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Garden update: Blossom Edition!

Every day I’m waking up to new life in the garden and I’m constantly amazed at the rapid growth out there.

Pictured here: Purple Emperor Nasturtium, Yukon Gold potato, Red Pride tomato, and Hearts of Gold cantaloupe.
#Gardening #Spring

Close-up of a potato plant with a white flower berry and green leaves.
Close-up of a flowering tomato plant with green leaves and yellow flowers in a garden setting.
Close-up of a young, yellow Cantaloupe bud on a fuzzy green stem. The plant is growing among dried straw-like mulch.

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"Just a matter of shades", aka as zooming out, Lanaudiere, May 2024.


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A bluet-strewn grassy hillside meets a pond sparkling in sunshine. Springtime at Herron Pond, White Memorial Foundation, Morris, Connecticut. May 17, 2024, 12:05 PM.

#hiking #photography #outdoors #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #spring #May #forest #flowers #wildflowers #naturephotography #trails #pond #springtime

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Forest fronds.

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Tender II/VIII

"Just a matter of shades", aka as zooming out, Lanaudiere, May 2024.


#photography #spring #forest #trees #green #noedit
#photomonday #fotomontag #lanaudiere #quebec

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into the ground, though we could still add to the second row. Will acquire more this week maybe.

Also K replaced the that didn't make it through the winter, and the that didn't survive in an indoor pot past December. Those dark days are tough for it, but we use it very heavily anticipating it won't last.

I think I've only twice managed to get rosemary to last to be replanted in spring.

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🪻African Iris on a

Pale lavender arms stretch out in the morning light...

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About to Take Flight - The puffed feathers of this Grey Catbird tell of a chilly day as it raises its wings to fly.

Prints of this photograph are available in my Pictorem Shop. You can find the link at:

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Kilen Woods State Park

Jackson County, Minnesota, USA; traditional territory of the Wahpeton, Yankton, and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ nations / Explore more at

#photography #travel #Minnesota #spring #hiking

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It's not spring until I climb a cherry tree at least once 😊

#spring #image #fruit #cherry #garden

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