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Co-Founder :flownative: Flownative. Founder :neos: Neos and Flow project. Love code, containers and coffee. Developing software since 1985, PHP user since 1998.

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robert, to random
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Just love that Jan and Florian jam together between the talks at Neos Conference. Always great to have live music!


robert, to php
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Now @dseguy talks about PHP types, all the way down to its implementation in the PHP engine.

robert, to random
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The Neos Team published a new blog post about our Neos 9 Masterplan, which includes out-of-the-row releases of Flow 8.4 and Neos 8.4.


robert, to random
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Join us remotely via our live streams! You can also rewind to watch the opening and keynote again. (note that the audio for the band performance is just a rough mix and sounds a bit different than what we heard here in our „concert hall“)


bastian, to Symfony German
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On my way to a user group meetup with my branded Vespa.. I hope, they'll let me in ;)

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@bastian Oh, I just realize that I‘ve never seen it. Photo? 📸🛵

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@bastian So, did they let you in?

robert, to IBM
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IBM buys HashiCorp for 6,4 billion USD.

It probably was a good idea, that some of the most important Open Source products were already forked some time ago.



robert, to ai
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What kind of developers are that who develop software which selects people to be killed? Can you imagine working in such a team? Are they working with user stories on Kanban boards?

It’s horrifying that we have gotten so close to that seemingly far away future where AI kills actual humans.


isotopp, (edited ) to random German
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Beide SHE HDS 19x 15W Washes sind jetzt mit Noctua Lüftern auf leise getrimmt und das 24 Kanal Fixture tut auch. Die Frau ist Happy

Für einen 220 Euro Wackler aus Chinesium ganz großartige Resultate

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@isotopp Das heißt, die stehen in deinem Wohnzimmer? Welchen guten Grund empfiehlst du, damit ich auch welche haben muss? 🪩

robert, to php
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I'd say, every professional developer used @Xdebug in one or the other way in their work. But debugging Neos or Flow applications can be challenging, since Flow generates proxy classes in a different directory than the original class. @derickr kindly created a proof of concept for supporting our case in Xdebug. Now we are raising funds to make it really happen, and we almost reached our goal: https://www.flownative.com/en/blog/flow-support-for-xdebug.html

robert, to random German
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Das ist Bildungsfernsehen vom Feinsten, ich hoffe dass @maithink möglichst viele Menschen damit erreicht.


koehnlein, (edited ) to random
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Some time ago I had to develop a feature for a Neos CMS project and wanted to use @Xdebug - as I always do it in our @ddev projects. But it turned out to need a bit more configuration.

I finally wrote a blog post about why Neos CMS is different from other PHP software and how I managed to use Xdebug almost the way I'm used to.


I would really appreciate your feedback. #NeosCMS #DDEV #Xdebug

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@Xdebug @koehnlein @ddev I'd pay for it in a split second, but hoped that others could provide the funds this time, so it's not always the same small group of small companies sponsoring Neos things. I’m confident that if we make some noise in our community, we can finally make it happen. Let's do that!

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@koehnlein @Xdebug @ddev No worries, I got you all right. Thanks a lot for your initiative and the great blog post! I'm sure we'll be able to motivate some companies to provide some funding for this.

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@koehnlein @Xdebug @ddev @christian Everybody interested in the feature can now join the fundraising campaign by the Neos Foundation. We'll collect the money from the Neos community and then Derick can invoice the foundation.

ocramius, to random
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Next up on things to delete: N26.

And of course I can't download my bank statements because OOOOPS 429 HTTP RESPONSE

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@ocramius What’s your particular reason for deleting N26?

tante, to random
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I'm looking to get a new display for the home office:

4K resolution, thunderbold/usb-c. Current screen is a 27", could be a bit bigger but not a lot.

Any recommendations?

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@tante @janl The Apple Studio Display – and yes, I can heartily recommend it, despite the price tag. I‘ve got the one with antireflective coating which makes working so much more relaxing (I‘ve got a window behind my back).


robert, to random
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The Neos Team postponed the release of Neos 9.0 until we are confident that most people will have a smooth upgrade path. One requirement is that enough projects we know of are using it in production. So, if your web agency‘s website is running on Neos, please start upgrading it and gives us feedback about any issues you might find.


robert, to random German
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Ein Klassiker, der – leider wie immer – genau in die aktuelle Zeit passt. Bodo Wartke mit „Simple Lösungen für komplexe Probleme“. Spoiler: Die gibt es nicht.


robert, to opensource
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So, what do I do in Zürich? Jung von Matt Tech helps us updating the brand and – after some workshops – developed a fresh design for neos.io.

This week I join the team of volunteers who implement the designs. Maya, Michelle and the JvM team are lovely hosts and make us feel very welcome. And they sponsor their work, too!

This is only possible in an Open Source community. I hope it inspires other Neos agencies to ramp up their contribution one way or the other. ❤️


robert, to Switzerland German
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Ha, ich habe ja völlig vergessen dass die Schweiz nicht im EU-Roaming mit drin ist. Standardmäßig würde ich für die Datenmenge (6 GB), die ich im letzten Monat genutzt habe, knapp 1.800€ zahlen. Ein Schnäppchen!

Wenn jemand eine besser Idee hat, gerne her damit. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass ich mal nach Free WiFi Schildern Ausschau halten würde …

robert, to Signal
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Usernames will be introduced to the Signal messenger! The new feature is now being tested in a separate staging environment and will be rolled out later.

The plan is that while you still have to provide your mobile phone number during registration, you can later configure Signal so that you can't be found via your phone number and you can chat with others just by telling them your username.


ramsey, to random
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Pre-conference panic attack that I never got when I was younger has set in.

In related news, I’m really looking forward to speaking at @longhorn later this week.

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@ramsey Panic because „talk not prepared yet“ or because of attending the conference? Either way, I wish you a nice conference with inspiring chats on the hallways!

robert, to php
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Arrived in Frankfurt, joining the dear Neos Team for a week of advancing the release of Neos 9! Thanks a lot to DE-CIX for hosting us at their comfy meeting center (and keeping us awake with drinks and coffee). Looking forward to this week!

Girgias, to random
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I never really know how to announce this to people, nor know if this is surprising or not. But may as well use Halloween photos to come out.

I realised I was trans about 2 years ago, and it's been a process of accepting myself and be who I am.

Photo of me, branding a trans flag at Trans Pride London 2023.

@robert@flownative.social avatar

@Girgias It's not surprising to me, as I perceived you as someone who happily arrived after a (probably longer?) identity journey. Thank you for enriching our community!

dseguy, to php French
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Here is another way to make recursive calls in : use the generator delegation.

The main difference is that it needs to be in a foreach() or a generator using function.


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@dseguy Thanks, very nice! There you think you have seen it all after using PHP for 24 years and then you still discover new tricks. I like!

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