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Earning a living with #PHP since 2005. In love with modernizing legacy codebases, excited by mission critical features.

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packagist, to php
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👋 We're hiring a Senior Software Engineer in Berlin or remote! 💻 Build high-quality supply chain tools for thousands of devs in the PHP ecosystem 🐘 with the makers of Composer.

We're a small experienced remote team, deeply caring about our customers and the quality of our product. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Help us maintain and improve key infrastructure for hundreds of businesses! 🎉


#composerphp #php #phpc

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@ramsey maybe? :)

Skoop, to random
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Ah, the good old "pubic function" typo hit me again.

It took me at least 30 seconds to figure out why the PHPStorm indenting was off

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@Skoop you're not utilizing live templates, e.g. the bulit-in "fnc[TAB]" to never again worry about pubic issues?

bertrand, to php
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Hey Mastodon, what's a free hosting plan for a server-side Web app + DB you'd recommend? Should I pursue with good old and or is there something more modern? I have a small doodling idea for this three days week-end and maybe I should also learn a new language?

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@bertrand if the PHP is the thing you know the best, then get the latest stable version of it and start doing the work you want to do In case you do something that's outdated, it will let you know and you will learn something new. Rinse and repeat :)

ramsey, to php

A friend was telling me about guidelines for developing and deploying new services in their company, and one of the guidelines is “new services must not use #PHP.”

I’m not making this up, and this isn’t hyperbole. They actually have this listed on their company documentation.

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@ramsey well, that sucks. Good luck to them in their adventures.

On the other hand, in the (fairly big) company I work for, all of the new services are in PHP :) I guess we could do that in something else, too. But, PHP has been the backbone of the business for ~20 years, so why change it? It's not that it's flawless, being worshipped by management or something like that. It's a tool that delivers.

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@ramsey I don't think I can share a lot, depends on what you would like to know about. It's a fintech company, not a startup. There's tons of code that every experienced engineer would want to tear apart and rewrite, but we don't go there unless there's e.g. a major feature change, which we can then use as an excuse to do some maintenance along the way. The code makes money, so let it do that without shaking the boat too much.

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@ramsey the beast repo has only recently got the 8.1 constraint. Something like 1.5M LoC (no vendor). The jump has been made from 7.2. It took almost a year to get there, along with ensuring that 40+ other internal packages are in line with it, and 60+ others, some of which had to be forked due to being abandoned years ago. The journey has been fun and exhausting :) I may write some kind of a tldr here or at my blog (which doesn't exist at all... yet).

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@ramsey Also, before someone asks "why only to 8.1" 😄 because stability and predictability. Some packages we use huge BC breaks in their 8.2+ versions. Or their dependencies got constraints clashing with constraints from other packages. Some did not support 8.2 at the time we were evaluating everything. And 8.3 was too far away anyway (the actual work started in April '22). The amount of work during the "discuss" stage was for the most part unpredictable, so we drew the line at 8.1

preinheimer, to hiring
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Hey Folks, so we're still hiring over here at WonderProxy.

We're looking for someone with:

  • 5+ years of PHP experience
  • Some front end work (we use react)
  • Some experience working on servers. We use linux and self host.

We've got some more details here: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/wonderproxy/b5135fd7-ae9c-4c7d-ba13-8f1e75aa6980

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@preinheimer now to just wait for some seismic event that would slowly move North America over the Atlantic closer to Europe. Kidding :) the time zone gap is too big for me personally, but otherwise very nice and clean job posting. I hope you'll find someone soon!

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@symfonystation I don't get it, are loops now evil? Why would one want to not use them? Stuffing arrays into collections in order to manipulate them "nicely" is not a crime, sure. I just have a problem understanding why the other way is presented as bad/no-no.

SenseException, (edited ) to php German
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What's the minimum supported version of your libraries?

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@SenseException 7.2+ but they are actually forks of dead packages that were stamped something like 5.4+ and I have been tasked to ensure they work with 8+, so I had to fork them to fix the issues. I didn't want to bother with testing under v7.

ladyteruki, to firefox
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Does anyone know if there's a way, in (preferably without add-ons), for me to entire websites/domains ? The same way in Mastodon you can block an entire instance, in a way.

Basically I'm trying to think of ways to block all those clearly -generated content farms, for instance when I search something about a videogame or a TV show.
I can't for the life of me remember the domain names of each one I get sent to by accident via a search.

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@ladyteruki without add-ons you can't so anything. but there's one that may be exactly what you are looking for: uBlacklist ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublacklist )

ECityMom, to firefox
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Is it possible to have remember my cookie preferences for websites? I've searched it, and read the cookies article on Mozilla support, but didn't find anything. I'm getting tired of being asked about cookies every single time I go to some websites, would like to set them to "necessary only", and not be asked again. I feel like I'm missing something.

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@DreamGryphon no, that's not what she asked about.

oliver, (edited ) to random
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Switched from #docker desktop to #orbstack last week, so far so good. Everything runs way faster, and the effect on battery life is noticeable as well. The only thing I had to do exra was docker-compose up --force-recreate since a network has been missing.


meuon, to php
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As I update/rewrite venerable code.. just ran into a bunch of:

while (list($key, $val) = each($row))

That made sense at the time, is very common basic stuff... and that "each" is not longer valid in

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@meuon on such journeys, my favorite is extract($array) 🙃

louis, to random
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Starting work tomorrow with external monitor removed, single Laptop screen only. Trying to increase focus time.

Did anyone have success with that approach?

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@louis I tried using 2 screens several times, and couldn't get used to that setup.

One screen, and one window at a time is what works the best for me. Also, notifications configured in such a way that I don't see or hear them until I want so, with just a few exceptions (e.g. meeting reminders).

djumaka, to random
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I must have something wrong with me, if I'm spending a fun evening a day before NY Eve coding and having fun with unit tests, instead of sleeping or something festive, IDK. Wife/kids are sound asleep, so I guess this is a bit of a me-time...

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@djumaka no distractions, perfect time to finish something that's been on your mind during the day, or just to reflect on stuff. but, don't start working on something because you may be surprised to see the sun rise up 😄

cebe, to random German
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How do you choose a frontend stack for 2024?
Backend is PHP and has an API for all possible actions.

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@cebe choose something that won't make you lose your mind and/or make you spend an insane amount of time to build & maintain.

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@cebe I'm in the backend world 99.9% and the remaining 0.01 is some jQuery, for the past... many many years. I can offer a tap on the back or a shoulder to cry on 😄

On a more serious note, I'd really try to start with something very simple. In fact, if the web (browser) is the only frontend that the app has, then I wouldn't use any frontend framework. Vanilla js, jQuery or something similar at most.

GeeH, to random
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It's 6am can't sleep mattress fucked send help

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@GeeH at least you know what's the problem. In my case it took several months of waking up more tired than before going to bed to realise that the stupid mattress is to blame.

trunksapp, to random
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Integrating generative AI is really simple and all the hotness right now, but I'm not going to do it.

trunks is free, and to keep it free I need to keep costs down.

Luckily, that should be relatively easy when on device models are available across most platforms, and those will be much more private than sharing your images or text with a generative model in the cloud.

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@trunksapp I wouldn't mind paying for a premium version (reasonable price for features I'd need), but I'd probably switch to another app should the trunks incorporate anything "AI" 🙃

paninid, to LLMs
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Synthetic machines which are purpose-built to automate synthetic websites containing synthetic content (which are not protected IP), and are then re-ingested by other synthetic machines to generate more unprotected synthetic content is a good way to cause and also pollute our information ecosystem.

I feel like were Chernobyl of the internet and everyone is inside the containment zone.


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> What are we doing here?

Inflating a balloon 😬

grmpyprogrammer, (edited ) to random
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I know things are rough for tech folks right now but wanted to put out there that I will be doing small remote training sessions over Zoom. Small classes (3-4 folks and me) in the evening Eastern US time for maybe 90 minutes a session for 4-6 sessions. US$200. Need to firm up the materials but email me chartjes AT grumpy-learning.com. Might do a version for the same price that is just recordings.

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@ramsey codeception is good, too, especially for apps that are (near) impossible to write unit tests for.

Clicking around is slow even when automated, but it does the job well when you need to refactor something to a more sane level, and you don't want to manually do everything all the time (especially when getting to a crucial point is cumbersome)

oliver, to Cats
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That look 😄

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@ilijastuden ima na toj polici još nešto što ti je poznato (a nije vjetrenjača)

oliver, (edited )
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@ilijastuden ova 😄 donedavno je stajala u šteku sa još nekim. Prije par dana uzmemo ove police, krene redanje knjiga i kad sam vidio ovu... to nije moja knjiga 🤦🏼‍♂️

joschi, to macos

OrbStack, worth it on macOS with Apple Silicon?
🔗 https://orbstack.dev/

#Docker #OrbStack #macOS #AppleSilicon #AppleM1 #Container

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@antonanders @joschi I've gave it a shot last week and it's running smooth. Maybe worth trying again, they've had a couple of releases in the meantime with numerous fixes: https://docs.orbstack.dev/release-notes

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