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jbzfn, to programming
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:blobwizard: Prolog, Erlang, Elixir, a side-by-side reference sheet | Hyperpolyglot


#Prolog #Erlang #Elixir

jbzfn, to telegram
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💬 Telegram: social media giant or the new ‘dark web’? | FT

“Telegram is going to really struggle to find advertisers willing to associate their brands with the large amount of toxic content on the platform,” says the Integrity Institute’s Allen, noting that advertisers have pulled millions of dollars from Elon Musk’s X for similar reasons. “The lack of integrity of the platform severely limits [Telegram’s] revenue possibilities.”


#Telegram #Russia #Privacy #Misinfo

jbzfn, to Israel
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🇮🇱 Spying, hacking and intimidation: Israel’s nine-year ‘war’ on the ICC exposed | @guardian

"On 16 January 2015, within weeks of Palestine joining, Bensouda opened a preliminary examination into what in the legalese of the court was called “the situation in Palestine”. The following month, two men who had managed to obtain the prosecutor’s private address turned up at her home in The Hague.."


jbzfn, to random
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🇺🇲 Two more US officials resign over Biden administration’s position on Gaza war | Biden administration | @guardian

"Alexander Smith, a contractor for the US Agency for International Development (USAID), said he was given a choice between resignation and dismissal after preparing a presentation on maternal and child mortality among Palestinians, which was cancelled at the last minute by USAID leadership last week"


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“I cannot do my job in an environment in which specific people cannot be acknowledged as fully human, or where gender and human rights principles apply to some, but not to others, depending on their race,”

jbzfn, to random
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🏥 Nurse honored for compassion fired after referring in speech to Gaza 'genocide' | @AP

"Labor and delivery nurse Hesen Jabr, who is Palestinian American, was being honored by NYU Langone Health for her compassion in caring for mothers who had lost babies when she drew a link between her work and the suffering of mothers in Gaza"


#IsraelGenocidalState #FreePalestine #GenocideJoe #uspol

jbzfn, to programming
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⏳ Am I too old to create a popular programming language?

"Is it too late to create a popular programming language after age 40? Let's find out!"


#PLT #Programming #Compilers

jbzfn, to c64
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🐍Converting 80s Computer Games into Python | Usborne BASIC Coding Book | Kari


#C64 #Python #Basic #Gamedev #Retrodev #Retrogaming

jbzfn, to random
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🐡 How to Install OpenBSD on ARM based Hetzner Cloud Servers | blunix.com


jbzfn, to linux
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🐧Thinking of Switching to the Linux, Fellow Academics? | @rwg

"I should note I’m in the humanities, not computer science, so I’m using Linux mainly to write, research, and collaborate with other authors doing social science work. And it’s also important to note that I have worked at “Microsoft Campuses” for my whole career, meaning most of my colleagues use Windows and the IT folks support mostly Windows."


jbzfn, to Amd
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⚡Newer AMD Radeon Graphics Cards Now Work On RISC-V With Linux 6.10 | @phoronix


#AMD #RISCV #Kernel #Linux #Opensource

jbzfn, to ai
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🇪🇺 EU Approves Historic AI Act: Pioneering Comprehensive AI Regulation | vcsi.org

"One of the key aspects of the AI Act is the enforcement mechanism, which includes substantial penalties for non-compliance. The EU Commission is vested with the authority to impose fines of up to €35 million ($38 million) or 7% of a company’s annual global revenue, whichever is higher"


jbzfn, to javascript
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⌛ The End of an Era: Microsoft Phases Out VBScript for JavaScript and PowerShell | @thehackernews

"Both NTLM and VBScript are known to be abused by threat actors to conduct malicious activities, prompting Redmond to remove features in an attempt to minimize the attack surface"


#VBScript #JavaScript #PowerShell

jbzfn, to Cats
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Google told me to feed him human fingers, so far, so good

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCatsOfMastodon

jbzfn, to python
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jbzfn, to random
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Linux is trying me > I'm trying Linux

jbzfn, to ai
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"The vision is that there will be a... Jarvis assistant in your phone that locks you into their ecosystem so hard that you'll never leave," Jenson continued, referencing the superpowered AI assistant in Marvel comics that can make meals for Iron Man and help him fight bad guys. "That vision is pure catnip. The fear is that they can't afford to let someone else get there first."


jbzfn, to FunctionalProgramming
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jbzfn, to typescript
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🦾 Functional TypeScript #1: Algebraic Data Types | Injuly

"In functional programming, algebraic types are so ubiquitous that you would be hard pressed to find a language that doesn't support them. Strangely though, nothing about them demands that a language be functional by paradigm. That imperative languages have avoided ADTs for decades seems almost an accident."


jbzfn, to OpenAI
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Can't wait for OpenAI to start training on Fox News after that last deal. Just in time for the elections, what could go wrong with that.

#OpenAI #AI #Disinformation

jbzfn, to space
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"When you look at the northern sky, you can follow the arm of the Big Dipper as it arcs around toward the bright star called Arcturus. Roughly in the middle of that arc, you'll find the Northern Crown constellation, which looks a bit like a smiley face. Sometime between now and September, if you look to the left-hand side of the Northern Crown, what will look like a new star will shine for five days or so."


jbzfn, to SpaceX
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🌠 SpaceX satellites threaten to hide asteroids that pose danger to humanity | Technology | EL PAÍS English

"It’s difficult to say exactly how many asteroids will be lost… but preliminary results suggest that for every five near-Earth asteroids we discover, we lose one solely due to constellation interference. That’s if no mitigation measures are taken”


#SpaceX #Starlink #Astronomy #Asteroid #Space

jbzfn, to random
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Weapons of Mass Disinformation

jbzfn, to taringa
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🤔 FORTRAN and COBOL Re-enter TIOBE Index

"So we have two legacy languages in the TIOBE Top 20 for rather different reasons - COBOL skills are still needed to sustain vital legacy (or should that be out-dated) systems. Fortran, on the other hand, has a role to play at the cutting edge of scientific research and can be expected to have an expanding role in its "Modern" incarnation."


jbzfn, to infosec
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🔎 flawz: A Terminal UI for browsing security vulnerabilities (CVEs) | @orhun

"As default it uses the vulnerability database (NVD) from NIST and provides search and listing functionalities in the terminal with different theming options."


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