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The fact that every mainstream news site is now locked behind a paywall is a real boon for the spread of misinformation, because very few right wing sites have paywalls — which means their disinfo and propaganda can spread much more easily. Paywalls are a slow motion disaster.

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@Green_Footballs is still open and @BBC_News_Labs is on Mastodon on @BBCRD own instance

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#BBCNews - #Sydney #mall stabbings live: Six dead and small child injured as chaos unfolds at #Bondi Westfield mall - live page

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- ferry disaster: 'I survived - but lost 17 of my family'

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- drought: Satellite images show vital Al reservoir is shrinking

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#BBCNews - #Russian troops arrive in #Niger as military agreement begins

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- Hilary : Weak evidence letting down children over gender care
The itself:

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- European court rules human rights violated by inaction

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- The I came back to is not the one I left
By Lina Sinjab

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- David meets Donald in Florida ahead of Blinken talks

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- change: 'Uncharted territory' fears after record hot March

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#BBCNews - #Israel - #Gaza latest: #Russia and #China block US call for immediate Gaza #ceasefire at UN - live page:

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- says it has recovered body of a hostage from

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- Gazans return to scenes of devastation in Khan Younis

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- BBC visits ruins of Nir Oz in , untouched since attack

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- meets top officials as fears of attack on grow

has looked into the origins of Iran's so called Axis of Resistance last week - militias...

Part 2 on the foreign affiliates coming soon

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- - briefing: World watches nervously to see what does next
By Lyse Doucet

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