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Unlocking Efficiency and Consistency: The Power of Structured Content Management Systems with Sulu CMS (sulu.io)

Discover how structured content management systems, specifically Sulu CMS, revolutionize content creation and management. Enhance efficiency, consistency, and scalability in content production, fostering a unified brand identity that resonates with your audience.

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Lokot-lokot for #MakanApaToday

Eid Mubarak!

This is a delicacy common in Mindanao and the #Sulu Archipelago in the #Philippines . It is also referred to as jaa in Sulu. Usually served on special occasions like Eid al-Fitr. Extremely crunchy. Chanced upon this at Palenque yesterday!

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My heart broke when I saw this. I’m so sad right now. https://fedidb.org/popular-fediverse-accounts


@gabek @gcrkrause


I love perusing the various stats, and this particular one left me with that pain in your side from serious gufaw gufaw's, ... Sulu outranks Eugen - now THAT, is fricken' funny! And he's also organically ranked above @gargron too, lolz.

Now, the sad part about this, and one would need to have been a Fedizen going back for a few years, is that as a techno early adopter, was summarily and relentlessly flogged and ridiculed until he was driven from the Fediverse by selfish, jealous little children here in the Fedi about 5 years ago.

I mean, sure, Wesley Crusher was a total goombah on , while is a superhero from , yet in real life, was among the first generation of (albeit, minor) celebrities to embrace and the , and our local stable of miscreants (every social network has them) hounded, maliciously trolled, and harassed him until the only conclusion that could be arrived at was that the Fediverse is a hostile environment not worthy of belonging to.

That really angered me, but at least everybody loves :)


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Il secondo profilo più seguito di mastodon, dopo l'account ufficiale "mastodon", è quello di George Takei, il Sulu di Star Treck :startrek: :enterprise:


Se siete fan di Star Treck non potete non seguirlo!

:startrek: @georgetakei

e ovviamente non potete non seguire anche Star Treck Italia:

:startrek: @extratrek

Live long and prosper! 🖖

#StarTreck #Sulu #GeorgeTakei

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Sabay-sabay na naabot ng tatlong magkakapatid ang pangarap na maging doktor nang lahat sila ay nakapasa sa #PLE2023.

Proud na ibinahagi ni Mommy Fredezwinda Madjid ang achievement ng kaniyang mga anak na sina Dana na 24 at kambal na sina Ayeza at Zerfa.

Para sa mga kaugnay na ulat ng @bayanmoipatrolmo: https://www.abscbn.news/BMPM



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Someone complained about the lack of Australian characters in Star Trek, and I made this, then couldn’t find the original post. To alleviate my sadness, I offer it here.

#StarTrek #Sulu #CrocodileDundee #ThatsNotAKnifeThisIsAKnife

Sulu on the Road (sulu.io)

As open source enthusiasts, we like to get to know and interact with our larger community whenever we can. That’s why we’re excited to share Sulu is going on the road! Core members of our team will be presenting at two upcoming conferences in two different European locations ... and, we have tickets to give away! R ...

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I love all the diversity and representation in Star Trek! It's fun watching bigots squirm. I'd much rather they reflect on their bigoted opinions, and strive to better themselves. But if they refuse to do that, then watching them squirm is the next best thing. #StarTrek

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Yes @peregrine57, I am always amused when people ask when #StarTrek went #woke, seemingly unaware the 1965 pilot featured female first officer #NumberOne in command while rescuing her captain. This swiftly followed by an Asian #astrophysicist and navigator in #Sulu, a professional Black woman in #Uhura who is not only #multilingual but both a capable #electronics technician and #starship #pilot, and Black #physician #MBenga who is well versed in multispecies #medicine. #IDIC #diversity

George Takei appears as an Asian astrophysicist in an early Star Trek episode.
Nichelle Nichols appears as Black communications officer Uhura in an early Star Trek episode, as Vulcan science officer Spock looks on, played by Leonard Nimoy.
Booker Bradshaw plays Black physician Joeseph M'Benga in an episode of Star Trek.

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In one of our projects, we are using a #Sulu CMS Headless setup and wanted to include #Matomo as a web tracking solution. I've covered the route we took in our #bitBlog post https://blog.bitexpert.de/blog/matomo_tracking_sulu_headless

#bitExpert #bitBlog

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Another month, another #Sulu blog post in the @bitexpert blog.

This time covering how to we added Matomo tracking in your headless Sulu setup:

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Explore our article: Exploring the 17 Content Management Systems of Symfony. https://www.symfonystation.com/content-management-systems-symfony #symfony #CMS #ContentManagementSystem #drupal #joomla #contaocms #sulu #BoltCMS #ibexa #grav #typo3 #zikula #pagekit #roadiz #ConcreteCMS symfony: :drupal: :joomla: typo3:

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My Great-Grandmother never said her nose was runny.
She always said "Oh, my nose is loose"... in the voice of #Sulu/ #GeorgeTakei even though she had never seen #StarTrek

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No pain, no gain. Enjoy our article: 2023’s Challenging yet Achievable(?) New Tech Goals for my Symfony-based Sites. They will become more integrated with Symfony than ever. https://www.symfonystation.com/2023-Tech-Goals-Sites #Symfony #Sword #DXPR #Sulu #NetgenLayouts #Drupal

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