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So this makes sense, and many of you will probably know this, but that the "print screen" button on our keyboards used to print the actual screen.

"In essence, whatever is currently on the screen when the key is pressed will be printed."

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that fortunately someone has already invented a term that was on my mind but for which no word seemed to already exist.

Thank you, Urban Dictionary:

Deus, (edited ) to nature avatar

The flowers of this maize/corn plant are buzzing with bees. Pinch and zoom for details.

Deus, avatar

@Beedazzled Wow! I don't know about the 'wind pollinated crop' part but by default had simply thought that bees just don't visit maize/corn. Thanks for the info.

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Apropos C root. Could somebody please tell them their Web server isn't responding

ASN: 2149
BGP Community Convention: ''
BGP Extended Community Convention: ''
BGP Large Community Convention: ''
Contact Email: ''
IPv6: 2001:500:2::c
Identifier Naming Convention: ''
Operator: Cogent Communications
Peering Policy: ''
RSSAC001: ''

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@jpmens I'm sure it's respnding. When it is reachable :)

(traceroute fails) #TIL this has no IPv6. Good job Cogent 👍

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has vanished from app stores. Now I wonder how new people will ever make it to the community of funny and loud nerds like this one. The way I discovered it is by searching in Google Images and clicking on the one joke I liked. Despite being website second and mobile first, devRant has found its way to my desktop bookmarks, I quickly became a user just to throw a few snarky jokes back and take part in some interesting discussions. There are lots of moments to have, too.

Few telling signs show that dR does not feel well: subscriptions stopped functioning and now app is nowhere to be found on Play Store. There are simply periods when servers refuse to accept some LTE connections, which is strange for mobile first platform. Now users will have to resort to third-party app, like , to access the platform at finger tips.

This situation got me musing again about an app that could interact with devRant and Fediverse, optionally archiving stuff on the latter.

renwillis, to Funny avatar

The next time someone gives you guff for pronouncing gif as “jif”, ask them why they say scuba instead of “scuh-baa”.

And by the way, the inventor calls them “jifs” and, you know, giraffe, gym, and giant are words too. Just saying.

#funny #gif #humor #language #linguistics #instagram #til

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Nigeria is more populous than Brazil. Nigeria also has the second most states in the world (36, trailing only the USA)

jackwilliambell, to japanese avatar

Today I learned the #Japanese equivalent of the #English phrase 'Food Porn' is '飯テロ' or 'Meshi Tero', where the 'tero' part is a borrow word for 'terrorism'.

The literal translation is 'Food Terrorism'. Consider that in relation to the Japanese penchant for filling their #SocialMedia streams with pictures of every single thing they eat.


manisha, to til avatar

#TIL that elephants purr!

"Stand near an elephant herd, and you may feel a strange vibration in your chest. That’s not your heart beating in terror because you’re, well, standing next to an elephant herd. Or at least that’s not all it is. It’s also a sign that the elephants are talking to one another. Elephants are famous for their trumpeting, of course, but they also produce rumbles pitched so low that humans can’t hear them, only feel them as a sort of physical buzzing. Exactly how elephants do this has been a mystery — and while solving that mystery is not of first-order importance in understanding and preserving this largest of land animals, it would add new insight into how a whole range of species vocalize."

The Mystery of the Purring Elephant

tomayac, (edited ) to random avatar

New bookmarklet 🔖:

// Name this so it's quick to autocomplete  
// in the URL bar, like "Paywall be gone".  

Thanks, @paul for documenting how to use bookmarklets on Android Chrome:

tomayac, avatar
ayo, (edited ) to random avatar

setting up some perf monitoring & error tracking for the personal-site umbrella of projects 😄

ayo, avatar

using for error & performance monitoring turned out easy... set it up for the parent app and it will already monitor all sub-routes, which means my flask blueprints (/threads, /ori) will already be monitored

👉 commit:

mattsches, to til German avatar

Neu im Wortschatz: "Wurzelkanalrevision" 🥹

melroy, to Meme avatar
JohnBarentine, to til avatar

that the American Enterprise Institute has built what looks to be a useful dashboard based on data aggregated by @planet4589 and @celestrak to visualize lots of information about trends in launches, and .

Crell, to til avatar

#TIL: @leanpub now lets you add a Mastodon account to your author profile. Neat! I've done so, and removed my Twitter account.

(While you're over there, buy my book. :-) )

#PHP #Writing

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(or re-learnt) that the "5G" in "5G WiFi" is a short form of the 5 GHz frequency for networks and doesn't have any connection with (the mobile standard)

kaffeeringe, to til German avatar

: Krankenhäuser machen unnötige Operationen, um ihr Budget zusammen zu bekommen.

Gut, dass Karl Lauterbach und die Ampel das ändern!

Deus, to til avatar

"yea Marco Polo reported this when we he first travelled there, the birth of a darker baby was the cause for celebration, and newborns were even artificially darkened to look more beautiful"



slott56, to til avatar

The New River is the second oldest river on the planet. I’ve only recently come to understand the real significance of the Appalachians. I was born and raised in and around these mountains, and they were always just — you know — mountains.

They reach back something like 350 million years. Predating dinosaurs? Really?

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Es gibt einen Verdienstabstand, aber keinen Verdienstanstand.


ayo, to til avatar

: there's an "enhanced privacy" mode for YouTube embeds.

nekohayo, (edited ) to GNOME avatar

I have a huge amount of appreciation for the fact that Nautilus / can seamlessly pattern-select, batch-rename and move files both from its treeview and from search results… all with keyboard shortcuts! Extremely useful to clean up filenames.

Today, in someone else's messy folders, I was able to cleanly rename everything and eliminate at least 40 duplicates in a directory that contained over 180 files, most of which were in the wrong locations.

badrihippo, avatar

@nekohayo @antoniof wait why didn't I know about this before?? #TIL! 😮

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