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jerry, to random

I think I need a fedibreak.

jerry, to random

Thought experiment:

X creates a mastodon instance. Not one that bridges to X or federates X to the fediverse, but a native Mastodon instance. Do we have the same complaints about "consent" with them becoming part of the fediverse?

Is it the company that is objectionable, or the fact that it's not a native fediverse app that is the problem?


@mensrea that's not the complaint, though. The complaint is that people do not consent to seeing posts from certain other instances and/or having their posts being seen on those other instances.


@0xSim Do you have the same concern with Medium, Flipboard, and the other for-profit entities that have Mastodon instances or other presences on the fediverse?

jerry, to random

I am thinking about setting up a wholly stand-alone instance that federates with nothing to get out of this treadmill of complaints about consent when someone stands up a new instance or a new bridge or...

jerry, to random

Yes, I am now aware of the bsky bridge. No, I haven’t blocked them yet. Yes, I will take a closer look.


@potatogunkelly yes, it is enabled


@kpwn 😅​ I've blocked it on I don't have the time create more instances.

kaoudis, to random

@kaoudis very nice!

krypt3ia, to random

I am sensing, that a lot of times where they job say's remote, they mean "within a few minutes drive of the office" and not "you can work anywhere in the world"


@krypt3ia "for certain specific definitions of remote"

BleepingComputer, to random

CISA warns that a Roundcube email server vulnerability patched in September is now actively exploited in cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.


@BleepingComputer gotta watch out for those 143day vulnerabilities

GossiTheDog, (edited ) to random avatar mastodon instance has been shut down by the Taliban (not a joke, they seized the domain name).


@bernd crazy. I lot because there was no way to pay to renew it @GossiTheDog

erincandescent, to random avatar

That final e-mail before your domain does dark at the regsitry:

Afghanistan ccTLD Network Information Center ( af NIC )

<a href="" rel="ugc"></a> has been suspended in the registry and will no longer be included in zone file generation.  This means that any services connected with this domain, such as websites or email addresses will cease working shortly.

Please contact your registrar if you have any questions about this process.  Your registrar's details are as follows:

Name: Gandi SAS
Website: <a href="" rel="ugc"></a>
Phone: +33.(1)
Fax: +33.(1)
Address: 63-65 boulevard Massena
Paris  75013

Ministry of Communications and IT
Mohammad Jan Khan Watt


@erincandescent be aware that I kept getting these emails from Gandi for despite there being no actual way to pay to renew it.


@neurovagrant it was really frustrating. I ultimately lost the domain name.

linuslagerhjelm, to random

Brace for a lot of questions:

I seem to recall that there was a Mobilizon instance set up here on some time ago.

Is that still up and running? If it is still up and running, where do I find it? Also, is there a page which lists all the different fediverse services running under the umbrella?


@linuslagerhjelm @derekmceachern my weekend docker upgrade didn't go according it plan. it should be working again now.


@linuslagerhjelm it requires you to create an account on that site unfortunately. @derekmceachern


@tysonsw @linuslagerhjelm yep - it was down, but all set now

kuoirad, to random

@jerry seems to be giving a 502 error for me currently. It was having some problems with icons and images so I cleared cache and reloaded, which is when I started seeing the 502.

Not an emergency thing, but if you could look at it when you get a chance I'd appreciate it.


@kuoirad It's back now

jerry, to random

Plot twist: the “stop breach” button on the Super Bowl commercial just disconnects your Fortinets and Pulse Secures from the network

jerry, to random

And thus concludes the Puppy Bowl for another year


@brokengoose the team with the dogs won

jerry, to random

Cruzan is ready for tonight’s Super Bowl party


He’s got box seats to the game


@gh0sti well, it’s a box.

missed_sla, to random

So there's some kind of event today?


@simonpoirier @missed_sla that is one superb owl

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