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Agreed, basically what I live off anyhow. But then it is leaf water, so unsure if the rules would allow!

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Water is the main component of any and every beverage


Elemental mercury.

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though can only be ingested once


Based on the posed question and its limiting conditions, elemental mercury is a correct answer. Pure hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol would qualify, too.

If you include materials which are liquid outside of "room temperature," things like magma and liquid nitrogen would also be correct answers.

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Olive oil?

You wouldn't live long, but compared to the other options you're listing...


Of the liquids you listed, I think the hydrogen peroxide would be the fastest and most flame-filled death, more than the magma.

100% H2O2 is Very much unlike the 3% kind that can be purchased at a store.
It might even explode, I know shipping tanks of it can and I think that’s usually under 100%.

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that's exactly why this is the right answer


Not quite, actually! I mean, it’s not good for you, but once it’s in your digestive tract it mostly passes straight through rather than being absorbed. The vapor over the liquid is more dangerous, but once you’ve swallowed it that’s not a concern.


Why not gallium


Nougat is a Lemmy user, presenting to the emergency room unconscious


No I'm not.


Nougat is a Kbin user, presenting to the emergency room unconscious


Thank you.


You’ll drink this until the end of your life. Works the same with molten iron though.


I don’t actually thing you’d manage to swallow any of the molten iron…


You’d just need one of these:

You just need to get some into your mouth. It will do the swallowing on it’s own.

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Holy fuck, what is this from?


It’s an old execution method, but they used molten lead or gold for it.

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I’d like to know more. Do you know what it’s called?


I do not, but this guy here was apparently the first one who was executed by this method: ……/Manius_Aquillius_(consul_101_BC)…


I appreciate the creativity, but that is not a drink, good sir/madam…


I posit that any substance which can be ingested as a liquid by pouring it from a container into one's mouth (the act of "drinking") is, by definition, a "drink."


Supposedly, gallium is non-toxic, and liquid at body temperature (though not room temperature).


I think you replied to the wrong comment. Mercury is absolutely toxic. There’s no safe quantity at all that you can ingest…

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always gave me a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach.


True, but at the same time you know exactly what OP means with this question.

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I don’t think OP knows what they mean with this question. The top two ‘serious’ answers are coffee and tea, which is just “hot water with shit mixed in”. Anything you drink is water with shit mixed in. Any answer that isn’t “water with shit mixed in” means you die, either within months or minutes. Most answers that are “water with shit mixed in” would still kill you fairly quickly if that’s all you ever drank.

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  • GizmoLion,
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    LMAO What a take! Thanks for the laugh.

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    If I ask anyone for a glass of water, they’re going to get me the same thing because they know what I mean. No one is going to get me a glass of orange juice or tea or 7up, even though that’s technically also water.

    You know what OP means. You’re being ridiculous.

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    so then do you agree that they wouldn’t bring you lemon water or cucumber water? clearly you didn’t ask for those. but OP explicitly calls those out as ‘no goofs’. so where’s the line?

    queermunist, avatar

    They obviously wouldn’t, they’d just bring tap water or bottled water or something. What are you even talking about.

    snowe, avatar

    The whole point of this conversation is that OP is excluding drinks on some arbitrary line that no one else understands. If lemon water isn’t allowed then what is?

    queermunist, avatar

    OP is excluding drinks that aren’t regular water, this isn’t complicated.

    If you went to a restaurant and asked for water, what would they give you? Probably something from the tap, or a bottle, or a purified pitcher. Maybe mineral water, but that’s as much additive as you’re going to get. It wouldn’t even be sparkling, and they’re certainly not going to give you milk and smugly tell you “well TECHKNIQUELLY its water!” you damn dork. You know what OP means, you’re being ridiculous.


    It sounds like you agree, though.

    Cucumber water is not what you’d expect when asking for water, yet OP excludes it as being invalid for being equivalent to water. So where is the line?

    Tea is absolutely my non-troll answer, but how different is that really from cucumber water in this context?

    queermunist, avatar

    Wait, fuck, I misread the OP

    Now I’m the dork! 😱


    This is a highly dorky thread, really 😁

    snowe, avatar

    If you’re in other countries they most definitely will give you sparkling water if you don’t clarify you want water ‘sans’ carbonation.

    DarraignTheSane, avatar

    Sure, added that note in an edit. There’s no answer here that doesn’t result in your early death.


    This is not true. Coffee is a mild diuretic, but the amount of water you consume along with it is way way more than the amount of water that the caffeine induces you to pee out.

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    I'm curious how far you can take this. Can you drink only espressos and still get hydrated?


    Quick someone call Bear Grylls or someone.

    hoodatninja, (edited )
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  • LanternEverywhere,

    Then i don't understand your argument. There's nothing stopping you from drinking as much coffee as you need to get your water

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    Dude. Yes they have some small diuretic effects but tea and coffee are overwhelmingly hydrating. It's just not a good idea to mainline that much caffeine for heart reasons.


    I think OP knows exactly what they mean, I think if you asked a five year old they’d know what they mean.

    Yet for some reason, some people are completely missing the point of a very simple question which boils down to “if you couldn’t drink regular water, what would you have instead”…

    hoodatninja, (edited )
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  • SeeJayEmm, avatar

    Garbage in, garbage out. It’s a dumb question. There’s no high road to be taken here.

    snowe, avatar

    And yet the main answer in this thread is “tea” which is clearly just water with leaves in it. Why is that different than water with lemons in it? Just because you didn’t have a problem with the question doesn’t mean the question doesn’t have major problems. You just didn’t notice the problems.

    snowe, avatar

    That’s not “exactly” what they mean, as the difference between what you think they’re saying and other commenters think is clearly different. Is la croix or bubbly allowed? If not then what about a hard seltzer? If those are allowed then why isn’t lemon water allowed? If those aren’t allowed then where is the line? Gatorade is seltzer water without the bubbles and with electrolytes. It’s clear that OP’s question was not well thought out, hence why so many people here have a problem with it.


    The point of OP's question is clear. He's referring to a drink that has sensory qualities that are clearly distinct from plain water. Water with a spritz of lemon still reads as water. As a loose guideline this is like anything you'd order as "water with x" or "x water", like cucumber water. Coffee clearly doesn't fit into that category, it has sensory qualities that are very different than water with x in it.

    SeeJayEmm, avatar

    Speak for yourself. “Cucumber water” does not have the same “sensory qualities” as water unless taste doesn’t count as a sense.


    A friend had to read a paper about what people called water vs. how much water made up the substance. So like pond water has less water than tea, we call one water one tea. Truly thrilling research.

    snowe, avatar

    do you have a link to the paper? I want to read it


    This was a very long time ago; I do not.

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    If “drinks that contain water” are not allowed, then nothing. I will die of thirst.


    Vanilla milkshakes.




    Honeybush tea. It’s an herbal tea from South Africa that tastes like honey…

    Kolanaki, avatar

    P I S S


    OK Bear Grylls


    Irn bru


    If water isn’t allowed, what does one drink? Everything we drink has water in it.

    tsuica, avatar

    Odourless, tasteless, colorless, uncarbonated soda pop.


    So, American beer?






    It has to be refreshing, not too sweet. Because you’d need to drink a lot every day to stay alive, off the top of my head rice water sounds like an ideal drink, I love the flavor and it has less sugar than horchata, you don’t want to have to stuff yourself with sugar every day when you’re thirsty.
    Another possibility is hibiscus water. Again - if I could regulate the sugar levels it would be a way to go.


    Coffee. Coffee is my life blood.


    I also choose coffee. I will certainly die but I’ll die happy.


    Isn’t coffee (and tea) technically dirty water?

    YodaDaCoda, avatar

    Maaate everything you drink is dirty water.


    You and me both brother. You should see the looks I get sipping coffee while mowing the lawn on a hot summer’s day.


    Boob sweat


    Brawndo. It’s got what I crave.

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    Does it suck being a vegetable?

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