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Well yeah we did learn from them. We learned that it takes a tens of thousands of years to evolve to a new ecosystem.

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Bird flu spread: The dairy and meat industries don’t want you to think cows have bird flu - Vox

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"Having the wisdom of living 61 years, I can confirm that nature has definitely been silenced over time."

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Sounds of the natural world are rapidly falling silent and will become “acoustic fossils” without urgent action to halt environmental destruction, international experts have warned.

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Rising ocean temperatures have triggered what scientists call a “global coral bleaching event” that’s afflicting both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Scientists reported Monday that “significant coral bleaching” in both hemispheres has occurred since early 2023. The affected areas range from Florida and the Caribbean to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Indian Ocean.

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More climate-warming methane leaks into the atmosphere than ever gets reported – here’s how satellites can find the leaks and avoid wasting a valuable resource

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The Cost of Doing Nothing

"You’re probably already losing money because of .

For the average American born in 2024, climate change could mean ending up nearly $500,000 poorer over their lifetime, according to a new report from Consumer Reports and the global consulting firm ICF. If the analysis included more uncertain factors, the cost could be closer to $1 million."

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Given that this is a few billion years away, what about a survival guide for the next 50 years?

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I still have not seen a single user case for AI that's worth using drinking water for. Not even porn.

...can we cool AI clusters with sewage? Seems fitting.

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Billions in ‘magical’ spending questioned as coral reefs fail around the world

Climate change has been singled out as the leading cause of bleaching across the world’s coral reefs.

#climateChange #coral #environment #ocean

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- bleaching: Fourth global mass stress episode underway - US scientists

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“this is something everyone should be worried about, and everyone should be angry about, frankly” - NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch coordinator Derek Manzello

#ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency #NOAA #GreatBarrierReef #Australia

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One hurdle to driving an electric vehicle is range anxiety. The Indiana Department of Transportation and researchers from Purdue University are jointly addressing the fear of losing power on the road by installing underground copper coils on a stretch of highway. The coils will provide power to e-vehicles driving past. “Wouldn’t it really be something if we could just drive over the road and catch your charge for your vehicle as you drive across it?” INDOT’s Blake Dollier recently told Inside Climate News. Read their article on this test that could eventually put a dent in greenhouse gas emissions.

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Global heating pushes coral reefs towards worst planet-wide mass bleaching on record

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

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Scientists: record ocean temps threaten life-sustaining coral reefs. “This should be a global wake-up call…more than half the reefs on the planet have basically experienced bleaching level heat stress in the last year.” @AmudalatAjasa @washingtonpost

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"Climate change has exposed biodiversity to unprecedented conditions, significantly altering ecosystem structure and resilience in most regions.

"In the last decades, among thousands of species spread across terrestrial, marine and freshwater systems, half to two-thirds have shifted their range in response to warming.

"As a result, climate-induced distributional shifts have caused severe declines in nearly half of all studied populations"

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"Eight firefighters died and some 230,000 people were displaced from their homes during last year's worst-ever season... Linking the issue to climate change, a minister warned that this year could prove even more devastating."

If you were amongst the above victims, "Axe the Tax!" might be considered glib, juvenile, and contemptuous sloganeering.

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