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🆕 blog! “Book Review: The Soul of a New Machine - Tracy Kidder”

I hate it when I DNF a book. But "Soul of a New Machine" is just dull. It's sort of a hagiography of an obscure company which once made a 32 bit computer. All the men (and it seems to be mostly men) are in turns dull, agressive, or just dicks. As a sample quote: […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/06/book-review-the-soul-of-a-new-machine-tracy-kidder/


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Book Review: Seven Against Thebes by Stephen Dando-Collins
Stephen Dando-Collins’ Seven Against Thebes brings the original and once ubiquitously famous story to new audiences and readers

@Princejvstin has our review at the NOAF blog


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My review of the not as cosy as you'd think from the look of it crime novel The Tea Ladies by Amanda Hampson:


THE TEA LADIES by Amanda Hampson is one of those interesting sort of novels that tippy toes a line between its cosy(ish) setting and some considerably more ruthless plot lines with a deftness that made for a really enjoyable reading experience.


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New review just dropped.

In celebration of this person's stellar personal achievement, you can get 24% off all ebooks and audiobooks on my website with code PRIDE24. This discount will run until the end of the month.

If you haven't yet met your mandatory 'LGBQT' reading target for the year, check it out!


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My review of Roger Simpson's second Jane Halifax novel Resurrection has been posted at



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TWO INTERTWINED STORIES, one a spookily poetic tale of sisters haunted by the past and one a Chicago police procedural, converge in startling ways. Lovely, rich with a great city’s history, beauty, and tragedy. B PLUS



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_Book Review: Unexploded Remnants by Elaine Gallagher In which the last human finds a super weapon disguised as a lava lamp. @bookstodon @sciencefiction


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Brotherless Night

I've been on a big of a Sri Lankan binge (…3 novels, but that's 3 more than usual) recently, and Sashi's story of becoming a field medic in the middle of the civil war was my favourite of the three.

Brotherless Night is an excellent book that got my attention and broke my heart a few times, without just being sad. It's full of anger and love and hope and all these things th


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Filterworld: how algorithms flattened culture

I found out about this book through an article by The Guardian that copied an extract from it, and I'm planning on eventually posting my full reading notes here eventually.

The idea of « flat culture » really captivated me and I could recognize it easily, being used to international travel for work and seeing the same things everywhere wi


#BookReview #en #FlatCulture

NerdsofaFeather, to books
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Book Review: We Are the Crisis, by Cadwell Turnbull

Cadwell Turnbull returns with book two of The Convergence Saga, balancing social critique with entertainment.

@Pheebsdw has our review at the NOAF blog



SusannaShore, to scifi
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I review Moonstorm by Yoon Ha Lee. A start of a YA sci-fi series with an interesting world and action packed plot. Out today.

#BookReview #scifi #youngadult @bookstodon

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Review - Murder in the Basement, by Anthony Berkeley: really cleverly constructed, and actually pretty entertaining too. Not sure it's a 100% fair play mystery, but still entertaining. Rating: 4/5 ("really liked it").

Full review: https://breathesbooks.com/2024/06/03/review-murder-in-the-basement/

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🆕 blog! “Book Review: Relic - Alan Dean Foster”

This is a decent slice of sci-fi. It's the sort of story that probably could have been written any time in the last 100 years. The sole survivor of the human race is picked up by friendly aliens and spends his life as a specimen of scientific and cultural curiosity. And then... events occur! It's […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/06/book-review-relic-alan-dean-foster/

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A VIRTUOSO RIFF ON AN AMERICAN classic: the inimitable Percival Everett retells the story of Huckleberry Finn from Jim’s perspective, transforming it from a familiar picaresque to a more complex adventure and a meditation on code-switching. A MINUS



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Book Review: Bitter Waters by Vivian Shaw A barrow wight turns up with a recently turned 11 yr. vampire. Dr. Helsing and friends search for the attacker, and help the kid adjust.




stina_marie, to Horror
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My is brief/won't spoil, to spread good, great, & spectacular far & wide.

💙📚 You may presume you'll know the story that unfolds in I THINK I'M ALONE NOW, but you'll be wrong as hell. I read this novella in a single sitting: Ali Seay has written a thoroughly enjoyable, vivid, violent, deliciously dark chunk o' horror set in the 80's that's, like, totally rad. (Grindhouse Press)

@bookstodon @horror @horrorbooks

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@bookstodon Another really good graphic nonfiction book I've read recently, and recommend, is WE HEREBY REFUSE, regarding the Japanese-Americans forced into internment camps in WWII.

The story addresses a common victim-blaming response to the plight of others: "Why didn't they fight back?" It's almost always the wrong question, even though indeed, they did fight back. Victim-blaming is a pernicious permission structure, allowing us not to care about terrible events that happen to other people.

This is a story rarely heard. It needs to be heard, especially as some leaders are openly advocating for detention camps for those who look like they "might be here illegally."

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A FORMER CHILD INFLUENCER comes to terms with how the exploitation of her image changed her life. More than just a “problem novel,” this thoughtful book deftly takes on issues of family trauma, love, friendship, racial and national identity. A MINUS



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Today's review! Ice + Alligators by Angel Martinez:

"Ink is having a bad day... Pickerel is perfectly happy in the swamp.... a delightful romp through the swamp with laugh-out-loud funny author Angel Martinez, a great lighthearted read perfect for summer vacation."


@lgbtqbookstodon @diversebooks @bookstodon

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1/ There are great books about mathematicians and about physicists. There are some good biology books. But chemistry seems to get very little coverage, despite being so fascinating and central. Sharon Bertsch McGrayne's /Prometheans in the Lab/ sets that straight.

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Hey, friends, I wrote a review of Foundation (the book--the OG!) for Nerds of a Feather.

(Don't click through if you love this book. I didn't much care for it.)



SusannaShore, to bookstodon
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From yesterday, my review of Hell for Hire, a new UF series by Rachel Aaron.

#BookReview #urbanfantasy @bookstodon

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