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I just released django-simple-deploy 0.6.2, the first release in quite a while.

You can use it to make multiple deployments to Heroku deployments are updated as well.

I'm making steady progress toward a plugin-based model, and should be able to make regular releases over the next few weeks.


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⏰ Have you checked the schedule for DjangoCon Europe 2024? Don't miss your chance to plan which talks and workshops you'll attend. Dive in now and make the most of your conference experience! 💼✨

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Is it me or is the documentation for project templates uncharacteristically bad?

Like, I have so many questions about how this templating works. Do I get to template filenames? How? Can I include the template as a subdirectory in a repository, or do I need to have it hosted in its own? How about providing one as part of a wheel?

I would love to build a project template into NomNom, so that later worldcons can just “django-admin startapp --template nomnom:basic_template" or something.

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💾 With a web app, data is stored in a database, but we don't directly interact with the database. Instead, we write classes called "models." Learn all about Django models in this article.

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What are the best practices / good project templates for starting a project in 2024? Things that I used to do are cargo-culted in my own brain from 5 years ago, has anyone written a good recent guide?

(🚀 for reach welcome)

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It's been a talking point for ages now, but this week Fabian has found some time to actually make some progress on headless @djangocms

He's even put together this demo project which uses DRF to integrate with django-cms

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Would any #Django nerds be willing to chat with me next week about API design?

Specifically JsonResponse, custom json serializers involving like a thousand foreign keys, pagination, DRF. Basically- how to take a very complex schema and render out 100 massive json blobs at a time for core objects. sort of like stripe.

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🐍 On this Building SaaS with and , I added a feature to improve the user experience (UX) to ease the transition between school years in my homeschool scheduling app.

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Hello all Django friends 👋

📢 Django Day Copenhagen 2024 will be held on Friday October 4th and the Call for Participation is now open 📢

If you have never given a talk, if your talk idea is completely new, untested or rather whack, our message is the same: START BREWING! 🎷 🛠️ 💡 (or maybe encourage someone else)

#django #DjangoDayCPH

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Wow, ton of cool things in here for 5.1

cheukting_ho, to django avatar

I missed Mia Bajić ‘s talk in and now get a chance at - both of them are recorded so you can also watch them.

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⚡ This Understand Django article is all about going fast! We take an in depth look at performance in and how to improve your site's speed. Check it out!

nanorepublica, to django avatar

for @carlton today. I have recently opened an issue and a PR on his repos and the responses have been of kindness and thoughtfulness to my potential ramblings (especially the issue I raised then closed!)

Keep it up!

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Little smile for a appreciation message 🥰

carlton, to django avatar

> Custom tags may now set extra data on the Parser object that will later be made available on the Template instance. Such data may be used, for example, by the template loader, or other template clients.

That looks handy, at least partially 😜

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✨ What's new in Django 5.1

I picked my favorite three features and wanted to share them.

What are you for favorite 5.1 new features?

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Django 5.1 alpha 1 released

Django 5.1 alpha 1 is now available. It represents the first stage in the 5.1 release cycle and is an opportunity for you to try out the changes coming in Django 5.1.

Django 5.1 brings a kaleidoscope of improvements which you can read about in the in-development 5.1 release notes.

This alpha milestone marks the feature freeze. The current release schedulecalls for a beta release in about a month and a release candidate about a month from then. We'll only be able to keep this schedule if we get early and often testing from the community. Updates on the release schedule are available on the Django forum.

As with all alpha and beta packages, this is not for production use. But if you'd like to take some of the new features for a spin, or to help find and fix bugs (which should be reported to the issue tracker), you can grab a copy of the alpha package from our downloads page or on PyPI.

The PGP key ID used for this release is Natalia Bidart: 2EE82A8D9470983E.

#django #python #webdev

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I'm looking for some help running a GitHub organization dedicated to supporting community-maintained third-party packages.

I've written up an introduction here:

You can join here:

webology, to django avatar

This is a nice new #Django 5.1 feature. I tend to work on websites that allow all access or no access except for a few marketing/signup pages.

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🚀 Don't forget to check out our sponsors' job offers! 💼 Explore exciting opportunities and discover your dream job today: 🌟

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nanorepublica, to django avatar

📣 Exploring HTMX, messages and template partials
📄 Getting Django messages without a reload

carlton, to django avatar

Just on the by. The django-formset package by @jrief needs more attention than it gets.


mblayman, to python avatar

🐍 On this Building SaaS with and , we went through the upgrade process of going from Tailwind 2 to 3. Along the way, I improved my dev toolchain.

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