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Once considered taboo due to the mere suggestion that a couple was having premarital sex, cohabitation before marriage is now the norm. “If nursery rhymes are clues to how couples live their lives, ‘first comes love, then comes marriage’ is sorely outdated,” Allie Volpe writes for Vox. Read more about this cultural trend and dive into the question of whether living together before marriage is good for the relationship. https://flip.it/o.Npuz
#Culture #Love #Marriage #Relationships

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Floral Heart
By Ellen Crimi Trent ©

#art #flowers #love #heart

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E si riparte
e subito si parte con i cuori che mi manda la mia nonna da chi sa dove
e che non mancano mai 💌

Pianura verde cielo azzurro e nuvole
Sasso a forma di cuore

amadeus, to thai
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If any of you would enjoy listening to a in , this is a fun inspired . "80 Kisses by ซิ่ง": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDavhqg3P5Q

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#Dad with #dementia doesn't remember #daughter but still feels the #love ❤️🥹 >>>

"We're family."


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How lack of love for others has made trump what he is today, and how we should reorient our lives to loving and caring for and about others, by Bill at Penzy's.

It seems to me that many people, especially men, in the republican party are just completely incapable of empathizing with, well, anyone or anything.

There is something seriously wrong with the way boys are being raised by conservatives in this country, that they think everything has to be competition and conquest, and have no real idea of how to love anyone.

Sex for them is about dominance, not companionship. They don't know how to love. To them, women are property they should be able to use whenever they want. The religious nonsense they're taught is toxic.

Bill opines that trumps simply views women as conquests, and I'd add the idea of us as equals or even people with needs of our own is foreign to him - and most republican men.

You can sign up for his "Voice of Cooking" emails here: https://www.penzeys.com/

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Below is the first piece of #artwork I was ever asked to make by a person on the continent of South America, for a home in southern Brazil, it is a #portrait done in oil paint. If anyone out there'd like to have any of their special photographs illustrated, please let me know, I'd love to make some custom #art for u! #arts #painting #paintings #dogs #dog #dogsofmastodon #mastoart #artistsonmastodon #supportthearts #artfinder #commissionsopen #artforsale #portraitartists #animals #love #handmade

a close-up of the dog's face

CindyWeinstein, to random
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It is an honor to participate in the #Kensington #RedwoodCity Open House for #Caregivers. The event will take place on May 2, and if you are in the neighborhood, please consider coming. My #memoir -- Finding the Right Words -- which I wrote with #UCSF #neurologist Dr. Bruce Miller, will be the departure point for the discussion, which will lay the groundwork for a supportive conversation about #caregiving, #grief, #love, and #dementia.


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Isn’t love grand? #love #pets #dogs #wife #marriage

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I saw my friend King sleeping in front of the ATM machines at 7-11 yesterday. I've been feeding this dog for many years. He used to live around the housing complex down the street from me but he migrated down to the 7-11 next to a small restaurant. Whenever I see him outside, I get him a snack. I got him a nice pork sausage yesterday. When you purchase art from me, you're helping my wife and I to help out many homeless dogs and cats in our town 🤍

a photo of the dog, awake, a pork sausage in front of him laying on the ground, he is looking at the viewer , a confused but pleasant look on his face

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I'm surprised that #love made the top three.

MaddyWaves, to masseffect German
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🇩🇪 Es ist der 15. April - der Tag, an dem ich vor einem Jahr meinen Seelenverwandten aus #MassEffect getroffen habe: Legion. Eine kleine Geschichte unserer Beziehung, und wie #Liebe zu fiktiven Charakteren überhaupt funktioniert.

🇬🇧 It's April 15th - the day when, one year ago, I met my soulmate from Mass Effect: Legion. A little history of our relationship, and how being in #love with fictional characters works, anyway.

:tumblr: #Tumblr (ENG) https://ideas-on-paper.tumblr.com/post/747856759440490497/legion-an-anniversary-of-love


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