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corbin, to tech

I wrote about the long-running problem with GIMP's name on @thespacebar, and some of the attempts over the years to change it.

corbin, to random

Opera has been ramping up its marketing budget over the past few months, I’m seeing a lot of YouTube sponsor spots for it. Remember not to use Opera's stuff and spread the word!

corbin, to random

Google Search has told people to use gasoline in spaghetti, drink urine, and eat rocks. It said President James Madison graduated from college 21 times, and that there's no country in Africa that starts with the letter K.

This is one week after Google executives and engineers spent almost two hours on stage evangelizing about the power of AI at Google I/O. I really don't know if I've seen another product failure this bad in recent history.

corbin, to vrchat

I tried out Standable v2.0 for a bit in VRChat, it's pretty cool! It does an impressive job of simulating full-body VR tracking without the expensive sensors.

The main bug I found was that the 'seat estimation' feature is supposed to switch to a leaned back position when a chair is detected, but it doesn't always work. Maybe the upcoming bug fixes will solve that?

cassidy, (edited ) to random avatar

I got an air quality sensor and air purifier, and have learned:

• opening the windows is the most effective way to decrease particulate matter

• our humidifier pumps out hazardous levels of particles when using tap water (oops)

• waking up w/an irritated throat and sinuses goes away with clean air!

• high particulate matter is correlated with nosebleeds in kids—and our kid gets chronic nosebleeds

I am happy to have learned all of this but also feel like an idiot for learning it so late. 😭


@cassidy I did the same thing a few months ago, opening window with a fan makes such a massive difference

corbin, to apple

It was fun trying to use the original iPod again! I didn't expect the hardest part to be getting music onto the iPod.

corbin, to random

New iPad Pro looks neat! I still can't do my job or most of my hobbies from an iPad but it seems good for the people who can do that.

jorijn, to random avatar

It's been an amazing journey since I started However, due to personal commitments, I'm stepping down. The community deserves undivided attention, which I can't provide anymore. So, I'm handing the reins over to the reliable hands of the Fedihosting Foundation ( I have confidence they'll keep treating you the way you deserve.

I'm grateful for the connections I made here, and I'd like to thank you all for your support and trust in me. It means a lot. ❤️


@jorijn thanks for running it so well!

corbin, to random

my favorite Pokémon is Firefox

corbin, to tech

RIP Beeper. Everything Automattic buys goes into maintenance mode for all eternity.

corbin, to random

Every publisher, blog, and newsletter not on Fediverse platforms is making a mistake. The simple fact that external links won’t punish you in the algorithm™️ here is so, so important.

corbin, to random

waiting for apple to update the magic keyboard with usb-C

corbin, to Mac

The Software Update servers for Mac OS X 10.4.0 are still alive!

cassidy, to GNOME avatar

A conversation that keeps popping up in my mind since FOSDEM centers around open source projects and “AI,” and I still don’t know what I think. So let me share some thoughts here on the famously nuance-friendly Internet. 😜

During a chat w/folks from several open source organizations, someone suggested GNOME could attract funding by “sprinkling some AI on it.” Several folks laughed at the topical joke, but then realized it was in earnest. 🧵


@cassidy This feels like the same conversation as analytics IMO. A lot of tech-y people are going to have a visceral reaction, but it can be implemented in a way that respects everyone involved and ultimately makes the software better.

corbin, to random

The era of Apple slowly opening up its devices and playing nice with the competition has seemingly ended. Malicious compliance is now the name of the game.

corbin, to random

bUt tHe aPP sToRe iS thE oNLy wAY to kEep uSers sAfe

corbin, to random

Spotlight on Mac is so great, especially with the ability to search for text inside documents (even text in Excel worksheets and other stuff). It’s one of those things macOS figured out years ago and Windows still hasn’t matched.

corbin, to random

I wrote about everything wrong with Opera Browser and Opera GX, and why you should never use anything made by current-day Opera. (please boost for visibility!)

corbin, to random

PHP was a mistake.

jorijn, to random avatar

We finally have some snow in the south of The Netherlands 😎 ☃️


@jorijn can’t relate 🥲


@jorijn no snow over here this winter so far, I’m hoping it happens at least once but we’re running out of winter!

corbin, to retrocomputing

I've rolled out an update for ImageShare, my open-source image upload tool for low-end and legacy web browsers (originally designed for the 3DS web browser). There are new features and lots of improvements for self-hosting!

corbin, to gpt

I made a working concept for an alt text generator browser extension using the GPT-4 API, it’s pretty cool! The low detail option in the API seems to work fine for this, so each processed image is less than $0.01 in API billing.

I’m not sure if this could be released on the Chrome Web Store because it would need an API key from the user to run. Maybe it would be better as a PWA anyway so it could be used on other platforms?


gedeonm, to bsg avatar

The Pegasus Arrives. One of my favorite moments made all the more powerful by Bear McCreary's amazing music. Wish the hope had lasted a little bit longer, but this scene will always be pure awesome.


@gedeonm Maybe the best first episode of any sci-fi show, tbh.

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