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Formely: #VMware#Heptio#Canonical#Ubuntu#Kubernetes#cloudcustodian • CNCF Ambassador Emeritus

11th ACR Vet • MSU #Spartan • Beagle Lover

I love: #metallica #megadeth #ghost #rush #tool and all sorts of #metal with a side of #aliceinchains and #faithnomore - then chilling with #pinkfloyd

Tech: :kubernetes: :fedora: :steam: :shipping_container: and Flathub!

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foo, to random
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I still can't get over the fact that @jorge has started a Fedora-based distribution called, of all names, Bluefin. (Still debating whether to let others in on the joke of why that name is hilarious, since it doesn't seem to be common knowledge.)


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@popey @foo Unreleased motd idea:

jorge, to linux
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I've been rocking this "in prod" for a year and a ton of conferences. The best Linux desktop experience I've ever had.


jorge, to random
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This week in @UniversalBlue news, m2 finished off the automation to install homebrew ootb on Aurora, Bazzite, and Bluefin.


jorge, to linux
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spf is so nice, I'm digging it!


jorge, to fedora
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Was only able to do one day at RH Summit, you can feel the energy around image-based Fedora in the air.

Gave a talk to a packed room and it was awesome to talk to people who're ready to move forward with the cloud native model.

Thanks @mattdm @carlwgeorge and others, sorry I don't have all the handles.

It's going to be a great year!

thelinuxEXP, to linux
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I tried to imagine what an enshittified distro would look like, and made a video about it, because it’s fun:


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@thelinuxEXP Isn't this just ChromeOS? 😂

jorge, to random
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Haha, let's goooooooooooo!

forteller, to random
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I did something to screw up my Nobara install quite some time ago, and have been waiting for Gnome 46 to land on some good distro to switch over and hopefully get my pc back to good standard.

After hearing good stuff about that's what I'm installing right now. Having high hopes. But they are lowered a bit by that bad installer. Can't remember last time I saw such a bad installer, and no live USB? What?

I hear new people come to Linux trough this distro? That's impressive!

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@forteller Not much we can do about the installer or the mok stuff. The update tool for rpm-ostree also doesn't have a progress indicator so not much we can do about that either.

The other stuff we'll take a look at though, thanks!

jorge, to fedora
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mcdanlj, to random
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First papercut with #Silverblue — I have roughly forever kept a symlink /m/media/johnsonm because I really don't like typing all that.

I built a local package with that symlink to get my symlink back, and then when I tried to install it immediately hit https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/issues/233 which it says to "see" but that's not super useful.

As far as I can tell that's "u kant haz" and I'll have to retrain my fingers to something else. 😢

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@mcdanlj @garrett I've cooped a systemd service unit to make directories in /blah. People do similar things for /nix and /snap:


Hope it helps!

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@mcdanlj Dang. 😩

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@mcdanlj @vwbusguy This is beyond my skill, we need to loop more people in. 😀

jorge, to fedora
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Putting the finishing touches on parts of @UniversalBlue that we needed to get out of the way before going GA.

Cleaned up builds, cutting out tech debt, and the big one, ensuring offline ISOs work awesome thanks to @noel
and @JasonN3.

This entire project wouldn't exist with @siosm 's support - who is not only handling release things in but a CVE in the middle of all of it.

Can't wait to see how the community takes Aurora forward, we're on a mission to do Kinoite proud!

jorge, to linux
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Updated my homebrew on linux post from last fall to be more up to date:


jorge, to Rush
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I just found out that @craigmaloney passed away this morning after a two year battle with cancer.

Back when I first got into Linux your local LUG was where you went to hone your skills and meet new friends. That was over 20 years ago. We bonded over Linux and heavy metal.

A bunch of us visited him a few months ago and we decided to do a weekly listening party of every album and had folks join in. I know it meant a lot to him. Rest in peace friend.


jorge, to random
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Now that we have fully offline ISOs can ship with @thunderbird right on the dock, as intended. Looks great, and I love the ptyxis icon so much lol.


gombang, to fedora
@gombang@social.nancengka.com avatar

Atomic desktop (in this case, ) annoys me sometimes. But I appreciate that I can easily try out various desktops then roll them backs when I am done.

@jorge@hachyderm.io avatar

@gombang What annoys you the most?

jorge, to random
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@dogphilosopher has figured out offline Flatpak installs for

jorge, to random
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jorge, to linux
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Tada! New website landed today - onward to Fedora 40!


jorge, to linux
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Spent some time with the wonderful @siosm at Kubecon.

Super proud of the working relationship @UniversalBlue and @fedora have forged over the past three years!

Much work to do this year but having a great time bringing cloud native patterns to the desktop!

whack, to random
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Finally finished a Destiny 2 mission that took me and @jubei almost 3 hours in one sitting (after many prior failures)… and the reward is a reveal that this mission was part 1 of a 7-part quest. (The Grasp of Avarice)

A+++++ trolling by Bungie. I’m speechless. 🫡

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@whack @nogweii @jubei I'm always down to play if you need a titan!

chris, to random
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@chris @dogphilosopher @kylegospo Oh man now I really have FOMO!!!!!

popey, to linux
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I really liked the Xandros distribution pre-installed on the Asus EEE PC "Netbook" in 2007.

There. I said it.

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@popey To this day I remember you having this at a UDS when that ssh vuln came out and it updated and you were like "a consumer device with linux just updated and everything works" and it was like some kind of space magic lol.

jorge, to KDE
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For you folks, Niklas Haiden has created a KDE version of

So basically it's Kinoite with ptyxis, brew, starship, tailscale, and all the other things we do in Bluefin, just with KDE. Check it out below!


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