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It's only 6pm and I'm in my comfy clothes already. I started my day at 3am, had an extended family breakfast from 8:30-10am, cleaned the house, replaced some window screens, and cut and trimmed the lawn. Basically, a day of adulting, my battery is running low. I hear bacon sizzling in the pan, so at least there's that. 🥓

Have a wonderful evening everyone! 🙂 I'm hoping for TV in bed if I get my way. 🤞

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Can you see my post? 🥺😓

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Good morning and TZAG, friends.

The gray weather has returned #today but the forecast for the week has shifted. We may get a few showers this afternoon but looks like the first half of the week may be clear.

I've assembled a new rake and plan to spend at least part of my morning working to get two trimmings worth of leftover, wet grass clippings bagged up so we'll be less reliant on the dry weather in case the weather shifts again.

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in Otaniemi I used to live in this place. It's 3 kilometers from my # now.

Cycling along a narrow dirt road in the middle of the birch trees

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Good day!

Our weather is a yo-yo. After temperatures far above average, we’ve turned cold. It’ll reach 52°F/11.1°C, but it’ll take all day to get there.

It won’t be much over freezing when I walk, & with possible showers.

My writer self finds comfort in this weather.

Today’s targeted editing chapter is the moment when my MC, after a heartfelt journey seeking details about her past, cracks open the door to the unexpected...

Be everwell.

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A new day. A new chance to succeed.

There's an old joke with many versions about someone praying to win the lottery day after day, year after year, until finally, usually on a death bed, the deity reveals "You never bought a ticket."

That joke's on my mind this morning.

No particular reason.

Other than a niggling feeling that I might not be making the efforts I need to make to achieve the outcomes I say I want.

Is the problem the effort?

Or the outcome?

I hope you buy your ticket

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I got my ♥️♥️
The sisters were side by side for a while until Siiri hissed not to come too close.

Siiri, my Siberian cat is hissing and looking angry. Sanni is taking a distance.

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Hi if you can see my post please boost so it can be visible to everyone & hoping somebody will notice me and get reunited & get interactions again :cwy: :BlobhajHeart:

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Early reflections 2 (portrait)

ToniScott, to random avatar

Early reflections 1
#RosslareHarbour #sunrise #today

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Me running into someone I know #today.

“Hey it’s me Abdullah.”

(I freeze. He looks familiar. Can’t recall so let’s just go along.)

Hey, Abdullah, sorry I didn’t recognize you for a moment because you look like a guy I know named Philip.

“I’m AM Philip.”

Oh, I thought you said you were Abdullah, LOL.

That_One_Guy, to nature avatar

We ended up outside of Waterloo, Illinois earlier today, where I captured this picture. I can't decide if I like it or not... The sky looked picturesque, but the tree line is dim from the clouds. IDK 🤷🏼‍♂️

Is everyone having a good day so far? Mine's been fine, I've got one more store to hit, and then I'm rolling up a number and listening to music. 🎶

#today #clouds #nature #amateurphotography

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I am not adulting #today. :totoro:

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Today's farmers market flowers were ranunculus. #BloomScrolling #today #flowers

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#today lets keep in mind the unspoken suffering of those around us.

No one is free from suffering. We all have our own internal struggles that more often then not, manifest in our lives.

If someone annoys you today, take a moment to remember that the spear in the others eye, is the spear in your own. We all at one time or another act out through our suffering, and more often then not, we end up regretting it.

Be a little more empathic today.
Be for others, what you wish they were, for you.

nlowell, to random avatar

A new day. A new chance to succeed.

The day ahead beckons and my head seems filled with thoughts of travel.

A pilgrimage of sorts.

A return to my roots in coastal Maine. A place that no longer exists except in memory of fragrant lilacs, roaring waves, and salty breezes.

Maybe an epic journey via rail across the west, San Francisco to Chicago and back.

Or Ireland. Scotland. Italy. India.

But only thoughts.

My travels remain imaginary.

I hope you have a chance to smell fresh summer #today

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Good morning and TZAG, friends.

I am enjoying a slow, quiet morning #today. I am noodling on my laptop, listening to the rain and the birds out back at the feeder.

I think I will prioritize recharging today. I do have an idea for a simpler essay that I think I can distill from the one I've been working on for a few weeks. We'll see if I can find the appetite for some writing later.

cmdln, avatar

I've taken care of my nonnegotiables: meditation, daily reader, and starting my journal entry for #today.

On with the rest of the agenda for the day. We both were thinking about relaxing so that's now the plan.

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Good morning!

Another cloudy day with rain starting soon. I'm happy I got out for my walk before the rain, but I really wish we would have a sunny day.

Today will be a day of writing and chores, then reading and relaxing in the evening. Right now, though, I'm just sitting and sipping and scrolling. Grab a cup of coffee and .

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I just finished my morning run at the cemetery, where I used to run when my daughter was little. Death is present here, but so is life. The sun is glimmering through newly awakened leaves on old trees.

I walk past a man, sitting in front of a stone. He's scrubbing it with a yellow brush.

That could have been me. It could have been my name on a stone, for 18 years now. But for some reason, death didn't collect.

So I get to see my daughter grow up, and go on morning runs.

#Today #Nature

The sun peaking through the leaves of a tree, with green leaves and dark brown branches
Light blue sky, and the sun peaking through the leaves of a tree, with green leaves and dark brown branches

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WanderingInDigitalWorlds, to random avatar

Got my laundry finished but did no gaming; I got caught up on the silly and serious news going on today instead. In addition to watching Insym play games because I find his voice and gameplay relaxing.

I might play a bit of Cyberpunk 2077 before bed!

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