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I send thanks to the buyer from Wisconsin who purchased a framed print of my original oil painting

August --

May the artwork take you to one of those sleepy, quiet days in summer, when it's too hot to do anything but sit on the porch with a glass of iced tea, and watch the grass sway ever so gently in the breeze.

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HEY EVERYONE! Please check out this cool new demo track i made for Soundiron's new library :) And let me know what you think.

Hope you'll like it! :catjam:

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Red has always been the most challenging color for me to photograph. But I've learned if I slightly underexpose the photo, the red color doesn't get so washed out.

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the pixel art brothers

legends say that if you pet them all at the same time, you become the pixel art master!

#MastoArt #FediArt #PixelArt #Art #Animals #Cats

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My originals are long gone but I have the entire collection in digital format. Starblazer was pulpy but oh so good and often the highlight of Saturday afternoon trip to the news agency (news stand in the US)

Image of a Starblazer comic cover - Cosmic Outlaw

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Before, during, after -- a good storm on the coast is well worth finding a spot to watch it from.

Brooding clouds overhead do their best to block the sun, but eventually, as the storm wanes, light breaks through and shimmers across the surface of the sea.

The power of nature is awe inspiring. How often do we take time to look?

Breakthrough art print --

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C'est l'avant dernier jour pour s'offrir L'écrin aux nénuphars dans la boutique en ligne, que ce soit l'original ou le tirage d'art ! 😱

Cette jolie aquarelle originale aux couleurs apaisantes arrive sertie dans son passepartout blanc, accompagnée de son certificat d'authenticité et des 4 fées de la collection Printemps féerique au format carte postale.

(Ma main, c'est pour vous faire une idée du format 😊)

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So much of what we learn is self-taught.

Reading, questioning, thinking, researching, experimenting, failing, trying again -- it is through this process that we grow in our skills and intellect.

And pretending, imagining, daydreaming, wondering -- all those things I got in trouble for at school -- those are part of learning, too.

Boy in the Rhubarb Patch framed print --

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Going to try creating a sci-fi gun in MagicaCSG. I'm not very experienced in detailed hard-surface modeling, so it's going to be an interesting challenge.

Disclaimer: I hate real-life guns. My sci-fi gun will emit a peace beam. ✌️😉

More progress impressions will follow.

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Sci-fi gun update...

I don't know yet which direction this will go, but I notice more and more that adding details is a fine balance between "No, this doesn't work" and "Yeah, I like it!" 🙂

See other posts in this thread for more WIPs.

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Sci-fi gun progress...

Added some more parts and greebles. Enjoying it so far. Work will continue tomorrow.

See other posts in this thread for more WIPs.

#guns #HardSurface #SciFi #ScienceFiction #design #artwork #sculpture #illustration #illustrator #art #arte #artist #DigitalArt #ArtMatters #GraphicDesign #3D #MagicaCSG #CreativeToots #FediArt #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon

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Sci-fi gun progress…

Really enjoying this hard-surface project. Modeling with MagicaCSG is completely non-destructive, so changing or removing any element(s) is super-easy, and all Boolean operations are executed in realtime, complete with automatically added fillets or chamfers.

Once you've experienced SDF modeling, other 3D modeling methods (polygons, NURBS) feel like a previous chapter.

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