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In the Kherson region Ukraine, the invader Russians tried to land on the Dnieper islands. 7 occupiers became fodder for fish. 🙌

#SlavaUkraini #Ukraine#ukrainecounteroffensive #UkraineWar #UkraineWillWin #Ukraina 🇺🇦 #Ukrainian #UkrainianArmy #DefeatRussia #Crimea #RussiaIsATerroristState


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⚡️ WAR IN - MAY 17, 2024

■ 🇷🇺 making gains but they are costly: 4th highest daily casualties, record 7-day ones
■ Equipment losses include 2x jets & a helicopter (haven't seen further info on them)
■ Increased 🇷🇺 strikes, 🇺🇦 strikes down between days
■ Poternet: +570 🇷🇺 names added to database

See dashboard for further data


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Worth checking out! They got some cool merch also! Support the cause!

We are the people of LIFT99 Kyiv Hub, the people of Ukraine, we are the NAFO 69th Sniffing Brigade. We are fundraising, coordinating, connecting people, sharing verified info and resources & you can help us."

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“It’s the world’s fault,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says in frustration at the dire situation in the city of Kharkiv, where Russian troops are advancing. “They gave the opportunity for Putin to occupy,” he says, but adds “now the world can help.” Zelenskyy canceled a planned trip to Spain in order to be in the country as the Russian onslaught intensifies, saying “It’s really important for me to be here.” Read more from ABC News.

europesays, to Ukraine avatar Russian soldier falls from 2nd story canopy of Vovchansk Central Hospital.

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⚡️ WAR IN - MAY 16, 2024

■ Casualties up between days, 7-day figure at a record level, combat engagements stay high
■ Equipment losses above average as well; probably vehicle record (the formal record is from the first days of the invasion when they were catching up on the data)
■ Unchanged 🇷🇺 shelling but fewer drone, air & missile attacks
■ 39 🇺🇦 strikes reported yesterday; most this year so far

See dashboard for further data


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- Vladimir meets Jinping in state visit as sees war setbacks

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U.S. Secretary of State Blinken performs “Rockin’ in the Free World” inside a Kyiv bar, 14 May 2024

#Ukraine #WWIII #war #PutinsWar #Ukrainewar #UkraineRussiawar #SlavaUkraini #blinken

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- war latest: cancels foreign trips as attacks north-east Ukraine

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They are saying the quiet part OUT LOUD! 📢
Speaking Tuesday in the upper house of Russian parliament, Foreign Minister said and are “objectively interested in maintaining our lead in efforts to establish a more fair and democratic world order.”

“Russia and China aren’t alone in their efforts to reform an international system and help establish a multipolar global order,” he said.

europesays, to Ukraine avatar The combat losses of the Russian army from February 24, 2022 to May 15, 2024. #Ukraine #UkraineWar #UkraineWarVideoReport

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V Kyiv Independent:
Energy Ministry warns of blackouts due to 'significant' power shortage

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⚡️ WAR IN - MAY 15, 2024

■ 2nd highest casualties to date, record 7-day casualties, high level of combat engagements
■ Equipment up between days; APVs, tanks & special equipment above 7-day average
■ Changed strike reporting; shelling has replaced number of MLRS strikes
■ 🇺🇦 strikes now combined and reported at a different time in the day

See dashboard for further data


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- Why has removed ally Sergei as 's defence minister?
By Rosenberg

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fulelo, to Ukraine avatar

25 months into the war in US bans imports, key to fuel supply

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⚡️ WAR IN - MAY 13, 2024

■ Record casualties (old record of 1,380 set on Oct 20, 2023)
■ Equipment losses above 7-day average; biggest tank losses of 2024 so far
■ Greatly improved strike ratio; big drop in 🇷🇺 strikes
■ Poternet: +368 🇷🇺 names added as KIA

See dashboard for further data


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■ Old record of 1,380 set on Oct 20, 2023
■ Based on current 7-day average, 500,000 would be reached on May 26

See dashboard for further data

#UkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar


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Largest refinery in southern partially shut down after drone attack on Sunday.

refinery in region has daily output of 300,000 barrels

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