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During Spring in the desert, the landscape shifts subtly. Saguaro cacti bloom, adding color to the barren terrain. A desert thrasher finds refuge on a flowering saguaro, embodying resilience in this harsh environment. Zoom in and check out the detail.

The ART:

#Photography #photographie #birds #ayearforart #buyintoart #art #cactus #desert #landscape #LandscapePhotography #flowers #botanical #wallart #fineartphotography #mastoart #nature #wildlife

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Morning all. The weekend open slowly towards us like a squeaky gate. Or even like a squeaky guineafowl. Have a good one. xx

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In the past, rowboats were needed to get from the island from the Lower Tahquamenon Falls in Upper Michigan. In 2021, a 420+ foot fabricated aluminum pedestrian bridge was built to enable visitors universal access to the island and better viewing of the Lower Falls.

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I created this AI image with the very descriptive alt-text of my first digital painting "Twilight Blooms" in mind. I added a few other descriptive terms like Zentangle, butterflies, and impasto acrylic painting. And, of course, vivid colors, because I love color!

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In the Florida Everglades, a red-winged blackbird perches on a tall stalk with purple flowers, its glossy black plumage contrasting against the greenery. Its call echoes across the marshlands, symbolizing the area's untamed beauty and wildlife.

The ART:

#birds #florida #nature #WildLife #photography #buyintoart #ayearforart #wallart #art #everglades #blackbird

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Artwork by Dariusz Miliński in Szczecin, Poland

Jeszcze jeden z Don Kichotem autorstwa Dariusza Milińskiego, tym razem upolowany w Szczecinie przy ul. Stołczyńskiej 161. Fot. Agnieszka Wesołowska

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