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The ultimate compliment from one Scottish male to another is to call them Big Man.

Happened to me last night when a male acquaintance said to me "See you later, Big Man".


gacorley, to conlangs avatar

Now that you've seen Ndăkaga in action in The Xeshor Tablet, join me in about two hours (3:30 pm Central Time) where I will finish making incantations for the final two cantrips and hopefully get back to working on the writing system. @conlang

shekinahcancook, (edited ) to linguistics avatar

If you watched the Banshee of Inisherin or Netflix's Bodkin and wondered if they really say "that" pretty much every other word in small Irish towns, apparently the answer is yes.


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“Over the millennia, human language has produced a variety of beautiful, unusual, and weird forms of writing. Here are 7 of them.”

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The ALTA shared tasks are targeted at students with experience.

They should be related to a task, able to be automatically evaluated, with training and test able to be distributed to participants at low- or no-cost, and should be fun!

📆 Submissions by Friday 7 June 2024.


thejapantimes, to Life avatar

Green your Japanese vocabulary with a quick primer on different gardening terms courtesy of @yutranslates, then get started on that グリーンカーテン

Meyerweb, to random avatar

I know language is fluid and I try not to be overly prescriptivist, but I am never going to be able to accept “learnings” as a valid noun. I’ve tried, but I just can’t, and I need to accept that about myself.

elb, avatar

@Meyerweb I'm with you, but how do you feel about “teachings?” After remembering that word, which I'm OK with, I'm torn about “learnings.”

sordyakernow, to linguistics avatar

Learn your heritage language, learn one that needs you. Build independent bridges.


mrundkvist, to linguistics avatar

Sweetie, in which English village would you prefer to join your bumpstead to my steeple?

#language #placenames #england

Kirkman, to random avatar

I can't get over the following direct quote, which is from the middle of a training session provided by my company's new (probably lower-budget) HR/training vendor:

"Using the office guillotine when you're upset about a tough meeting earlier is not a good idea."

🤦‍♂️ 🔪

Kirkman, avatar

What do you call the hand-operated device with a large blade for cutting stacks of paper?

metin, (edited ) to history avatar

After the Greenpeach ship sunk, Greenpeace took over… 😉

#greenpeace #action #ship #activist #history #language

mrundkvist, to Catroventos avatar

The Swedish debate about is confused by the fact that Sw. ras has only ever meant 'genetic breed, dog breed'. And many Swedes don't know that Eng. race used to mean 'cultural, ethnic, national group regardless of genetics'. So in Swedish it makes dictionary sense to say that "I'm not a racist, because I despise these people for their culture, not for their genetics". OTOH, many native speakers today don't know what race used to mean in their own language.

CultureDesk, to conservative avatar

English speakers have the distinct benefit of using the world’s most common language when traveling. So you’re good, right? In fact, learning the obvious and necessary words and sayings of the country to which you’re traveling can make your trip easier, impress a few locals and enrich your experience. From greetings to asking for help, Fodors breaks it down.

renwillis, to Funny avatar

The next time someone gives you guff for pronouncing gif as “jif”, ask them why they say scuba instead of “scuh-baa”.

And by the way, the inventor calls them “jifs” and, you know, giraffe, gym, and giant are words too. Just saying.

gimulnautti, to linguistics avatar

Human children learn in order to be able to communicate about a fundamentally internal experience presented to them by their brain & body.

Today, we are making machines learn language in order to present a convincing simulacrum of possessing ived experience.

Whatever artificial general intelligence is, i’m quite sure it is not the above.

ALTAnlp, to programming avatar


The ALTA shared tasks are targeted at students with experience.

They should be related to a task, able to be automatically evaluated, with training and test able to be distributed to participants at low- or no-cost, and should be fun!

📆 Submissions by Friday 7 June 2024.


stefan, to fediverse avatar

What is a fediverse-neutral word for "subtweet"? People here use "subtoot", but that's based on Mastodon's "toot", which is no longer officially used.

"Subpost" doesn't sound quite right. But I guess that's it?

SteveMcCarty, to ukteachers avatar

Good news on open access to my works on bilingualism, the research area related to my teaching, child-raising, and using Japanese for over 40 years. I was interviewed by The Japan Times on for a forthcoming paywalled article. It was a long interview, and usually a newspaper article uses only short passages from one individual. However, the Association for Bilingualism Special Interest Group ( SIG) would like to publish the full interview in its newsletter Bilingual Japan. Everyone should be able to read that as I back it up in research repositories. The tentative title is "English Education and Bilingual Education in Japan."

My publications on bilingualism have been backed up mostly at Academia Edu, which is not so easy to access anymore [any comment?], so I've added links to the original sources of articles, which are open access, at

@linguistics @edutooters

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MacNaBracha, to Gaeilge avatar

Never mind Siobhan, Merriam-Webster should mind its language and remember that English is not the only window on the world.

lazylemur, to mastodonindians avatar

I am curious to know what fonts people are using for the Devanagari script. I want good rendering. Please don't suggest fonts which use a character map to render Latin characters as Devanagari characters.

Suggestions for other language fonts are also appreciated. Thanks!


lazylemur, avatar

here is a good font for (for and /) that i found a few days back

please drop in suggestions for other indian languages!


mapologies, to languagelearning avatar

Sharing etymological roots in pairs is particularly true when it comes to the word for "raspberry": For example, Lithuanian avietė & Latvian avene. it comes from Proto-Balto-Slavic *áwis "sheep", because to them, raspberries resembled sheep.

Raspberry (rubus idaeus)

Read more about this map here:

paulfoerster, to linguistics avatar

A random study of predictability of non-linear, randomized, non-deterministric and chaotic systems under consideration of external influencing factors.

In other words: Poker 🤣

ChasMusic, to linguistics avatar

YouTube music often shows song titles for songs using non-Latin writing systems transliterated into the Latin alphabet, which makes the titles easier to read but hard to verify that the song is in a language that I'm seeking. I wish they would show the title both ways.

If lyrics are available, then I can use the lyrics to verify. But often they're not.


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