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fabian, to random
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two red buttons, indecisive sweaty guy meme:

🔴👈 grudgingly implement the new feature (eyes closed)


fabian, to random German
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@knurd42 völlig off-topic, aber wenn ich dein „(acct. 2/4)“ sehe (was ich völlig supporte, nicht falsch verstehen), spiele ich mit dem Gedanken bei mir einfach „(acct. 3/7)“ rein zu schreiben, mysteriös zu bleiben, und die Suche nach den (vermeintlichen) Alts meinen Followers zu überlassen 😈

warandpeas, to random
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The Muse

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krakenbuerger, to random German
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Is this a good place to talk about LinkedIn? 🤔 How do you deal with connection requests by people you've never met or talked to before? Are there any "good" reasons to accept those?

fabian, (edited )
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@krakenbuerger I never accept those.

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@krakenbuerger “why” – that’s exactly the question. Why should I?

No, more seriously: I’m a very low-key LI user, so I had to check… My DMs are open, meaning you can send me an introductory message anytime. No need to establish a long-term connection immediately.

Like on the street/in a café: small talk first, we can still exchange numbers/business cards later. Why collect “dead” contacts?

jeffjarvis, to random
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Interesting: links as a signal are devalued. RIP page rank?...
Google Confirms Links Are Not That Important.

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@jeffjarvis Maybe this makes publishers less afraid of adding outgoing links? Yeah, probably not…

rachel, to random
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i don't get the point of syntax highlighting, it may make the code more legible but it takes way too long to put on

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@rachel Word is probably not the right tool for the job. You should try writing monochrome first and then colorize afterwards either in Photoshop or print it and use crayons. Just a wild guess.

bbelderbos, to python
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🐍 Tip: the walrus operator (:=) can be handy to prevent a repeated function call as would happen in this list comprehension. 💪

But now I am torn, because this does sacrifice readabilty. 🤔

What would you do here? Go with walrus or use a regular for loop? 💡

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Torn on this one as well.

I tend to like it this way, but I can see the problem and would accept if my colleagues don’t like it.

A for-loop would not be my preferred alternative, though.

Instead either of:

  • nested list comprehension (same same but different ;)
  • second line prices = filter(None, prices)


jwildeboer, to random
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"Due to almost nobody actually using these features we introduced some years ago, we will now remove them to make our code more accessible and maintainable and also to remove possible attack vectors" is something I would really LOVE to read more often in release notes of FOSS projects :)

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@jwildeboer I dunno. Everytime GNOME does something like that — they went for UX simplifications quite a bit in the last decade or so — there was usually an outcry. Maybe of a loud minority but still. It’s not like people like stuff being removed.

brooke, to random
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gender binary implies the existence of gender plaintext

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@brooke gender/plain – sounds totally valid

fabian, to random German
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Da gerade usw. hier die Runde macht. Was ist denn der derzeit „angenehmste“ (im Sinne von: wenig shady Patterns) Prepaid-Anbieter? Preis ist zweitrangig, aber sollte sich natürlich im Rahmen des Üblichen bewegen.

Wir haben hier die unterschiedlichsten Anbieter in der Familie am Start — Prepaid, quasi-Vertrag-halb-Prepaid, Uraltverträge, und C. schien bisher als gute Option. Oder muss ich in die Untiefen der Vergleichsportale, oder sind im Prinzip alle gleich blöd?

(Gern DM)

maxrdz, to random
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Learnt from Duolingo today that 'zero' in German is 'null'. Must be frustrating to German engineers. 😅

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@maxrdz I can see how this might be peculiar and could be seen as a potential source of misunderstanding.

But in my 20y+ experience as software developer I cannot think of a single situation where this was a problem.

I wonder how we (subconsciously) solve this, though. In written communication it's easy. Just use "0". When speaking, I think we either pronunce it English null vs. German null, or we use a variant of empty, not there, undefined, n/a, missing, without, etc.

publictorsten, to random German
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Habt Ihr schon mal ein richtig tolles Produkt mit einem vernünftigen Geschäftsmodell durch bezahlte Werbung eines Influencers entdeckt?

(P.S.: Es ist eine ehrliche Frage, keine Aufforderung zum Lästern.)

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@publictorsten Videospiele. Viele Twitch-Streamerïnnen werden ja von Publishern bezahlt/gesponsort, Spiele anzuspielen. Finde ich bei voller Transparenz okay, und habe da sicher auch schon ein, zweimal ein Spiel für mich entdeckt.

Weitere Beispiele würden mir spontan nicht einfallen. Die anderen üblichen Sponsorships (oft Ernährung, Drinks oder VPNs und so) finde ich eher shady. Machen meine „Lieblingsstreamer“ aber auch nicht bzw. ist von vornherein Ausschlusskriterium für mich.

forteller, to random
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LinkedIn Park
MySpace of Base
Weibo Burnham
Reddit Hot Chilli Peppers
Yves Tumblor
Imgurl in red

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@forteller honestly I was "🤷 yeah, ok funny" until the last one 😆 well played

pasci_lei, to random German
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Warum haben eigentlich alle #Verkehrsminister in Deutschland einen an der Waffel? Nennt mir einen guten Verkehrsminister.


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@pasci_lei Das habe ich fast 1:1 so heute auch am Abendbrottisch gesagt. Es ist absurd.

jwildeboer, (edited ) to random
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This is what is considered "journalism" in the US media nowadays, in case you wonder. Missing ALT text: Fox News lower third: "Libraries turning into drug-infested, sex dens" https://digipres.club/@raffaele/112259472714304600

(obviously comedy, but not far from reality)

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  1. You're right.
  2. Looking for my library card as I'm writing…
  3. In my lifetime has Fox News ever been considered being an actual news outlet?
  4. The Five is a comedy format.
judy2k, to random
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One of the joys of working on a personal project is choosing whatever commit messages I damn well like.

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@judy2k Sounds like your circle is in its edgy phase. Show him who's the boss and get things straight!

tante, to random
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One thing that the fediverse does not currently provide is the avalanche of indonesian dick pics I was used to on X. Not saying I miss it but it's been such a ritual each day that I kinda do.

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@tante blinking guy meme 👀

hynek, to random
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If you wondered why I’m mostly boosting humorous takes on xz drama it’s because I find almost all serious takes absolutely nauseating. So much serious thinking by people who have never maintained anything of substance in their whole life.

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@mpirnat That sounds like a nice rule. Gotta tell that to my manager who names every other ticket "simple feature x".

StefanMuenz, to random German
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Man kann ja bei Julian Reichelt durchaus berechtigten Würgreiz bekommen. Aber hier spricht er den ganzen deutschen petro-maskulinen Überlegenheitskomplex in so seltener Klarheit aus, dass man es glatt für einen Satire-Account halten könnte. #Tempolimit

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@StefanMuenz irgendwie „kunstvoll”, ja. Aber der Würgereiz überwiegt.

fabian, to firefox
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@-moz-document url-prefix("https://www.some-website.example/") {  
 article:has(a[href*="topic-i-really-cant-be-bothered-with-anymore"]) {  


PS: display: none is also fine.

fabian, to python
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’s structural pattern match-ing syntax is still not natural to me, but I’m starting to see use-cases in my own code more often now.

fabian, to Redis
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Forking is easy, ideas are cheap — but this blog post/announcement by #Redis successor (more correctly: one of multiple free software Redis successors) #Redict sounds really reasonable: https://redict.io/posts/2024-04-03-redict-7.3.0-released/

Focus on stability over new features (the production projects we use(d) Redis in required mostly 2015-era features; I bet that’s true for many users) to distinguish itself from and peacefully coexist and complement with other forks like #Valkey 👍

fabian, to linux
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(Is it still if I change my distro with each new machine, but it's only every 5 years?)

NewsDesk, to USpolitics
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Donald Trump is selling "God Bless the USA" Bibles for $59.99 as he faces mounting legal bills.

AP quotes the former president: "All Americans need a Bible in their home, and I have many. It’s my favorite book."


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@NewsDesk 🤦‍♂️

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