lneumanwatercolors, to Flowers
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A Daffodil and Three Tulip Friends

This spring flower painting was painted in watercolor on cold press watercolor paper.

Spring Art here:

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Tulip toot for today.

Pink tulip.

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@NorcalGma2 toot.
Back at you. ☺️enjoy

James_Gardening, to random
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Not done one for a while so here is a Tulips in the boarders coming up trumps this year and some daffodils on the lower patio area.

derfopps, to random

yellow #tulip‍s

mikereidphotography, to Birds
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derfopps, to random

rainy spring


eclectech, to photography
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Met a very friendly tulip earlier, albeit a little over-exuberant.

#sillyScribbles #photography #flower #tulip #silly #nonsense #drawing

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herissonrose, to Cosplay
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Handmade flower earrings, made with genuine Swarovski crystals.

(Sorry to plug, Etsy is pretty dead rn in what used to be my busiest time of year)

I make a variety of colours, hook types, clips / hypoallergenic etc, or they can be customised on request.

They ship with a little decorative paper gift box, or can be gift wrapped with a note written on a leaf tag.


Pale blue flower earrings with dangling crystals underneath. The flowers are large and tulip shaped, with silver sepals and leaves. A smaller flower hangs from the top, under the earring hook.

David, to Flowers
katrintheresa, to random
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More from yesterday 🌷#spring #tulip

BlurryBits, to Flowers
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Another lovely here about to do it's thing.
Pretty cold and cloudy though today, may have to wait a bit to see her open. A bunch more around here just about ready to pop 🥰

bluszcz, to Flowers
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Wszystkiego najlepszego dla wszystkich kobiet.

Everything best for all the women.


arkadiusz, to Amsterdam
arkadiusz, to Amsterdam
arkadiusz, to Amsterdam
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Exactly one year ago I used "bee safe" paint to mark three ants. I marked one with a white dot, another with yellow and the third with pink (Dottie, Daffodil and Pinky/Tulip)

Dottie and Daffodil died in the fall... but Tulip lives! I just saw her.

Tulip is a little cryptic it seems. I have not seen her for months! She's well over a year old now, possibly as old as two. I will keep an eye out for her.

#daffodil #namedAnts #Tulip


susansavad, to random
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Susan Savad Fine Art and Home Decor

Single Purple Tulip
Purple tulips are used for bridal bouquets because among its meanings are love and commitment.

#tulip #spring #susansavad


hunkabilly, to photography
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(credit: Joe Mann/2007)
*Technically captured on a hi-res scanner) Original image = 249MB 14,400x9600 pixels @ 300dpi

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