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I had been wanting to try a mechanical keyboard, but I was daunted by the dizzying array of choices of components and styles.

Then I was gifted a KBDcraft Adam. I like it a lot, but the keys are SO SENSITIVE! If I THINK about the "D" key, I have typed a whole line of Ds before I can stop it.

So, now that I have "established a baseline" of the Adam and its "S² Engine" switches, what switches or other mods should I consider to add a bit of travel or effort?


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It's that time again. New designs in the store!

A bunch of new Deskmat designs as well as sold out favorites are back for Pre-orders! :xoxo:

Deskmats (giiiant mousepads) are a great way to change the look of your workspace. All without committing to new peripherals. ✨

Would appreciate any shares + boosts. 💗

Take a look here:

Edge of a pastel keyboard on top of a purple pattern cat deskmat.
Edge of a pastel mechanical keyboard on top of a bright pink cat deskmat.
Wings keyboard with blush pink and grey green keycaps on top of a pink neutral toned picnic deskmat.

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Here are some pics from the transparent case I prepared for #HackadayEurope #MechanicalKeyboards


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Are there any actual testimonies that using a mechanical keyboard helped with RSI? I can find plenty of blog posts which suggest it helps, but no one who can vouch that it actually did.
#mechanicalkeyboards #rsi

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Habe es tatsächlich geschafft meine geliebte Ducky zu schrotten und muss nun gerade auf einer low-profile Tastatur arbeiten. Fühlt sich einfach nur komisch an, obwohl ich vor ein paar Jahren noch täglich so gearbeitet habe. Immerhin ist der Ersatz unterwegs.

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I forgot to mention!🥹 There will be a talk about the at 🚀 Ping me if you are there and want to chat about

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Beekeeb Piantor Pro with MBK Legend Ergo/Ortho keycap set. Much better.

Blank black keycaps look unnatural to me.


Two mechnical keyboards: ControllerWorks mini36 and Beekeeb Piantor Pro.
Two mechnical keyboards: ControllerWorks mini36 and Beekeeb Piantor Pro.

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Filco makes keyboards? I thought they just made really nice and soft wrist rests (don't worry, I learned good typing posture and only use it when I don't need to type much, or when I'm not typing and need to put my elbow on something).

#Filco #MechanicalKeyboards

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I'm in love with my mechanical keyboard. It is getting serious and I might consider marrying it.

Now to look for some sweet keycaps (I might consider customize and 3D print a few of those)

Tlakkity tlakkity tlak tlak tlak

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I do like the low profile tactile switches with the stepped/staircase profile!😁 Should I make the stepped profile available as a variation for the kit...? 🤔 #MechanicalKeyboards


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After making the migration a few weeks back, decided the Glorious Brown wooden wrist rest would be the perfect next step. Not sure if I need one, but it looks nice and feels pretty good although it arrived like an hour or so before my work day ended.

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Trying some Tecsee Medium tactile switches. The only MX compatible low profile variant with LED slit!


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My collection :key_bananasplits: :key_tangerine: :key_cream:

I have the Ducky One 3 Matcha as well but that’s unfortunately broken 😞

White and pink Sakura keyboard with matching pink decoration
Aurora keycaps on white keyboard
Purple keyboard

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does anyone in the area know how to work on ? i need help with something on mine and I'm not quite sure I have the know-how to fix it myself

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Spent this morning researching #mechanicalkeyboards & #switches I will need to do more research, but it's a good start.

It's time for another new keyboard, the last one I bought was just before I quit twitter for Mastodon and that was a membrane.

Since I've been writing full time, I've gone through 5 cheapo keyboards, and it's always because one key fails (heavy finger strike maybe), so time to go back to mechanical. At least then when a key fails, I can replace the failed switch. #keyboards

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Post your daily driver keeb. Doesn’t have to be mechanical. Here’s mine (minus the artisans, they’re just window-dressing whenever I take it to meetups).

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Another fun Vietnamese artisan .

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i wish there was a store in (or someone i knew up here) that could work on

every time I get a keyboard somehow my spacebar ticks and it drives me so fucking insane that i honestly just give up and need someone else to do it for me LOL

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KBD8X Mk III done! No photos yet (still waiting on new caps) but this was my first full build and I gotta say it made me appreciate how easy the Keychron V3's been to work with. Everything inside the V3 is so well signposted and fits together so easily. The KBD8X is nice to use but more fiddly to put together, and the steps weren't always obvious. I don't mean this as a knock on kbdfans – I'm sure it's mostly lack of experience on my part – but kudos to Keychron for making such beginner-friendly boards.

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KBDFans' build guide helped, but I learned a few things the hard way:

  • The PCB caters for multiple layouts, so some of its stabilizer holes run together. That causes clip-in stabs to be a bit loose. I made mine work with stab-stoppers, but I would've bought screw-ins had I known.
  • For the same reason, there are two sets of holes for some switches. The pad covers up the contact holes so you can't easily see that switches using the set of holes on the right should go in upside-down.
  • VIA support is OK, but some features (in my case, delays for macros) are Vial-only.

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The last few nights I've been working on swapping the stock springs in my T1 Shrimps for these longer multi-stage ones. The longer springs are slightly lighter than the stock ones but they don't bottom out as quickly.

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