At an IMAX theatre, in 3D.

It was a miserable experience and I was sick during and for many, many hours after. The 3D effect kept falling apart for me and made me tremendously motion sick.

I saw it a few weeks later in Real3D. Huge difference. No motion sickness, it was a cool experience.

mvario, to acab
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New Louisiana law will criminalize approaching police under certain circumstances | AP News


#PoliceState #ACAB

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@mvario So don't forget to take your measuring stick with you when you go out. This is ludicrous.

ai6yr, to random
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Eh, crap, re-implementing stricter personal COVID-19 measures after just relaxing them, an (entire) family I know with COVID or recovering, after catching it from an older relative who was hospitalized--they later figured out, COVID-19. (ie Once again, moving back to "all indoor interaction in public N95" -- pondering where I'll go with outdoor in crowds.).

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@ai6yr Can't trust anyone. :(

GottaLaff, to Canada
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We're in Washington now and arrive in this afternoon. 🇨🇦

Our new home.

It's surreal, scary, wonderful.

My posting will be light until we're settled in a little.

Thank you for all your amazing replies and good wishes. I read them all, but can't reply back.

Big hugs to all of you. 🥰

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@GottaLaff Welcome! :}

davidho, to random
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100% would drive this.

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@tantramar @davidho @tayfonay And people wonder why cats can be assholes. ;}

arstechnica, to random
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Nvidia denies pirate e-book sites are “shadow libraries” to shut down lawsuit

Will quibbling over the meaning of "shadow libraries" help Nvidia's case?


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@arstechnica Pay authors. No money? Libraries are free and they pay authors.

msquebanh, to breakfast
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@msquebanh Hopefully they are duck eggs, not Canada geese eggs. :}

tvaziri, to random
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Watching “Aliens” (1986) with a first-timer.

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@virtualbri @tvaziri No one has come close to stepping into his shoes.

msquebanh, to random
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Has anyone here taken a golf cart, made changes to it & turned it into a street legal electric vehicle?

In my dreams, last night, I was driving around roads, on an upcycled, electric golf cart with a trailer attached to back, with my cat in a backpack windowed carrier in passenger seat. We were heading to a cats cafe.

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@LabSpokane @msquebanh Street legal?

My fellow's grandad had one of those motorized chairs, which he used to get around town, but they need to be used on sidewalks. He used to get in trouble for speeding.

There was an old guy in my neighbourhood who used one on the road and he's lucky no one's ever hit him, as they aren't visible enough. And, yes, lots of good sidewalks, so he didn't have to be on the street. Haven't seen him in a while. Hopefully no one did hit him.

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@msquebanh @LabSpokane Nova Scotia is testing out 3-wheel vehicles. You could see if BC is following that. But they won't be allowed to tow trailers.

Golf carts per se would never be safe outside of local neighbourhoods.


stux, to random
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Netanyahu himself is a tragic mistake at this point

A terrorist with state resources.. oof

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@stux And describe "legal killing of children."

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@stux Right? No decent human could. Right now, I don't see a difference between Israel and Hitler's Germany other than those who allied against Germany are helping Israel.

CStamp, to random
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When Spanky is ranting about Biden wanting to take out him and his family, why is no one screaming "presidential immunity" at him?

timbray, to random
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“legally killed children” shudder


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@timbray They are describing war crimes. It is against international law to murder, yes, murder, civilians to target someone who may be hiding behind them.

tankgrrl, to random
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When Americans look at other countries who have things like paid parental leave, guaranteed vacation time, right to disconnect laws, we're shocked because we just can't imagine a country centered around the good of the people instead of the good of our employers. It's really that simple.

@CStamp@mastodon.social avatar

@tankgrrl I still remember the interview with a republican attending a dem town hall, describing being horrified that people thought her child had a right to good education and health care. "Horrified." And she could't understand why people were discussing things, not yelling in anger. There are too many people who think they deserve to be abused, don't deserve good things, and that is quite a mental illness thing that needs treating.

br00t4c, to random
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@br00t4c Holy cow, now this is a freak accident.

msquebanh, to random
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Our local is closing down for 2 weeks. They didn't tell my Mom why - she dropped off a refill script this morning. I'm guessing it has to do with demanding .

It closed stores earlier in month for that reason & the cyberattack ransom problem hasn't been resolved yet.


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@msquebanh At least she found out as she was taking in a prescription. A lot of folk about to pick them up were left having to go back to doctors.

appassionato, to palestine
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A statement from an emergency worker in Rafah:
"Most of the bodies were charred and burned, while the injured people lost limbs and suffered other injuries due to the use of internationally prohibited weapons that caused the massive fire which erupted. We pulled out approx 50 people and injured people from the area and transported them to field hospitals after official hospitals were forced to evacuate in an attempt to destroy the health system in the Rafah area”


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@MikeImBack @appassionato @palestine The Israel government is causing it. Unfortunately, with the support of too many other countries.

dannotdaniel, to random
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@dannotdaniel LOL. Guess folk in the UK stopped dying? Now that is an accomplishment. 😃

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@dannotdaniel Ha! :)

CStamp, to random
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Watching an old DVD. Don't you just love those huge FBI warnings making you feel like a thief for watching something you paid for?

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@msquebanh Different subject. If you are on IG at all, Millie Anna, https://www.instagram.com/outwith_millieanna/ , is an adorable young woman with Downs. She was doing celebrity interviews a while back, has done modelling, and is out to show folk what she can do, not can't do. :)

CStamp, to random
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Going to eat homemade pizza on the balcony, with a glass of red wine. It's the little things. :)

mattblaze, to photography
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I make mostly (but not exclusively) B&W images (at least for my fine art work). Is it worth using a dedicated monochrome sensor?

Most digital cameras are designed to record color, using a special mask in front of the sensor called a "Bayer filter". This allows color information to be derived from the raw sensor output, which otherwise would just record brightness. But the Bayer filter can also reduce effective resolution of the image a bit.

So what's the tradeoff?

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@mattblaze LOL. Whenever "real (whatever)" or purists start talking, I love to point out that the famous Lincoln portrait is his face on someone else's body. 😃

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