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I'm probably just an AI pretending to be human or a human pretending to be AI.

Into wandering abandoned places, tinkering with technology, and authoring things for fun and profit.

Feel free to follow if you're sentient meat or a self-aware AI.

Profile pic: Greyscale rendering of a serious looking long haired woman in sunglasses and a jacket.

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Melpomene, to random
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Okay pretty folk. I'm closing out this account tomorrow morn. I'm the only one active on my server and it isn't mine.. If I was following, I've either followed or requested a follow.


Hope to see you there! And no more politics for me.

Melpomene, to random
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I do enjoy all of you, so I look forward to chatting with you over that way. :-)

Melpomene, to fediverse
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I'm moving!

You can now find me at:
Mastodon.cloud: https://mastodon.cloud/@diotima
TTRPG Network: https://ttrpg.network/u/Diotima

Melpomene, to random
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Travel poetry:

Detroit Wayne Airport
Was designed well and good
With a shiny red tram
And no staff that was rude
While Amsterdam offered
Grunge and trash on the floor
With unhelpful staff
And delays often in store
Boston was clean
But sadist designed
No signs to direct one
And no help one can find.
I had more comments
But I'll save them for later
Just want to get home
(No more rhymes from this US stater)

Melpomene, to random
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Though I cannot be sure, I believe the unknown illness that doctors called Long COVID may finally be losing its fight with me. I've had constant issues fade out, less serious ones phase in. I might be healing.

And look, you can laugh at me all you like, but I'm not convinced it isn't just a curse.

olives, to microsoft
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really should mind their own business about what kinds of characters players want to play. It's okay for a character to be "sexy". I think that ultimately, the style of the game is going to depend a lot on the game. It's silly to pretend that every game should fit awfully particular and seemingly utilitarian criteria.

There also isn't really a scientific basis for it.

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@olives I love to see games with diverse body types, but excluding particular types because reasons seems silly. Some folk are curvy; why are we sending the message that curvy is bad?

My recents:

  • Semi androgynous and skinny
  • Fit and smol
  • Tall and curvy

We could do better at inclusion, but that does not mean excluding those body types traditionally represented in games.

Melpomene, to random
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We watched the movie. So did the director, anyone actually research the classes or...?

etherdiver, to random
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Do not, under any circumstances, sign up with T-Mobile if you can avoid it. After 15 (yes, you read that right FIFTEEN) years of continuous service with them I had to switch carriers because their network is unusable in my new home, and now they're trying to squeeze a final $100 out of me with some bullshit billing, after they lied to me on the phone and told me what my final bill amount would be.

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@etherdiver I've not had to contact them recently, but they do seem less reliable after they merged with Sprint.

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@etherdiver That's terrible, I am sorry. I've had similar experiences with other providers; Verizon tends to be the literal worst for me.


KLM. But they're not a telco.

olives, to humanrights
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Surely, this violates the Eighth Amendment? Apart from being obviously cruel, it can't be good for someone's brain or health.

"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

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@olives Until people in power are held accountable, this and many other travesties will continue.

kio, to random
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⚠️ URGENT ⚠️
KitsuGay will be going offline as of 23/03/24, in 30 minutes, as we use Hetzner for our hosting, and just found out that our instance violates Hetzner's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on sexual material.

I feel personally violated by this policy that woem.men has been targeted with, as I need to now shell out money to protect myself and my instance members from the threat of being deplatformed.

Unfortunately, this means that I need your help. I need to find a proper replacement for a host of an instance that accepts queer, LGBT, and nsfw content. Suggestions will be appreciated as I figure out where to go. I'll try to get KitsuGay moved ASAP, but cannot give a timeframe for when it will be online again.

I apologize.

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@kio I can't vouch for how well they'll handle an instance, but TMD Hosting explicitly allows NSFW content.

freemo, to random
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Just a reminder folks, unless you agree with them, no matter how polite you are, you will always get blocked... I get 10 examples a day why I cant stand the left, even as a person who is on the left (slightly)


@Melpomene@erisly.social avatar

@freemo I'm amused that they'll "simp for communism" (using their words) while ignoring the many human rights abuses perpetrated under its banner. Capitalism as it exists (corporatocracy) is terrible but at least I can still call it utter shit.

olives, to privacy
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"The U.S. Department of Transportation announced its first industry-wide review of data security and privacy policies across the largest U.S. airlines.

The DOT said in a press release Thursday that the review will examine whether U.S. airline giants are properly protecting their customers’ personal information and whether airlines are “unfairly or deceptively monetizing or sharing that data with third parties.”"

@Melpomene@erisly.social avatar


"They will then propose ineffective solutions with anemic penalties that in no way incentivize airlines to protect that data, allowing the status quo to continue unfettered by pesky regulation."

More or less.

dreadfulsanity, to random
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So... my mum went from "going to be released today" to "emergency surgery and ICU" in less than 24h.

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@dreadfulsanity Sorry to hear it, sincerely.

matthew_d_green, to random
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The weirdest thing about 2024 is the rapid rollout of unconstitutional age verification laws for websites, and how little the “free speech” tech crowd seems to care about this.

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@matthew_d_green If we're talking conservatives, they never cared about free speech. Worth remembering though is that anti-privacy and anti-speech bills are often depressingly bipartisan.

misty, to random
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I feel like the funny thing for me with the Tiktok ban is that a lot of Americans, on either side of the debate, don't seem to realize that Tiktok feels to Americans like every single social media platform feels to people outside the US. You're telling me the app is located outside your country and your government's control, and you don't know how its data gets handled in that country? That's every app, to me.

@Melpomene@erisly.social avatar

@misty I'm not a fan of banning Tiktok at all, and I avoid most social media because their handling of data is just... oof. But for better or for worse, other platforms aren't state sponsored or state controlled.

I prefer the fedi for a number of reasons, but it still suffers from a "not sure how my data is being handled" issue.

Melpomene, to random
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Well fuck the Mayo clinic, too.

"Sorry but medicine is hard! Talk to your regular docs, surely a year of failure will be remedied soon!"

Fuck. Off.

Melpomene, to random
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Guy: makes joke calling out my swapping two acronyms (very similar) which I never swapped before

Me: slightly amused, not mad, continues with hosting meeting without comment

Next day:

Guy: You didn't laugh at my joke!

Me: It was funny (tiny bit amusing but Mel can be nice)

Other Guy: Maybe Mel is on the spectrum lol.

Guy: lol


Or maybe Mel doesn't waste time laughing at your weak ass jokes. And definitely doesn't find mocking neurodivergence funny. So be funnier and be less offensive.

Here, let's give an example!

Mel makes mistakes in meetings as often as your wives feel satisfied in bed. That was my first mistake in two fiscal years.

Melpomene, to kbin
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I really wish I could like Lemmy, but I'm not comfortable using it given the founders' rather... icky... personal views. Not hating if you can look the other way but I cannot.

It's a shame that seems stagnant. Here's to hoping @ernest gets well and gets the backup he needs to excel.

Melpomene, to Travel
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Flying still sucks but at least I don't end up feeling like hot garbage after an international biz flight.

Melpomene, to mastodon
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Thinking about moving instances; feel a bit isolated where I am. Any suggestions? #Mastodon, #Firefish, #Calckey?

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@TheLastofHisName Once upon a time I had an account there. It was busy for sure! Torn between a mid-size instance and a huge one.

@Melpomene@erisly.social avatar

@msdropbear42 I'll have to check some of them out when I return. On the road so might be a less than ideal time to experiment.

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@crossgolf_rebel Smaller instances are less visible by default. While that can be mitigated -somewhat- by networking, it is much easier to just sign up to a popular instance. I dislike the attitude that people just need to try harder to network... It is gatekeeping at its finest.

@Melpomene@erisly.social avatar

@crossgolf_rebel "Well, you're doing it wrong" is an unhelpful approach that alienates users. You're upset that I called your blaming users for not feeling included gatekeeping ("you just need to try harder" was the gist of your post) but you're perfectly fine throwing out blame when it suits you.

The average person using an instance isn't in a position to implement tech solutions, nor should they feel like they have to. This is essentially the 90's Linux Bro "just write your own code" argument repurposed for the Fedi.

"It's your fault because you don't integrate relay servers and bots and just make this a second job" is about the silliest thing I've read today. But it's early.

@Melpomene@erisly.social avatar

@crossgolf_rebel @crossgolf_rebel Hey Buddy?

When you're blocked, I'm pretty sure its considered an asshole move to try to circumvent that block by using alts.

So rather than come back in with your alt to spew a multi-post manifesto, take the hint and go away. You weren't blocked because I "didn't like the answers," you were blocked because I have zero interest in a "you're doing it wrong" tech bro diatribe offering ridiculous solutions to end users that few have the time or inclination to implement.

And in case it gets lost in translation: Go away. You are not welcome in my @.

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