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Why can't built-in browser (like in Google Chrome and Firefox) password managers can't handle exact URLs? There is nothing worse than password manager that tries to fill your password in wrong fields.

Keepass HTTP connector which I've been using also can do it, but browser extensions for that has gone unmaintained. I'm planning to write my own, but it's one of those chore tasks I'd rather not.

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I noticed recently that an old blog site of mine stopped loading its styles.css and so displayed see as a horrible mess. Nothing has changed on the site, just the browser.

The reason?

Today's browsers (ie anything based) are becoming authoritarian about what they will display. This isn't a security issue, but an increasing stringency on something that makes no sense at all.

The solution?

Remove <!DOCTYPE> and pretend you're an old website, so they need to display as it was. 🤷‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

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A partire da oggi le estensioni di Chrome non saranno più le stesse. Manifest V3 inizia a fare sul serio

I permessi per le estensioni del browser passano definitivamente nelle mani di . Per ora solo per gli utenti beta di , ma nei prossimi mesi raggiungeranno tutti gli utenti


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Chrome begins limiting ad blockers

In case you’ve been asleep at the wheel – and if you’re still using Chrome, you most likely are – Manifest V3 will heavily limit what content blockers can do, making them less effective at things like blocking ads. #Chrome #Firefox #Ads

Tutanota, to chrome avatar

Time to switch!

➡️ Google Chrome has started to limit ad blocking with Manifest V3.

➡️ Firefox and others still support uBlock Origin and uMatrix.

What's your favorite ⁉️


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Einen Beitrag zum Thema Browser zu veröffentlichen, ist mindestens genauso anstrengend wie zum Thema Messenger. Inhaltlich setzt man sich kaum mit den Aussagen und Erklärungen auseinander, sondern Stammtischparolen ersetzen dann eine ernsthafte Diskussion. Auf diesem Niveau möchte ich wirklich nicht diskutieren.

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Google Chrome's plan to limit ad blocking extensions kicks off next week

arstechnica, to random avatar

Google starts deprecating older, more capable Chrome extensions next week

Chrome's Manifest V3 transition is here. First up are warnings for any V2 extensions.

Bandersnatch, avatar

@arstechnica If you're still using & aren't forced to, why?

Why are you hastening the demise of the internet?

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Most Web-savvy folks know that Chrome’s lineage can be traced back to Safari (WebKit, etc.), and be traced further back to KDE’s Konquerer (KHTML, etc.).

But did you know that Apple was also considering Mozilla’s Gecko engine as the basis back when planning development of Safari? KHTML was chosen because the codebase was significantly cleaner than the XPCOM bloat in Gecko. (That name still strikes fear in me to this day. :blobfoxscared: ) Interestingly, the Gecko codebase has been since cleaned up significantly.

That means that, if things had gone differently, Gecko could’ve ended up as the browser engine that rules the world today. :blobfoxgoogly:

#Apple #Safari #Google #Chrome #Mozilla #Firefox #Web #webdev

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#Chromium (and #Chrome) begins phasing-out Manifest v2.

This means, among other things, that uBlock Origin is about to be disabled in Chrome. Google will choose a different extension to recommend but it can not be as effective as #uBlock Origin.

Following #Google's example, may I instead recommend you switch to #Firefox.

Firefox will continue to support Manifest v2, and consequently uBlock Origin and other extensions that can not be implemented with Manifest v3.

Happy browsing.

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andreagrandi, to privacy

Is it only me thinking this is a terrible idea?

How does the autofill work? How do I prevent a malicious website to automatically grab my home address and send this data to their servers?

#privacy #Chrome #Google

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Oho, za chwilę przywrócą tę funkcję do Firefoksa, bo oni kopiują Chrome w głupi sposób, więc i skopiują rzecz, którą wcześniej już mieli i usunęli, bo chcieli skopiować sztywność menu z Chrome... xD
#firefox #chrome #mozilla #google #browser

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“netbeep: Chrome extension to play sounds on network requests, depending on request type and file size” by @combatwombat


> Chrome extension to play sounds on network requests depending on content type and domain. Higher pitch for bigger files.

Reminds me a lot of Tracker Beeper!


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Which Distribution would you recommend for working with and / ?

mdione, avatar

@ehrba My answer not as a #GIS professional but enthusiast and long time #Linux user: Any distro you feel comfortable with. If you're expecting the latest releases, try some rolling release. Otherwise, my usual suggestion, #Ubuntu, has been misbehaving a little with #snap (#chrome sometimes not being able to launch or access user's files because of a technical issue), so probably not that. I'm a #Debian user, so my personal suggestion is Debian stable or testing.

Cfkschaller, to linux avatar

Great news from @JanGrulich today. PipeWire camera patches are merged in Chromium and should be part of Chromium 127 (unless testing turns up something). This means both major browsers should have @pipewirep camera support soon.

BGP, to classic avatar

56 Chevy Wagon

Older cars and especially restored older cars seem to have so much style and character. The beautiful lines that the manufacturers used to create back when they weren't concerned with crumple zones and aerodynamics. These cars were built solid and it shows.
This retromod is sharply dressed with modern wheels and has near 500 horsepower to get it moving.

WhyNotZoidberg, to chrome avatar

On PC it seems only #Chrome and #Firefox offer no frills non bloated #browsers anymore.

Maybe the Duck duck Go browser, but it lacks the things I actually do count as essential (syncing across platforms).

Anyway, all other browsers seem chock full of bloat, cramming the browser full of features I will never use.

m0rpk, to javascript avatar

Looking for help from #JavaScript and / or Apple Mac people.

I have before me an old MacBook Pro running #MacOS 10.13.6. It can't be upgraded because of hardware constraints.

No browser on this device will render the #emfcamp schedule here:

I see JS console errors like "TypeError: Object.groupBy is not a function"

I've tried #Chrome, #Firefox, and #Safari.

Is it possible a script on that page relies on an OS feature this machine lacks?

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How to Turn Off AI Overview in Google and Set "Web" as Default

aardrian, to accessibility avatar

Chrome / TalkBack bug I first reported in 2020, and which was fixed for a time (?) appears to be back. Looking for confirmation before I file yet another one.

A named region with a tabindex does not expose its contents. Chrome / TalkBack only announces its accName and role.

I think I have an ugly workaround (“Shawarma” heading).

Test case:

Similar to issue I filed earlier this month, which I limited to APG tab panels.

aardrian, avatar

As expected, the Chromium intake person was unable to reproduce the issue (it may have been kit this time?), so I got 5 people to confirm and added a video:

I really do hate how hard it is just to get a bug to get taken up.

I mean, I had to re-file this one because the original was closed due to not reading instructions:

Anyway, thanks for those who helped.

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