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"Jabba's put a price on your head so large, every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for you. I'm lucky I found you first".

"Yeah, but this time I've got the money".

"If you give it to me, I might forget I found you".

All shot practically using figures and miniatures.


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Just finished the 1st season of The Bad Batch (I know, a bit behind as per usual). Like a lot of non-movie Star Wars content seems to be these days, thought it was a bit of a slow stuttering start but it led into a really impressive and fun finale The 2nd half of the season in particular was mostly a string of good episodes that properly cemented the series as moving from the Clone War era into the new Empire.

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One year ago today I posted this miniature Return of the Jedi photo I created. All shot practically using figures and miniatures.


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If Bach wrote the “Cantina Band” song. #StarWars

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Hasbro's New Mandalorian Action Figures Are Missing Some Key Players


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Yesterday was the one year of moving back to the US. This is about the only way I can describe my feelings on the subject.

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Dang!!! should only continue as animation, this looks amazing!!!

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Wrecker? I hardly knew 'er! A second action figure has been released by @Playactiontoys, printed live on & in high speed PLA. Who doesn't like their own ?

Wrecker? I hardly knew 'er! A second action figure has been released by @playactiontoys, printed live on & in high speed PLA. Who doesn't like their own ?

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I think there's more than nurture. I was 5 when , , , The Man from , Bionic Woman, etc were my thing. The lengths I'd go to not miss Star Trek reruns at that age! Soaps and dramas were made for "stupid people who complicate life for no reason", was my opinion as a little kid. That opinion hasn't changed at all now, at 50 yo. I fall asleep with most human-caused . It doesn't teach me anything new.

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I remember using a Flightstick Pro for the family Mac Performa in the mid 1990s. My dad had the Chuck Yeager flight simulator (which was pretty cool at the time), and that was the game he had gotten the stick for.

But I mostly used it for REBEL ASSAULT. 😍

A screengrab from Star Wars Rebel Assault for the Mac - showing the cockpit of your X-Wing, and you're targeting a TIE Fighter

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Empire from the 35mm. Tonight.

#nowwatching #starwars

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newspapers delivered.

riding to the Circle K for a donut.
play some Tempest and Excitebike.

can't be late for dinner.

#BMX #CantAffordHaro #ThisPaperWeighsATon #RainyDays #PaperRoute #VideoGames #Eighties

Paper delivery kid on a bike

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One year ago today I posted this miniature Star Wars photo I created. All shot practically using figures and miniatures.


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"I've got 3D printed not-quite-#LEGO minifig clones. They're multiplying. And I'm losing control." This clone ( is but one of billions from @Thangs3D that I will be #3Dprinting. I used the freshly-supplied @esun3dfilament overnight on for yet another #StarWars not-quite-minifigure.

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All the Out of This World Star Wars Snacks Coming to Disney Parks

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It's quite amazing really that a company wants to charge $129 for the “Ultimate Edition" of a single player game and LOCK CONTENT based on what players buy. Meanwhile costs $40 and blew up to hundreds of thousands of players immediately. You can collect premium currency in game.

Stop giving these terrible companies money, give your support to the ones who create great games - not those who want to fleece you every chance they get.

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Our friend with the magic touch got us onto the standby line and into yesterday, and we were able to try the new-to-us drinks. On the left is the Chandrilan chalice with silver sea martini, and on the right is the Chandrilan orb glass with fiery Mustafarian, which was mine. 1/2

cstephens2, avatar

I liked the fiery Mustafarian when I tasted it by itself, but I liked it much better with the vial / cylinder of spicy lava syrup that came with it. And we got to keep the vial too. It has some kind of Aurebesh writing on it, but I haven't had a close enough look to see what it says yet. I'll take a gallon of the spicy lava syrup, please. 2/2

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It's been a minute; let's do this again:

If you are a Tabletop RPG nerd and have less than, say, 500 followers (or think you have less than 500 that are actually active):

  1. Write a post to introduce yourself and your particular nerdery, if you haven't already got one pinned.

  2. Reply in the comments with a link to or copy of that post.

  3. Share, check back to find people you want to follow, all that.

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Original intro post here:

My Post.

⚖️Public Servant for 25 years
🎲Gamer of 40+ years, mostly as a GM. Favorite games include
🔊Contributor to Our Turn: Gaming for Everyone podcast
🪑Former Gaming Chair, ConStellation
💡ENFP "Campaigner"
💪 Input, Connectedness, Communication, Learner, Positivity

I post stuff on Ko-fi, but it is always free.

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They didn't have the poster for the new adventure when I was there last weekend, so I was glad to see they'd changed it out. Thanks to @smartwatermelon for modeling with the poster.

We did differentiate between space whales vs. whales in space a la Hitchhiker's Guide. Because we're geeks who like to amuse ourselves and each other.

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Yesterday, noticed that they've finished the sculpture of the landing in in the lobby of the . The ingredients info is always amazing to read.

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A Season Pass on a full price game with content locked behind it on day one? Hell no.

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Lego's Star Wars Day Plans Include a Screaming New TIE Interceptor


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