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My friend Hedgy collecting food for his fledglings this evening. At least 3 of the 5 chicks that left the nest 9 days ago are still around, usually hiding in the hedge, and the parents are still feeding them. In .

A European Robin flies to a hand, takes several mealworms and flies away

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So I had few photos of this - not mine, found or received on family chat group. With notes saying it's called Ringed Plower.

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For the art lovers in Europe - my watercolor painting "Beachguard" is also available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Für die Kunstliebhaber in Deutschland - mein Aquarellgemälde "Strandwächter" ist auch bei Art Heroes erhältlich (kostenloser Versand).

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In the #bird and #birding community, debate has long raged whether this bird should be called the yellow-headed blackbird or the black-bodied yellowbird 🧐

From: @Albatrossity

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It was finally dry enough to get some proper gardening done this afternoon. Shattered now, but did have some pleasing feathered visitors while I was out there.

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Also one of our regular wood pigeons, who I am very fond of, although less so today as they are prime suspect in the investigation to find out who crapped in the bird bath within 5 minutes of it being cleaned and refilled.

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Spring migration well underway, such a big change in the birds hanging around the last couple weeks.

Only a couple stragglers left, saw one long-tailed duck and a pair of buffleheads.

Hundreds of red-necked grebes and swallows were back today.

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Pajarito blanco

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The bravest boop of all; the grumpy, hissy, stroppy swan

#sillyScribbles #photography #boop #bird #silly #drawing

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Good morning! Just in from a pleasant walk as the riverside path is finally dry(ish) land again, and the rain has paused. I think the swan is a bit annoyed that the path is back, although tbf they are perpetually grumpy.

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I love this shot of a thrush sitting on some old gravestones which I took on an early morning walk in the Necropolis in Glasgow a few weeks ago.

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🐦Robin 🇳🇱
ℹ️ The European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) is a member of the flycatcher family. It grows up to 14 cm tall and can be seen all year round. Insects, spiders, worms and snails are the robin's favorite food. It is the bird of the year in 2021 and 1992.

🐦Rotkehlchen 🇳🇱
ℹ️ Das Rotkelchen (Erithacus rubecula) gehört zur Familie der Fliegenschnäpper. Es wird bis zu 14 cm groß und ist ganzjährig zu beobachten. Insekten, Spinnen, Würmer und Schnecken isst ein Rotkelchen am liebsten. 🏆 Es ist Vogel des Jahres 2021 und 1992.

Objektiv: bei 600mm

1/250 s
ISO 12.800

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White-throated sparrows are an immediately recognizable staple of North American forest soundscapes, but I don’t think I ever saw one before getting interested in birds. Very fancy little guys!

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