MAKS23, to Germany avatar


💥 BAVOVNA… Slovyansk-na-Kuban oil refinery and Kushchevskaya military airfield.

🛳 AFU destroyed #russian sea minesweeper 266-M project "Kovrovets", — Navy

🇩🇪 German MoD has requested an additional €3.8 billion for military aid to Ukraine this year, - Bild

🔥 A project 22800 "Cyclone" ship was struck by two #ATACMS in Sevastopol.

🇩🇪 For 2025, #germany plans to allocate €15 billion for military aid to #ukraine.

Thanks for support, Dear World ☕️🥰

br00t4c, to random avatar
br00t4c, to random avatar

▶ "In Cold Blood": Russian Forces Executing Surrendering Ukrainian Soldiers


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V Codastory:
I’m protesting ’s ‘ law.’ The police beat me up mercilessly

toolbear, to random avatar

is killing whistleblowers like they're dissidents, so please DO keep with the imagery. The oligarchs are afraid. That's why they're killing us. They need to be more afraid, though.

As far as executives go, we're past the point of intimidation. Some Boeing execs and probably some need to die to make this right. They aren't going to stop killing us otherwise.

toolbear, avatar

" is killing whistleblowers like they're dissidents, so please DO keep with the imagery."

Do you think this speculation is probably correct or incorrect? If you think I'm incorrect, then what are you worrying over, those billionaire necks will be fine.

If you think they DID have the whistleblowers killed AND you agree that the U.S. justice system won't pursue these crimes, come again with what you think is hard to take?

paka, to random avatar

We know of first cases of executions of civilians by the Russian military

Report of a case when resident was killed by soldiers. Police investigators had opened a criminal case on the grounds of violations of rules of war

Other are being taken into captivity and forced into basements, according to the minister.

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In the past three months, #Russia has begun actively transferring military personnel and mercenaries to #Libya, according to Verstka’s findings. These forces are primarily concentrated in eastern Libya, a region under the control of Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army and a Kremlin ally.

A source within a Libyan security agency reported that at least 1,800 Russian military personnel have arrived in the country in the last two weeks alone


rameshgupta, avatar

⬆️ @Edizionilazio @hanse_mina

has been resurgent in and proxy ’s has been unusually active there too.

will be forgotten as new colonialists take over

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-led House votes to force weapons shipments to , rebuking

They can pound sand. This is an executive decision.

US had restrictions on too for not using supplied weapons on territory. Where was the Republican outrage and defiance then?

br00t4c, to Russia avatar

'A big mess is brewing'. Thousands of Russian fighters are flooding into Libya, raising concerns over what the Kremlin might be planning

#russia #russian

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"In Cold Blood": Russian Forces Executing Surrendering Ukrainian Soldiers

GottaLaff, to legal avatar

🧵starts HERE.

Remember: I cannot reply while live-posting, so plz use NFL (Not For Laffy.. no hashtag) so I can skip your replies. THANK YOU.

Running a little late, so some preamble included here.

1/… Via Rupar: Trump wraps up his morning rant by attacking one of the prosecutors, Colangelo, which is a flagrant violation of his gag order

voron, avatar

@GottaLaff @Npars01 the are stronger than their counterparts, in the fear the in it’s the government who fears the oligarchs

timkmak, to random avatar

Here's what we're reading today:

In , region, where active hostilities are taking place, the first executions of civilians by troops have been reported, police said. A man who tried to flee on foot was killed. Civilians are also being captured.

Evacuations had been taking place, but now the Russian military, trying to gain a foothold in the city, is not allowing locals to evacuate.

kravietz, to syria avatar

So that you know, this video posted today by #SyrianGirl account with description “Yemen Houthi forces Score a direct hit in US destroyer” gained nearly 700k views, 2.3k shares and 7k likes… and it’s entirely false.

Users quickly identified the original as 2013 video from Norway naval exercise. The “Syrian Girl” account only added some subtitles in Arabic.

The account has been posting such fakes for years, starting from inventing incredible conspiracy theories to discredit the official OPCW investigation into #Assad chemical attacks against civilians in #Syria and then every single fake, mostly produced in #Russia.

Frame from the original in 2013 Norway naval exercise

tivasyk, avatar

rule of thumb: every time a «usa-hater» posts a «revelation», be very, very doubtful, ideally just ignore (and block); 99% of the time those end up being -sponsored lies.


kravietz, to China avatar

Outcome of visit to in terms of economic agreements signed:

  • ✅ Agreement on supplies of Russian topinambour and beef by-products, particularly beef cartilage and stomachs to China
  • ✅ Creation of a new nature reserve “Land of big cats”
  • ✅ Cooperation between TASS and Xinhua news agencies
  • ❌ Construction of Power of Siberia 2 gas pipeline was not agreed

To me, these indicate an extremely close and strategic partnership between China and Russia, especially the beef cartilages are going to change the course of the world 😂


tivasyk, avatar

@kravietz what is going to change the world is the barely hidden defiance of the established civilized international practices to show off the power of china to reunite «usa haters» (actually democracy hater) nations around a pole of power strong enough to ignore (laugh at), say, international criminal court's orders, etc.

beef cartilage is just another bullshit we are being fed with an arrogant smile, and we're happy.

is a supporter.

rameshgupta, to random avatar

After 75 years of failure, one would imagine that a people would learn what works and what doesn’t, both from their own experience, as well as the experience of others.


rameshgupta, avatar

⬆️ #EcstasyAndAmnesia #GazaStrip

>> In each of the 3 wars, #PalestinianCause was taken up in a larger global struggle 👀: first, #WorldWarII, then #ColdWar, then #jihadist war against free societies


The looming #FourthCatastrophe for #Palestinians is also squarely placed in a larger #globalStruggle, and it is timed for #Election2024.

This time it’s the rise of #oligarchs and #fascists in #US & other liberal countries, #Russian #revanchism, & #China’s global ambitions.

br00t4c, to general avatar

Russian authorities arrest Defense Ministry personnel chief Yuri Kuznetsov

fulelo, to Ukraine avatar
fulelo, to Ukraine avatar

25 months into the war in US bans imports, key to fuel supply

indivisibleteam, to random avatar

The leader of the GOP is spending another day in court. He's also another day closer to receiving classified intelligence briefings as the winner of the GOP nomination. Trump can't be trusted with sensitive information while he's on trial for mishandling classified documents. Add your name if you agree:

MugsysRapSheet, avatar

Trump didn't just steal 11,172 documents & LOST at least 45 , he also showed off intel to agents he invited into the Oval Office.

And this was after turning "Lock Her Up" into a meme b/c Hillary installed a private email server in her home (upon which NOT A SINGLE classified doc was found) and 1 DE-classified document on her phone. For this, she was pilloried as "too reckless with National Security secrets" to be president.

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br00t4c, to random avatar
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