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From #India. Here for #photography, #travel pictures, #food, #TechStuff and the silly #banter. Janitor of this instance and I welcome you to join. I'm hopeful you might like it here - it's peaceful and the intention is to keep it that way.

I maintain the bots🤖 https://charcha.cc/users/IndiaNewsBot @India https://charcha.cc/users/BollyGossips @bangalore @Mumbai @Delhi https://charcha.cc/users/Kolkata https://charcha.cc/users/IndiaSocial

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yogthos, to random
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“OpenAI models will now be trained with Reddit’s proprietary data”

The data:

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@yogthos Additionally, flood those with comments from 4Chan and 8Chan. Someone out there should do this.

Deus, to animals
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Happy/satisfied with her treat.

graf, to random
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@graf @rees> INDIA Pale Ale

Lol...Is the 'India' there for the heck of it - make it look exotic or branding? Or is there some connection with India?

timdesuyo, to streetphotography
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two sides to the same coin #StreetPhotography #TheBeforeTimes

Deus, (edited )
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@timdesuyo I read somewhere that you could be sued (in Japan) if you don't blur people's faces when you take their 'candid' pics in Public. Maybe ONE DAY I'll go to #Japan, so I want to know.

  1. Not being a stickler.
  2. Internet results and comments are often open-ended, so I'm just curious.

I see the #TheBeforeTimes tag but still curious about the laws nowadays.

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@timdesuyo Understood. Thanks.

SRDas, to Oakland
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Oh another fixture gone!
Lost phi bar a few years ago (turned into a Chipotle ☹️) at Craig & Forbes in

Now next door Orient Express is slated to close. (But ps notes a new restaurant will rise in Fall)

Sheet of paper posted on the glass. Text reads: A bittersweet announcement: After 19 years of business, Orient Express will be closing its doors for the last time. We are very proud to have served CMU and the greater Pittsburgh community our best Cantonese recipes since 2005. Our patronage spanned folks of all walks of life and cultural backgrounds, and it was our sincere pleasure to meet you all, learn your favorite flavors, and serve you our staple dishes. While the operations of Orient Express were often grueling, our wonderful customers gave us reason to work tirelessly. The owning family members are all moving onto different chapters. May, the matriarch is (finally!) retiring after 40+ years in the restaurant biz. Shirley is in the process of interviewing for industrial design related positions, but in the meantime, can be found enjoying her funemployment. Stanley, who transitioned from Front-of-House Manager to Head Chef, is taking an overdue staycation after the long hours manning the wok. Following a few weeks of well-deserved rest, he will be searching for new employment opportunities, so please reach out if you think he'd be a good fit. If you need to get in contact with us, please find Stanley at stan@oeonforbes.com We wish everyone the best. Good luck and be kind. Orient Express P.S. Keep an eye out for a new restaurant opening this Fall! P.P.S. Martin, if you see this, we can refund you your remaining gift card balance!! Email us!

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@SRDas Don't know how true it is in other places, but have noticed that if the next generation isn't motivated like the generation before them, family businesses ultimately close down. Holds true in these parts.

yurnidiot, to random
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@yurnidiot "Our environmental friendly e-robotic arm can do that." - some TechBro

GossiTheDog, to random
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Slack have decided to start training AI on enterprise customer data, including DMs, private workspaces and files. You have to have admin opt out via email. HT @Quinnypig


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@chetwisniewski @GossiTheDog @Quinnypig> Trust no one

True. As some veteran who has extensively worked on ActivitiyPub software commented, "I don't trust Eugen either." On my part, I don't trust (most) admins running instances (hence running my own). Nor any of the 'voices' promoting ActivityPub.

Deus, to cooking
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In the mood for some Egg Masala.

SRDas, to food
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Had a couple of really nice people over for dinner. Hadn't seen, met them for year+ maybe 2 and they're leaving for new (and most terrific) positions next week. Both former grad students, now finished postdocs and the most wildly accomplished/published kids. Kerala-esque sour fish curry (meen moilee) and Bengali style alu among other things. And they got for us Brazilian laddoos (ok brigadeiros; I ❤️ condensed milk but wow these were sweet, ok I ate 3)


Kerala style fish curry with coconut milk, yellow from turmeric in a white bowl
Table with a number of dishes and rice and salad
Small round Brazilian laddoos - brigadeiros - small balls in small paper liners, some white with coconut flakes and others chocolate & covered with 100s&1000s (round sprinkles)

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@SRDas> Brazilian laddoos

Wow! I'm assuming it's PIC 4. That looks real sweet.

Deus, to photography
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Was sitting on my door.

Tip 💡: Pinch and zoom.

Deus, to random
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Wondering if you guys ever had a 'Captain' in college - the one who would always bail you out from trouble? Sharing about the one (a Jattu) we had.

  • A Bengali friend (RIP) took out his sister's car (after requesting her). Guy had an accident with another friend (ISBT junction) palm face. Before his sister knew, 'Captain' gave him 💰 to repair it.

  • It was the days of 'Staff' during those Blue/Red Line days. A hosteller was slapped by a conductor and irate hostellers waited and went about (well) vandalizing (burned) the bus. Some unlucky ones were arrested "Bhagne ki bajaye, wahaan khade hoke sutta phoonk rahe the ch*tiye!" goes the story. 'Captain' was there again to bail them out. "हाँ जी? फंस गए??" is what he impishly said when he met them in the PS.

Yeah, engineering college days. Guy had a heart of gold.

Deus, to til
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"yea Marco Polo reported this when we he first travelled there, the birth of a darker baby was the cause for celebration, and newborns were even artificially darkened to look more beautiful"


RT: https://charcha.cc/objects/0a6687b3-917d-4a6d-8c9f-5538ede49f2b

masayuki60, to photography
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I'd still rather enjoy pictures with their context, location, and stories, than only technical data e.g. ISO, aperture, lens details.

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@masayuki60 True. Back when I had a D90, I used to add it. Realized how lame it was for viewers so stopped doing it.

Deus, to Travel
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Luv's post made me dig up these pics. Been ages since I saw a Hindustan Contessa Classic (car).

and (when it arrives).

divya, to random
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Calling Tabu a superstar is a reach. But its really good that one of the few remaining Muslim stars in Bollywood is getting the recognition she deserves https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1790087220801712153

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@divya Always loved her.

Gossip mode (psst): Don't know why she go messed up with that Ajay Dev'gun' and Nagarjuna. Vulnerable, I guess.

mehluv, to random
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Back in Pune!

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@mehluv A city I love and a place I always hold dear (after Kol). Lived for a year back when Hinjewadi was developing or Baner was a 'jungle'.

Pic 3: Last visit. Ek time tha jabb Deshpande CEO 'ji' ki badi badi baatein lecture suna karte the 😏


taylorlorenz, to random
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“It explains why you get pathologized and called everything from a doomer to a snowflake for caring about anything but yourself” https://www.okdoomer.io/thebadguys/

Deus, (edited )
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@taylorlorenz> It explains why you can't criticize billionaires or super rich influencers without that incredibly annoying counter claim: "You're just jealous."

'You Are Not So Smart' has covered this well. It's about our inherent biases - societal, cultural, and (yes) religious influences.

Up till the 90s, if you disagreed with something, you would just blurt out "That's so gay!" (women included). These things take time and society changes for the better (from experience).

mythologyandhistory, to philosophy
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Did you know that #Roman road design included #safety features?

In the ruins of #Pompeii, you'll notice small white stones interspersed with the large paving ones along the extensive roads.

Those white #stones are 'cats eyes', i.e. gems that have a single line of inclusion of crystals of another mineral inside.

Upon light reflective on them (from the #moon), they enable the walker to see that they are still on the right path!



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@mythologyandhistory Now I'm wondering if those emergency floor path illuminations in airliners are 'insipired' from this. Who knows!

Theorem_Poem, to random
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The most crushing thought that I keep having these days is that they'll get away with it. The Ntanyhus and P*tins will live comfortably to a ripe old age and maybe history books will look at them disparagingly but there will be no accountability for their actions in this life. They plunder and murder hundreds and receive the mildest of wrist-slaps and carry on.

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@Theorem_Poem Gotta admire the likes of James Lyngdoh (a Khasi). Pretty sure he gave Modi and the ruling BJP party sleepless nights back then. Not many (fearless) bureaucrats left like him these days.


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@Theorem_Poem ❤️ ❤️ to that!

Deus, (edited ) to random
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#Caturday #FromTheInternet

Me: "i hate drama"

Also me when i hear the neighbours fighting:

harshad, to Cats
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Guess I'm sleeping somewhere else…

#pets #cats #caturday

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@harshad Must admit, I admire your patience. I can barely handle this one (feral) that comes and goes as she pleases - maybe she's not the 'cute' types...lol

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@harshad> And cuteness has nothing to do with it

I understand. Just added it for the sake of it.

She's cute in her own way - very nagging, rubs her neck across my table or bedside with a 'meouw' for attention and so on. If I deliberately don't notice, will come closer and rub her standing tail on my thighs, which at times scares me to death when she does it after entering the house unannounced 😂

acm_redfox, to philadelphia
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@acm_redfox Chaotically beautiful. Talented!

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