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We are working on the redesign of Midori's image and we want to know what you think? feel free to contribute with your own designs.

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Installing the deb version of @Vivaldi on

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This page explains the "rc" package state on your or system and how to remove those packages to free up disk space. How to uninstall packages marked “rc” on Debian / Ubuntu Linux

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My experience with #elementaryOS so far has not been great. After installing I had to do a bit of tinkering to install the right Nvidia drivers and be able to boot to GUI, many times the system hangs after coming back from suspend, the default terminal has some issue that makes it laggy, etc.

Considering deleting it and switching to #Ubuntu.

Any thoughts/recommendations?

I love #ArchLinux but I'm not feeling like spending hours tweaking my system, I prefer a "just works" solution right now.

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We are working on our own VPN, Wireguard with Mesh technology will be open and open source, we will have multiple servers around the globe, a rich API available for users and developers and many more options.

Very soon Midori Browser will have its own VPN available, privacy and security options all integrated to be lightweight, fast and secure.

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Auto Reset User Account to Original State on 24.04 and 23.04 :ubuntu:

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Reading about Ubuntu and nvidia’s LLM development collaboration, it seems like none of the features will be forced on end users via software updates. It seems like an opt-in situation, for which I’m thankful. As Microsoft and other companies are going about LLM integration wrong. Forcing users to test unsafe software is a horrible strategy.

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This is a Linux newbie friendly account. Ask me any questions and I will be happy to answer!

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It's possible to run Ubuntu 24.04 on a Nintendo Switch thanks to open-source community efforts

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Work it, baby!
An older Entroware Athena laptop is breaking more than a sweat. Poor little nVidia GTX 980M is struggling a touch! 😅

A screenshot of btop (bottom) with the cpu a little busy running some python. Getting a bit warm!

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Seriously looking into Linux for my PC because Microsoft and their overzealous approach to AI is making me nervous as heck.

I'm going to settle on Ubuntu as my familiarity with that Linux distro is high enough; I do need to check for any major changes with CLI commands, reworking of OS features, and the like before switching over. I don't want any surprises.

Over the next few days, I will back-up anything I need in the future digitally.

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A friend of a friend needs help. popey and his box of tools are here to the rescue—photo rescue, that is!

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Oliver Smith, Interim Engineering Director of the Ubuntu Desktop team, just shared a roadmap for the Ubuntu 24.10 development cycle.

Spoiler: There is a lot of really cool stuff to look forward to! 😃

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Don't miss out on these Ubuntu 24.04 tweaks!

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How to Install & Tweak Your 24.04 (Noble Numbat) :ubuntu:

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🚀 I just published a short guide explaining how to upgrade PostgreSQL 🐘 from version 15 to 16 just after an upgrade to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat) 🦘

#Ubuntu #NobleNumbat #Noble #Numbat #LTS #PostgreSQL #Postgres #HowTo #Upgrade

Read it 👇

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Okay, I'm doing it. I'm giving a fair shot for the first time in about a decade. You fediverse people convinced me.

OrionKidder, avatar

@LouisIngenthron I have installed four(?) different distros in the last week, and they all went in fine except vanilla , which I don't know how I screwed it up, but I did. , , and were all just as easy as was once upon a time: click "ok" a bunch until you hit a welcome screen. Notably absent was the requirement that I sign into their exclusive service to even use the software.

Just saying. Your mileage has clearly varied.

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Wow. Sorry to hear about your issues. I recently had a few issues myself with second screens and #OpenSuse.

Honestly, whenever I have issues with other distros on certain machines I turn to #Ubuntu and it never failes me, but of course #PopOS should be pretty much the same. Did you check if switching between the Wayland or X11 display manager on login makes your experience better?

Besides, there's still #Manjaro. They got some bad press recently, but I kind of enjoy it.

LouisIngenthron, avatar

Final log:

I tried downloading #Fedora straight from the website and even that failed validation during installation, so I guess Fedora is just screwed atm.

Then, I tried #Ubuntu finally, which I was trying to avoid. It installed okay, but as soon as I log in, it goes straight to an "Uh oh something went wrong" crash screen.

For all the shit it takes, I haven't had any such problem with #Windows on this same hardware (at least not since the 95/98 days).

I don't know how #Linux can ever truly take off while such fundamental issues persist. But I also don't know how I can remain with Windows as they push ads and spyware into their OS.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, I guess I'll just procrastinate on this issue until I build out my next rig.

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