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NewsDesk, to random
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U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell announced he will step down as leader of the Republican Party in the Senate this November. McConnell has held the position for nearly 20 years, the longest reign of any Senate leader in U.S. history. His aides say his decision has nothing to do with his health, and that he plans to remain in the Senate until his term ends in 2027. Read more from the AP.


NewsDesk, to Michigan
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"President Biden might have won the Michigan Democratic primary, but for some voters who disapprove of his handling of Israel's war in Gaza, Tuesday night was about sending a strong message: Change course or lose votes in the general election."

@NPR explains why over 100,000 voted for the "uncommitted" option on the ballot.


NewsDesk, to Texas
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"A series of wildfires swept across the Texas Panhandle early Wednesday, prompting evacuations, cutting off power to thousands, and forcing at least the temporary shutdown of a nuclear weapons facility as strong winds, dry grass and unseasonably warm temperatures fed the blazes."

AP reports: https://flip.it/nPlGM-

#Texas #Wildfires #News

NewsDesk, to Army
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The U.S. Army is slashing thousands of posts in major revamp to prepare for future wars.

AP reports the plan will also add "about 7,500 troops in other critical missions, including air-defense and counter-drone units and five new task forces around the world with enhanced cyber, intelligence and long-range strike capabilities."


NewsDesk, to USpolitics
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Democratic and Republican voters are headed to the polls today in the Michigan primary.

CBS News built this collection about the election and what's at stake: https://flip.it/p04Xsi

For more on the 2024 U.S. presidential race, follow "2024 White House": @2024

NewsDesk, to Israel
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"President Joe Biden said Monday that he hopes there will be a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war by next week."

@nbcnews reports "that Qatar is mediating talks between Israel and Hamas this week, and cease-fire negotiations have taken place among U.S., Israeli, Qatari and Egyptian officials in Paris."


#Biden #Israel #Hamas #IsraelHamasWar #Gaza #Palestine #CeaseFire

NewsDesk, to USpolitics
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Donald Trump appears close to invincible in the Republican primaries and caucuses, but despite his commanding victories, the front-runner’s strength among general election voters remains unclear.

AP reports: "His voters so far are overwhelmingly white, mostly older than 50 and generally without a college degree. This, however, is very different than the electorate he could face in November."


#Trump #USPolitics #Politics #GOP #Republicans

NewsDesk, to sweden
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Hungary's parliament votes in favor of Sweden joining NATO, the last major step in the process.

@dw reports: "Budapest was the last obstacle to Sweden's NATO accession since Turkey ratified it in January. Unanimous support from all 31 NATO members is required for the accession of new countries."


NewsDesk, to Palestine
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Palestinian prime minister submits government’s resignation, a move that could open door to reforms.

@euronews reports: "The U.S. wants a reformed Palestinian Authority to govern Gaza once the war is over. But many obstacles remain to making that vision a reality."


NewsDesk, to USpolitics
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"Ronna McDaniel said Monday that she will step down next month as chairwoman of the Republican National Committee following former President Donald Trump's endorsement of a new slate of leaders to direct the party."

@nbcnews reports: https://flip.it/JSpdvs

NewsDesk, to news
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended his military’s response to the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks, saying the U.S. would be doing “a hell of a lot more” if faced with a similar terrorist act. CBS News has more: https://flip.it/-5P9hp

NewsDesk, to news
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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky says 31,000 of his nation's troops have been killed during the two-year war with Russia. BBC News reports: https://flip.it/e_E1qw
#News #WorldNews #Ukraine #UkraineWar #Russia #Zelensky

NewsDesk, to news
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U.S. and Britain strike more than a dozen Houthi sites in Yemen, responding to the Iranian-backed militia group’s recent surge in attacks on cargo ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. AP reports: https://flip.it/ZLr.GC
#News #WorldNews #USA #Britain #Houthis #Yemen

tx_tartan, to random
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Figured I’d chime in with some #FollowFriday recommendations, just a day late (typical):

@HannahHowe - great fun with daily music polls

@todayilearned - interesting facts you can use to amaze your friends

@Free_Press - Aure Free Press, mostly focused on Ukraine

@uspolitics - US Politics in Real Time

@JuliusGoat - A.R. Moxon, author of “The Reframe” newsletter

@DemocracyMattersALot - Defender of democracy

@NewsDesk - I love Flipboard! So glad they’re on the Fediverse now!

@NewsDesk@flipboard.social avatar

@tx_tartan Aw, thanks! We're so glad to be here.

NewsDesk, to news
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The body of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, who died in an arctic penal colony over a week ago, has been handed over to his mother, a Navalny spokesperson says. AP reports: https://flip.it/adp-HW
#News #WorldNews #Navalny #Russia

NewsDesk, to Guns
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Jury finds NRA liable for mismanagement, says former CEO Wayne LaPierre ran the U.S.-based gun rights group corruptly.

AP reports: https://flip.it/v8BTjj

#NRA #Guns #GunControl #LaPierre #USPolitics #News

NewsDesk, to business
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Are you interested in seeing more business news in your feed? Here are some @Flipboard Magazines to follow:

Business from Euronews: @business

Fast Company News: @fast

Fast Company Leadership: @fast

Business from Semafor: @business

Business from The Christian Science Monitor: @business

Digiday Daily: @digiday

Business from Flipboard's News Desk: @business

NewsDesk, to Health
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Embryo loss is integral to IVF. Alabama’s ruling equating embryos with children jeopardizes its practice.

@STAT reports on the controversial ruling by one state in the U.S.: https://flip.it/jw0t97

NewsDesk, (edited ) to Ukraine
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Is the West abandoning Ukraine as war enters third year?

This curated package has stories on U.S. wavering, Kyiv's military shakeup, what's happening in Russia and more.


For daily coverage of the war, follow Ukraine @ukraine

#Ukraine #UkraineWar #Russia #News #USA #Europe

NewsDesk, to books
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"GOP state lawmakers have in recent years increased their efforts to ban material they deem inappropriate from schools and libraries. That material includes books on gender identity and sexual orientation."

@axios curates this collection of stories about the challenges facing librarians, including the prospect of criminal charges.


For more state and local news from the U.S., follow State and Local @state

#Books #Bookstodon #Libraries #USPolitics #Politics #GOP #Republicans #LGBTQ

NewsDesk, to Israel
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France under pressure to suspend military sales to Israel as war in Gaza grinds on.

France 24 reports that "obtaining transparency and establishing whether or not French companies are still exporting any weapons or dual-use equipment to the state of Israel is not an easy question to resolve."


#Israel #France #Gaza #Hamas #Palestine #News

NewsDesk, to USpolitics
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A U.S. federal judge affirms MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell must pay $5M to man who debunked his false election claims.

AP reports: https://flip.it/bU.FF5

For more politics coverage, follow 2024 White House @2024

#MikeLindell #MyPillow #Elections #Misinformation #USPolitics #Politics

NewsDesk, to USpolitics
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"President Joe Biden is considering new executive actions to crack down on record migration at the [U.S.] southern border after congressional Republicans this month blocked border legislation backed by the White House."

USA Today reports "8 in 10 U.S. adults say the government is doing a very or somewhat bad job dealing with the large number of migrants seeking to enter the U.S."


#Biden #Border #Immigration #Migrants #USPolitics #News

NewsDesk, to Ukraine
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Weary but determined, women join Ukraine's fight against Russia in historic numbers.

@nbcnews reports: "More than 43,000 women are serving in Ukraine’s armed forces, according to figures released last November by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry."


#Ukraine #UkraineWar #Women #Military #Russia #News

NewsDesk, to USpolitics
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Here we go again. Some observers fear the U.S. government could shut down next month as the House GOP struggles to govern.

@axios explores the Congressional dysfunction in this collection of stories: https://flip.it/zkf7QN

#USPolitics #Politics #Congress #GOP #Republicans #Shutdown

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